Keuring in Russian

Kerung — is a comprehensive testing of breeding animals that have reached the required age for use in breeding.

Keuring in Russian

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova

Of course, nostalgia for old times unproductive business, but still…

…I remember once in four years, the total collected report-election meeting of the members of the section huskies.

The hall was usually full. The bureau was re-elected, and members of the Bureau elected chairman of the section, from the Bureau formed sectors: breeding, field, orgmassovy…

After the April city broods, each district was conducted the exhibition of hunting dogs. Exhibition events crowned a regional exhibition.

In autumn and spring were tested, and in the fall race. Draw up an annual plan matings. Inspects litters … Once a week, on Thursdays and going to solve the current issues. The work was in full swing in the public eye.
Now many traditions poher, tests carried out fewer exhibitions in most of the areas are not held, and regional exhibitions began to collect fewer exhibitors.

Whatever the circumstances and reasons not explained by the fall of interest, one thing is clear, time demands changes in organization and methods of evaluating dogs.

RORSovskie documents, born in the former state, not only require a rethinking, but also a serious correction. This is no longer just had a conversation …

…The fee for participation in exhibitions — considerable, but information about the rings given little (and often not at all), and it’s great late.
As an example, last year before the All-Russia exhibition of hunting dogs.

There is still no report on the ring dogs NLB (and maybe a dr.ringov).

And with the Specialty Show REL held 06/29/13. in Yaroslavl, so far only received scant official information about the team competition, but are the top three rings and two champions.

The oral description of the exterior of dogs at exhibitions held in haste, and written (reports) or do not give up, or the general public is not available.

Here is an example, at first glance, it is naive, but only at first.

…Expert "unscrewed" hour ring, set of 20 dogs. It is three minutes on the dog. Well, for a minute to explain:

-Have your dog’s tail is omitted, so we were unable to determine the index «prolixity»…

Total 4 minutes per dog … for 800-1000r. Not bad.

In your opinion, how fair pay for four minutes of the service? …

But it’s not about the money, it’s in the quality of services and what are the further consequences and results.
In this case — it is the only score in the certificate, and not always an adequate verbal description.

…Louder voices about specifying ohot.sobak breed standards, namely, the introduction of digital indicators.
Such requirements are not grown on an empty ground. Often, at exhibitions, exterior assessment given by expert, incomprehensible, unmotivated, subjective, not supported by clearly describing, ie unfounded.

Keuring in Russian

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova

Now, if the expert examined the dog, let’s say one hour at the same time took a picture of her in three angles, photographed and dental formula, to make the description at the exhibition on the laptop and sent it all (and photos) of an electronic data base (DB) , which opened the next day, it was possible to learn more …

It is clear that the current organization of the exhibitions is unrealistic.

An expert on the traditional event examines individually and estimation, this dog is final and not subject to appeal, although the verbal (and written) description of it (evaluation), often unsubstantiated …

Meaning Keuring "in Russian" that will be accompanied by a full description of the articles dogs, supported by photos and videos. And that’s it quickly gets into a public database.

Why is a public database?

Breeding work is now not "centrally". And complete information about the dog should be promptly available to all breeders.

Here and there was a fantastic, at first glance, the idea.

Individual examination ?!

In short, what it is.

They work as lawyers and notaries, individually and directly to citizens. They are just experts, each with their field.
The idea is that the expert examines at home (or at the place fixed dr.zaranee) by appointment, for example up to 10 dogs a day.

Make the necessary measurements, it calculates the index makes a detailed description, supported by photos and videos.
It specifies the class of dog breeding.

Perhaps you need to develop tests to identify key behavioral dogs.
The next day, he sends it all into a common database.
The experts thoroughly enough time to do the job.

The expert will be rewarded for their work, and quite noticeable, because they do not have to pay for the services of intermediaries.

You can even pay a tax … Why we decided to evade taxes?
It is the honorable duty.

Periodically, dog owners can enjoy the traditional exhibition, where experts will make the balance of the dogs on the award of appraisals and places in the ring, determine the champion. Promptly they will be able to use these databases.

It can be authorized by the parties to selectively check the description by the individual.
But I think I will check too.

Descriptions made during the examination of an individual to be accurate. Before you send the data of a dog in a public database expert "a hundred times" their checks.

But in the case of just too lazy or amateurs, you can provide a procedure for deprivation of the right of self-employment.

We have a lot of competent, conscientious experts who are untapped, often very subjective reasons …

Over time, these successful practitioners, experts, could take on other duties.
Plan breeding work, to recommend binding, those dogs that have passed through their "hands".

Keuring in Russian

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova

…In those regions where there is no full-time dog handlers, inspect labels, to write about the origin of the primary documents.
Enthusiasts will find, especially for a fee, and it would be reasonable (for dog owners), because there will be different kinds of intermediaries.

Over time, random people will be eliminated, and the remaining will be the golden fund of domestic dog breeding.

It will be created and the kind of competitive environment, due to the different approach to the issues and problems.
The main thing will be created priceless Database, the significance of which over time will only increase.

This database could be an alternative to the first, and then continue "book" VPKOS, which now thoughtlessly and carelessly …"sit" its current "owners".

And another plus. Detailed description, including the distinguishing marks of dogs, it is useful for solving disputes related to theft and forgery.

…Earlier in the regions created Expert advice, but their activities were often formally. It seems, at the present time, the Council of Experts could play a positive role. As head of the Council (Chairman of the Council of Experts), it is necessary to choose the initiatives, independent people.

Reforms need to start from the bottom, if you do not come from the top teams.
And about an individual examination, that is not forbidden — is allowed …

Such an organization of affairs in hunting dog breeding, can become a serious alternative imposed abroad.


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