Propellers soar into the sky

Exercise in target shooting-propellers

Propellers soar into the skyPhoto by Victor Gurov The Sporting has an interesting exercise — target shooting-propellers. As the competition is held in this form, I will show the example of «Open Championship First Shooting Hunting Club» on 19 May 2002, a party of which I happened to be.

Shooting playground, its equipment and the target

Rifle pad can be fitted on any open spot. the main thing – provide a measure of security. Shooting is conducted with a small number. From a distance of 25–30 m five-throwing machines are installed at intervals of 3–5 meters and 20 meters from them  – fence from the grid height of about 0.8 meters, painted in yellow color, it is good to be seen against the background of grass. This grid – «strict supervisor». If the target is broken after the shot did not fly over it, the shooter will receive two points, in the case of grid trip – one point (as it was once, at the dawn of «sedimentary» pigeon shooting, on the shores of Albion beaten or wounded bird had to fall within 100 yards (91 m) from the shooter).

Propelling machine is a base frame on which is mounted an electric motor with a nozzle for the target. Typewriter from small rooms covered with a metal shield that protects it from accidental pellets. Nozzle for the target, rotating, can be moved horizontally and vertically, giving the target (propellers) different from the direction of flight of the arrow: side, abruptly leaving the sky, retreating from a slight rise and bends or creeping above the ground.

In the description of the target-propeller should stay apart. The target is a two-bladed propeller 28 cm span. Himself propeller orange a plate fixed inside the white 10.3 cm diameter and a height of 2.5 cm. All elements of the propeller are made of brittle plastic. Feed control targets is carried out from the remote operator, which carries the program sequence to start them. About her know neither the operator nor the judge on the court. We, unfortunately, did not produce the necessary equipment, and sports organizations and clubs have to purchase throwing machines, control panels and target-propellers foreign production.

Competition Schedule

The competitions were held only in the individual championship. They were attended by the arrow Moscow and the region, who have made the entry fee. In the main program arrows took ten propellers. Six athletes have shown better results for the final. Finalists received five targets, and the winner was awarded with the super prize. Arrows, for the finals, took part in it without payment. Others wishing to participate in the fight for the super additional contributions. This is democracy «Sporting». It allows everyone to try their hand. Arrow shown similar results for the prize, administered shootout, and they shot to miss.


Weather for the shooting was not entirely favorable. Strong gusty winds with rain and snow pellets complicated the shooting conditions. The competition was attended by not only men but also women – J. and A. Cheblakova Arzhanova. Despite the bad weather at the site were a lot of spectators and fans. Unusual flight target shooters drew attention to areas trap and skeet. Fighting between the arrows turned stubborn and uncompromising. Leaders changed after each entry number. With many arrows gusty winds played a cruel joke: picking up a broken propeller, he carried his control grid, taking thus the shooter cherished point. It happened with the leader of the competition V. Balikoevym. He struck ten propellers, but the wily wind still deprived him of a point, and he finished the main program with a score of 19 points. One point he lost to Vladimir Vovk, A. Merkulov should provide. The finalists also came Samotino C., A. and V. Kikin Lisin.

So, the winner of the first stage of the competition turned out to be B. Balikoev. In the fight for the super wished to attend another seven people. Among them, the master of sports Kotova (Alexandrov), Aleksandrov and Yu Shalyganov. The first three propeller brought leaders Balikoevu V. Yu Shalyganovu and six points in the fourth propeller they lost by a point each, and the fifth and final, they were a bit clean. They finished shooting each with 9 points, and so for the 1st place was appointed shootout. Merkulov and O. A. Kikin scored 8 points, and they also had a showdown for third place.


On the issue came V. Balikoev. Shot – Target bit clean. Yu was the turn Shalyganova. I shot the other and the propeller flew off unscathed. The first place and won the super B. Balikoev. Of the contenders for the 3rd place first shot A. Merkulov: target bit – 2 points. A. Kikin prepared. Shot – target struck, but the wind caught it and moved through the control grid. A. Merkulov rightly took the third place.

In a festive atmosphere to the applause of spectators and fans were awarded the winners. In conclusion, the chief judge of the competition K. Raczynski said high firearms training athletes. Despite the originality and complexity of the exercise, as well as weather conditions, V. Balikoev managed to hit all 10 propellers. But the main value of the first competition was the fact that they have opened a new page in domestic Sporting. It should be noted that in a relatively short period of time in Russia prepared athletes of high class. The most titled athlete – it is mentioned Inna Kotova, master of sports of international class. By becoming her Arzhanova A., Y. Baskov, Alexander Meshcheryakov, Yu Cheblakova. Men – Alexandrov, V. Salamatin (the first in the history of the Russian Sporting European Champion 2002), Velichko, VI Zinevych, I. Tsislyak A. Corps and others. But I want to say too much about Valery Konshina, devoted much time and effort becoming Sporting in our country. His first victory on the international markets, he won the European Championship in 2001 in a group of veterans.

Readers may wonder what is so interesting for lovers of sporting shotguns firing a shot? Of the many attractive features of Sporting should highlight one: any shooter can take part in the championships of Russia, Europe and the world. This does not necessarily make its way into the national team. The practice of holding major competitions abroad shows that take part in them sometimes up to thousands of shooters (and more!), And in different categories: men, women, veterans, Superveteran, juniors and even the disabled. AT «Sporting» everyone, regardless of age can be held as a shooter and achieve good results. If I had money …

Victor Gurov5 October 2010 at 14:48

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