Run the hare

Now we have a lull in the hunt, the summer season. At the request of friends, readers of «horn», I want to talk about last year’s departure of the hare chernotropu. You know how I hunt the hare? I think no…

Run the hare

Photo by Alexander Nazarov

You do not really you know! Read on dream about something similar, or reminisce about his.

Russian Hound Volodya has gone far and periodically to cast the votes on several occasions with skalyvaya smell was as follows. By white hair fell around her cunning and experienced. Suitable for end of October. Snow is not It was, and because whitened to this time the birds could be seen far away.

The three of us, including Glory, moved behind Volodya meters ten from each other. AT a place where the most likely expect a transition from a young hare with a fishing line the left side in same with woods the right side through the separation of the forest road, we decided to disperse and wait for the animal. A hundred meters ahead of us the road could see a narrow strip of high forests, beyond which begins spacious field. And young grove, where we came, three years ago there were cultivated fields surrounded by forest. But People stopped cultivating them, and nature immediately took up the elimination of voids. Pine, spruce and birch seeds on their porazveyali free area where thicker and where less often.

Volodya has got to expectations of the selected location as a sudden the left side a big white hair and popped He galloped across the road, almost hiding behind the trees on the right. He ran across just on a region in which I intended to control. Before hare was about sixty meters, but Hunter shot offhand and I hit the hare in back foot. That significantly reduced the rate of movement. I eared rushed for a run, as the gunman began to charge the gun, staying at location. The sudden appearance of a rabbit not It allowed him to insert into trunks more than one cartridge. I had to charge for running and slowing down a little, shoot at hiding animals. I’m in a hurry loaded gun «nulevkoy»Four of the cartridge which is usually held in in the right pocket in case the meeting with feral or a mad dog, and then a wolf. Once it is useful when a stray dog ​​ran on I was at the entrance to forest and bitten in the leg, but saved from a serious bite thick pants. It happened just hundred meters from an almost uninhabited village. That’s why I categorically against frivolous Rules shrouded hunting rifle while moving even beyond the inhabited locality to hunting place. The gun will not protect only themselves but and your dog from a possible surprise attack predatory or sick animal.

«Troika» at the same I was kept in left jacket pocket. Just aim at vidnevshuyusya my hindquarters, I shot twice and quickly recharge, after a few steps in turn fired twice again, but already «cleft «Troika».

Volodya asked glory: «Have a 5-charging? He was like a IL-12»? Thank laughed: «This is simply because it recharges quickly».

Every time I shot when up rabbit distance was about 50 m or more to less a result of his stops. After my next shot at the animal died down location on a couple of seconds, apparently getting on several pellets in a strong back, and then I tried again, though slower to jump on bumps, weaving between trees. But the distance between us has been steadily decreasing. When up hare was about 40 meters, I She stopped running, aim carefully and shot, This time, after loading the trunks again «Troika».

Having again in his butt portion of the fraction, hare froze location. Wet with sweat and panting from running, I approached it on a couple of meters. Hare continued to sit, holding their long and pointed ears squinting eyes to me. Not seeing the need to shoot at it again and not to unduly lard body shot, began to look at I am looking for a dry trunk, which wanted to completely reassure the runner. AND then I ran dimensional Glory as I was overcome by MDF and bumps between trees not less than 100 m. I immediately imagined him running straight, breaking toward growing up trees coming across like a moose on roar, trying to quickly meet appeared rival. His appearance gave the hare noisy power and He made a few more jumps. If not wanting to remain in aside from the production of the beast (in vain that he ran over a hundred meters Cross-forest areas), Slava decided yet be implicated in hunting and at the same time work out at shooting. He managed «Five» definitely get a 9-10 m the front part of almost fall asleep in jumping hare. He, as if stumbled, went to one side and filled with two sizes of shot, a minute later subsided. But What is the force of life was it! Ran on Gonchakov shots still got pazanki. A we moved on.

Follow the hunt has been held as usual, an exemplary embodiment. A the first was not taken Hare from the dog. So he just did not lucky. A Here ragout of the runner, as always expertly prepared glory, proved spectacular, except that some people prevented several falls on tooth pellets. But they were few. Apparently, the main charges have been shot right through.

We conclude that the age of 60, and far beyond 70 years — at all interference hunter, to compete with hare race, even though the forest with hummocks. A my comrades remembered that run for a wounded wild game from me, as they said, steel «hobby». This has happened in the past hunts wild boar, capercaillie, black grouse, goose and even the corncrake and and not time. Here with hare is at I was the first time, but as in my previous races, mining still each time was taken.

Good luck to all and gambling enthusiastic people at hunting trails!

Oleg Krymtsev17 June 2015 at 00:00

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