Shoot so shoot!

Memory stores each hunter is a beautiful shot, made them extremely difficult conditions, which are required to show respects to friends, neighbors and descendants of the steam room.

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Memory stores each hunter is a beautiful shot, made them extremely difficult conditions, which are required to show respects to friends, neighbors and descendants of the steam room. Some hunters will remember two or even three of these shots. But there are those who simply know how to shoot. Well, always. But why?

Why should I blush and angry, because it expended some in front «sympathizers» Friends bandolier of ammunition, pulled into the boat and threw only two of those flocks of teal that the shells were worn over the far northern river during our last autumn hunting? «All! – I thought then. – I would learn to shoot. Tomorrow!»

Seven months later, I was talking with Oleg Oshevym, sportsman stendovikom and professional hunter in the past, and now an instructor on the shooting Permian shooting club «Elk log». Before leaving the stand, and «scorch» a shotgun for skeet orange, should gain theory.

– Oleg, he must know a hunter to shoot well in flight?

– Well shoot whoever is better prepared; if the hunter rarely goes hunting and shooting sporadically, then the result is sad. If you talk about shooting technique of the pen, then, as a rule, the majority do wrong shot. Almost all the arrows, even experienced hunters, throwing the gun in the direction of the target, trying to take a pre-emption right, the one that they recommend someone or they read somewhere. Flying like a duck how to get ahead in the housing 2, goose – 3, and on the distance to the target and at what speed and direction of flight – few clear answers. As practice shows, if you shoot lead by DC, will usually miss. Charge shot fly either far ahead or far behind the target.
In order to make the right shot, you, throwing his gun, as precisely as possible to try to bring the barrel to the target, and «trace» barrel trajectory of the birds, and then, without stopping, to make a short leash, overtaking a moving target, and at this time, at the moment of passing without stopping movement of the barrel, pull the trigger. If you stop at the stage of stem leads, then, as a rule, the shot will carry a charge shot behind the target, and you, as they say hunters «obzadite».

– That would have to know how all the same to make a leash trunks in front of goal and when it is to press the shutter?

– In this technique, shooting know it just is not necessary. This technique allows you to not overload yourself computing speed, distance, size of pre-emption. Imagine flies, such as goose at 70 km per hour. You do «escorts» its trunk with the speed of the flight and making a shot at overtaking, leashes, you are considered technically and intuitively and range and other parameters of a moving target. It is clear that your first exercises in this technique is unlikely to be immediately effective, it is quite a complex technique and need to burn more than one pack of cartridges, to understand how to do it right and at what point to press the trigger.

– This is probably about the same as learning by car take sharp turns: You can, of course, theoretically calculate everything, but still without multiple repetitions of skill not to buy?
– Yes, it is given only to practice. It is enough to make 40-50 shots on the stand at least a couple times a month to keep yourself in good shape. Those who are first will practice at our booth, and then goes on the hunt, saying: «I have no words – fall!» And it also happens: first to go on the hunt to return with nothing and once the stand – study.

– What other common mistakes prevent hunters to be more dobychlivymi?

– Most often, as I said, stop trunks during overtaking goal, because it is usually a shot behind the goal. Another common mistake – static aiming at the place where the goal is to fly. This is a very inefficient reception target need to handle. Shooting goose, for example, a rather complex operation. This large bird usually flies at high speed, with the wings almost no waves and it seems that it flies slowly, and the shooting distance is rarely closer than 50–60 meters, and then continue. Most geese raid, as they say, «hostility» – meet, and here leashes movement must be done very cleverly as you can smoothly: no hands, and his whole body, so as not to pull a gun. Snell should be fast, but short.

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes – Shooting with one eye, that is a bad habit squint one eye when aiming. So it is much more difficult to control the target. Raising his gun, you need to aim with one eye, but do not close the other. In this case, you can not fix the attention only at gunpoint, and control the entire process – and the direction of the barrel and the trajectory of the target, and everything else. Grow out of «Squinting» it is not difficult: it is enough, controlling themselves, produce 20–30 shots on target, and a new habit – yours.

Yet it is not necessary enslaves holding a gun, no jerky movements. Your arms should be relaxed, their task is to bring the stock to the shoulder, the rest of the body does. The stock should lie firmly over the butt pad in the shoulder and your cheek adjacent to the butt. In general, the need to invest in the gun firmly but without tension, elbows free and mobile. If you invest too relaxed, you can easily make the bruises on her cheek and shoulder.

There are bad habits of discharge incidents. Had to meet the hunters, who are trying to put two fingers on the triggers double-barreled shotgun. If you shoot so your fingers will be seriously injured. Certainly shots doublet should only be done with one finger, consistently moving it from one trigger to the other.
– How to learn to not be afraid of the shot? For example, used to goose hunting cartridges «Magnum» with a projectile, increased to 50 or more grams, have a very strong impact, and in anticipation of an uncomfortable shot many zazhmurivayutsya involuntarily and abruptly pulled the trigger, depriving themselves of accurate shot?

– It is necessary to shoot more often and take care of yourself – what then there can be tips? A «Magnum» I can not stand. In my opinion, it does not give any advantage over ordinary hunting ammunition and supplies 32 grams of shot, except on 35 meters from the scree «Magnum» more. We checked the cartridges «Magnum». We make sure that they do not provide any sharpening battle, no knockdown. The best sharpness showed cartridge for Sporting with 28 grams of the fraction: for example, he breaks through two test fanerki and magnum only dent in the wood pellet. And, of course, the pleasure of firing any, «butting» He’s great. This is my personal opinion.

Patrons I burned a hundred pieces. The bruise was not. But the shoulder still aches, but four days had passed. Perhaps he inserted incorrectly. Incidentally, broke several plateaus. No, definitely, shooting a rifle given me better.

That, remember, was the case. Frost. Snowstorm. And here – Moose on the rod mahah. 200 meters up to them, not less. And I kombinashka «Zola» one rifled barrel. Uh-oh! And how well I can tell you, was a beautiful shot!

Yuri Yakovlev, Perm15 november 2011 at 00:00

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