Summer on Fire

Let us remember 2010, when Moscow hung over the smoke from the fires. Its density in the morning was such that it was difficult to see neighboring houses a hundred meters. It’s the smoke from burning peat and forest fires.

Summer on Fire

Photo by Dmitry Kashirina

Summer time record dawned hot and dry. Forest fires: evil or good? It seems that the answer is obvious. But not all so simple. The fires needed in nature. On the ground, burnt areas, start to grow low forests, grazing elk, wild boar and other game. Another issue is that instead of fighting a similar effect is achieved by felling forests ripened. Yes, he keeps up the forest, like apples or strawberries, and must be cut down. The issue is that loggers leave behind: a tank firing range with mountains of rotting wood or reclaimed areas of new forest? But that’s a topic for another conversation.

Now let’s talk about fire safety.

Previously I made opashka forest, but in the mid-90s, with a complete collapse, she stopped. In recent years, it seems to be renewed. But this is not enough. Previously were cut firebreaks, removes fallen trees and dead wood, forest roads were maintained in an acceptable condition. But with the general collapse of the economy to do it longer. And here’s the result. In 2010, the burned forest in Voronezh, Tambov, Ryazan, Moscow and other regions. Fires to put out no one, it is impossible to get to the fires, there is no water to extinguish. And it is not only in forests, but also in the settlements!

I still remember the old, pre-revolutionary barn fire in the village. My grandfather (God rest his soul!) Explained to me that this was a barn fire equipment for the volunteer fire brigade. Moreover, the fire brigade in our village took first place in the competition of fire brigades Kalyazinsky county (then we were treated to the Tver province) and has been awarded yet another fire pump.

Where is the rural fire brigades? Overclocked! I save? The Republic of Mari thousands of acres of burning wood extinguished 263 people! I save? The problem in the current situation is that people do not have opportunities to put out fires — No art. And if there was equipment: pumps, fire extinguishers, hooks, and other means of transport., The local and the visitors could have their homes and defend, and in extinguishing forest fires to participate. Would like fire sheds in villages, would they nemudrenyh fire fighting equipment, it would be painted, as before, one with which a fire is, I see that the situation was not so tragic. I understand that in the suburbs, in villages, mainly pensioners. No jobs — no young people. But in other places, the men still remain.

Here in a conversation with President Emergencies Minister raised the issue of fire ponds in horticultural associations. Yes, these reservoirs are vital, not only in horticultural associations, but also in all the settlements where there is no fire line. There are similar bodies of water in my ancestral village. Their four. Copan they hand my ancestors. Previously, the entire village was a system of ditches, drains water in these ponds. There is now the system. And none of these ponds for more than thirty years, does not clean. Who should do it? In my opinion, the state. Painfully expensive pleasure. Yes, and digging fire reservoir expensive. To whom these responsibilities lay in horticultural associations? We were with you. Such reservoirs are necessary and in the woods. If a fire happens, where the water in the forest to take? The nearest river kilometers, and with broken and littered with fallen trees forest roads and dozens of kilometers. It is necessary to dig around roads at low places small ponds. There will always be water. Such places, in the same Moscow enough. Again, the jobs, which is important. And the house for waterfowl. Forests need to be cleaned. Who will it? Tenants? And they somehow this is why? Their task is to harvest mature forest. The next time the forest will be ready by 100-120 years. Again, it is the task of the state. And the opportunity to create jobs for the locals. Coming out of the crisis of the thirties, the United States created a network of roads across the country, creating jobs for its citizens. Maybe try to use this experience and with us? Yes, but it is the voice crying in the wilderness — no one will hear. We can save only the security of the people. And gentlemen Abramovich our money allocated to them to maintain business during the crisis, foreign restaurants are eating!

Yes, a hard summer of 2010 dawned. The opening of hunting in Moscow was postponed until September. And the opening of certain types of marsh meadow game already left Moscow. Although hunters grumbled that we do not use for a long time to hunt black powder and newspaper wads that can lead to pazharu, but do we rarely see at the opening of hunting «rookery of seals», As I call it? When the fire is lit, and around recline in various poses drunk ohotnichki awaiting the morning dawn? How far is it to the fire here? Therefore, we understood that the prohibition of hunting — force majeure. I had to be patient, wait a pending discovery.

Igor SUSLOV6 August 2014 at 00:00

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