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The exhibition «Arms and hunting»

The Turks are very actively developing our arms market

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From 14 to 17 October in Moscow at Gostiny Dvor is a traditional international exhibition «Arms and hunting», Which brought together many of the leading weapon and cartridge firms in different countries. Of course, it is a holiday for gunsmiths. However, for the majority of Russian hunters imported weapons is not available because of the high prices. So I looked more closely at the stands of manufacturers of relatively inexpensive weapons.


I love the Turks. They learned how to make a modern and very good firearms. I looked vertikalka «FLINT» firm «Target Technologies». They look very presentable. Good quality. Block low round. Weight of about 3.1 kg – a steel box, 2.6 kg – with duralumin. It depends on the caliber and length of the barrel, which can be 61; 66; 71;

76 cm, Caliber – 12 and 20. Interchangeable chokes. In my opinion, very good. The chamber, however, is only 76 mm. In the absence of the domestic market of 20-caliber weapon acceptable weight vertikalka find Turkish consumer. In this company, there are semi-automatic. There travmatika.

Another stand. Trade is already ours. But the Turkish guns. Vertikalka, gorizontalki, triggers internal, external. Decent quality. Lodge neat, elegant, high-quality. Metal deposit in the tree also is good enough. There are a range of Turkish and «Triggers» gun. Barrel length 55 cm, chokes constant (cylinder / poluchok). In general, it will be interesting legashatnikam gun for hunting in the woods. Price – thirty–40 thousand rubles. I think they can compete with in terms of our «price quality»Only the greed of our sellers interfere.

On the stand «Fetter»That of Klimovsk, saw the Turkish semiautomatic 12-gauge in plastic. It weighs 3 kg or even less. And it is worth just 15,000 rubles with five interchangeable chokes. There is also a control mechanism in the gas charge.

The exhibition

The Turks are very actively developing our arms market and, most importantly, listen to consumers. Technology they have development they receive from well-known companies. I appreciate their prospects as good.


At the exhibition there was missing was HPE «HAMMER». Presented two shotguns and one rifle. To begin with rifles HVT-130. Caliber .22 LR. It is made on the basis of AC-47. The AK Shop inserted in the shop for 10 rounds «melkashki». With the bolt removed «native» gate instead inserted into the T-slot another. In the trunk of 7.62 mm is inserted into the barrel of 5.6 mm. When fired, the bolt carrier is stationary and moves inside the receiver only to the gate. Ejection occurs in the voids AK regular store. There is one original part. These are the two rails, which are located above and below the chamber. When a cartridge they send a bullet into the chamber, while moving the bolt forward go to the side. This allows you to shoot any bullets with bullets, in particular, with expansive – for example, Novosibirsk «Groundhog».

The exhibition

Now about guns. VPO «HAMMER» introduced two guns. The design, however, one difference only in calibers. HPE-210 20 gauge, and HPE-211 12-gauge. This vapor machines with rotary magazine. Included with the gun are three stores. Replacement is fast. For example, you are hunting for a duck. All of a sudden – geese. Shop with Five – Down, shop with buckshot – the nest and go! Also on these guns quick trigger. It is enough to separate the store, click on the tab, move the trigger forward and detach it. Weight 20 gauge shotguns 3.2 kg and 12 th – 3.6 kg. But the 12-gauge shotgun promise even facilitate.


In my opinion, the most successful cartridge 9,3H53R our hunts, but he undeservedly forgotten. I talked with Novosibirsk patronschikami. Well, they are not going to expand the range of the chuck. Nothing, except for the half-shell, they do not plan to release. On the stand IZhMEHa talked with the young specialists of the plant. They came to the conclusion that the double-barreled fitting MR-221 «Artemis» necessary to produce the caliber 9,3H53R. Another observation. I saw on stand IZ-43 in the artistic execution – beautiful, elegant. Nearby hung gross IL-43 – tears. After all, a little refined, and is aesthetically pleasing and beautiful!


I wandered around between the stands and I could see what he wanted. Optical sight with variable magnification from 1.5 to 5 times. Drums for entering amendments were open. Those. it is not necessary to unscrew the cap for the input of amendments. It turned out the American sight. We talked to an American who represented this sight. is he – in English I – in Russian, helped interpreter. the main thing – We understand each other. the main thing – the sight was worth in the region of five thousand rubles. And bracket included. Similarly sight it would be good to equip «Artemis» chambered 9,3H53R. When hunting raid you install the 1.5-fold increase in the use and scope as either optics or as a collimator that allows rapid shooting at close range with both eyes open. When hunting with ambush installing another multiplicity and are aiming both from conventional optics. If to be shot at a great distance, it is possible to introduce the amendments in height. This is necessary when shooting at a distance of over 150 meters, since 9,3H53R cartridge has a fairly steep trajectory. We have such sights I have ever seen.


Travmatiki were many. But it seems too late. If you accept the amendments to the Federal Law «On Weapons»Who suggested the president, the number of citizen in trauma is limited to two trunks. To sense from this will not be any, but the market will shrink. Although the secondary market of such weapons dramatically quicken. After all, to get a new trunk, you will need to sell one of the two available. The secondary market was oversaturated, prices will fall, and it drags along and the price of new weapons that are too high.

The exhibition

Now about the travmatiki. I’ll start again with the Turks. Firm «ATAK» It is 9 mm pistol «Shark» . Very compact weapon. And the gun «Phantom» 45 caliber. By type of net «Glock». IZHMEH presented traumatic APS 9 mm. AKBS introduced a new gun «Warrior 410H45TK»As well as the Austrian «Shteer-Mannlicher». And the apotheosis – Weapon of terrorists – SMG Czech production «Scorpio». All travmatika. Klimovskii plant presented 9mm «Jorge-K». TsKIB SOO also proposed 18T GS-45 caliber. IZHMEH introduced MR-353-based mailbox in the 45 caliber.


He came to the stand of Turkish manufacturers cartridges. I look – 9mm bullets traumatic. I asked how much they cost from the factory. It turned – $ 133 per 1,000 pieces. Calculate how much it costs one cartridge. Throw 100% of customs, transportation costs a little more. Rest – business cheat. Chief executive «ATAK» He said he supplies the ammunition for $ 120 for 1000. But our manufacturers hide the wholesale prices, but they can guess. On the Internet, I saw the price of mass-dimensional layout of the PCA in Bulgaria. There he is 185 leva (one lev – 22 rubles). And in Moscow shops is similar to the layout 9000–13000 rubles. Do you think that with hunting ammunition and weapons other situation? I doubt it.

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