What is the right bed?

Lodge — weapons assembly design that is used to hold it in the hands of the shooter.

What is the right bed?

Photo: Anton Zhuravkova

I deliberately apply certain: GOOD LODGE, not handiness, for two simple reasons. First, this definition seems to me more correct. Second, agree common colloquial definition is somewhat like either «oil oil», Or «economical economy». But the phrase handiness gun, in my view, entirely appropriate.

I will begin with some definitions of the terms of weapons that will be used further as «HORN» read not only connoisseurs and lovers of advanced weapons, but also completely green beginners, recently passed minimum hunting.

Trunk – the bulk of the weapons tubular shape through which after firing the projectile (bullet, shot, buckshot) to give a definite direction of flight.

Receiver – main (base) of the arms, which are mounted on the remaining components and weapon parts: the barrel, trigger, bolt, magazine, bed.

Descent (trigger) – detail of trigger arms initiates its operation before a shot after pressing the index finger on her hand. Remember the shutter is pressed!

Trigger – Detail trigger weapons designed to strike the firing pin. Remember, the trigger is lowered! The common expression «pull the trigger» – Complete nonsense! More can be cocked for bringing weapons into firing position.

Plant protector – detail of an arc shape of weapons, protecting skiing (downhill) from the random effects.

Lower base – detail of turning rifles lower and middle indiscriminately in the form of a plate with a shank designed for mounting trigger.

Store – a multiply node weapons designed to accommodate patrons. There are two types of stores: the built-in weapons and detachable.

Mushka – element open sight in the form of a narrow vertical tabs located on the end of the muzzle of the barrel.

Base flies – detail in the form of a prism, which is the base for fixing the fly (for rifles and fittings).

Rib – element open sight in the form of long, narrow plate located in the upper part of the stem over its entire length (y guns) or in the form of a short plate with a slot in the middle of the upper part of which is perpendicular trunk near the first quarter of the length of its muzzle (y carbines and fittings).

Base sight leaf – detail in the form of a prism, which is the base for fixing the sight leaf (from rifles and fittings).

Nagel (Nagel bolt) – Structures lodge weapons mounted usually on large-carbines, which serves as a support for the lower lip of the receiver.

Gate – assembly of weapons intended for him reloading: chambering a cartridge in the chamber and the extraction of a cartridge cases after firing.

Bolt handle – protruding parts gate, designed to bring it into force (by hand).

Tightening-up screw – fastener by means of which the receiver is fixed to the bed of weapons.

Fuse – assembly of weapons, making it impossible to work a shot from the second barrel when the first state of the trunk.

Lodge – node design weapons that serves to hold it in the hands of the shooter. To distinguish monolozhu and separate box. The latter consists of the stock and fore-end.

Forend – separate box element covering the rear half shafts (logs) on the sides and bottom which is designed to hold the weapon with the left hand (right-handed).

Butt – element separate box fixed to the rear of the receiver and the employee support for the weapon on his shoulder and right (for right-handers) cheek arrow.

Comb butt – the upper part of the butt, located between the heel and the neck.

Sock butt – the lower part of the butt end.

The heel of the butt – the upper part of the butt end.

Grasp – narrowing of the front part of the stock, which serves to hold the weapon with his right hand (right-handed).

Pistol grip (with reference to the rifle bed) – view of the cervix with a significant overhang at the bottom. The perceived shortcomings in colloquial name of a neck – «cool gun».

Rosette pistol grip – pad in the lower part of it. It is made of bone, metal, plastic and hardwood.

Butt Cheek – reclining rush to the side of the stock, in direct contact with the cheek arrow.

Backplate – removable element butt covering his butt.

What is the right bed?

Photo: Anton Zhuravkova

Shock absorber – kind of rubber recoil pad, intended to reduce the perceived impact the shooter’s shoulder from the recoil momentum.

Notch (with reference to rifle bed) -type machining individual parts of the surface of the box (usually the side surfaces of the cervix stock and forend) to maximize the friction between your hands and hand these surfaces.

Question: What gun called handiness? A: The one that has the correct box. To understand what this means curtailed wording feelings turn to the arrow (Hunter), whose hands hold the most correct box. What he feels and sees in this case:

– comfort (convenience) in the sensations from contact with the palms of their weapons. This will be all the more significant, the greater the area of ​​direct abutment surfaces evenly palms arrow to the surfaces of weapons on the forearm, neck butt or handle;

– ease feelings of the position of their wrist joints and hands that hold the weapon. This will be even more significant than these lower position will differ from the natural position of said parts of the arms as if simulating vskidku arms and subsequent retention in the moment when such a hand actually absent.

– ease of targeting, as the head occupies a natural position (and unarmed), and cheek tightly (but not excessively) is pressed against the side surface of the ridge and the butt. This mid-dominant eye is a shooter on the line connecting the center of the upper end of the front sight with sight leaf mid slot at the upper face of the latter, or the center of the diopter or the mechanical axis of the optical sight, that is, the line of sight. This occurs when aiming a rifle. In the case of a gun, the line of sight will be held, as you know, through the middle (the axis of symmetry) of the surface of the sight leaf.

– the butt end of his whole plane tightly to the subclavian area on the shoulder of the arrow (in the cavity), which excludes its shift in the point of contact after the shot.

In other words, the arrow is not necessary kochevryazhitsya: excessively bend the arms at the wrists, overly strain your fingers and do more to adjust to head movements (up-down, right-left, front-back) to hold the gun and take aim. It is very important that he does not spend any extra milliseconds to said motion (in essence, parasitic) at vskidku extremely negative influence on the accuracy of shooting.

And how would the shooter is lifted his arms, his vskidku always uniform, while aiming to negligible, and the return is almost imperceptible. The consequence of all this – quick and marksmanship! Otherwise simply could not be, as in this case, as they say, the arrows as if fused with the weapon. Of course, while it should not stop at the gun shot, «fire arms» and take the wrong anticipation.

Here, actually, and everything to do with determining the correct box in the first approximation. Why in the first place? The fact is that there are plenty of different nuances, such as: the type of fire, weapon, individual habits, especially the manner of handling weapons and so on.

All this is making some adjustments to the notion of correctness for each specific case in which the shooter is not taken separately, not individual model weapons, and His Majesty the man with the gun. But this theme is another story.

Alexander Posudin10 April 2014 at 00:00

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