With kurtshaar Rostov steppe

We can only thank the fate of hunting, because during all the last 13 years in a row, without exception, been able to successfully renew until the end of November the hunting season with cops in Astrakhan, Volgograd and Rostov regions, the Republic of Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory.

With kurtshaar Rostov steppe

In the middle lane, after the flight of woodcock in the winter to hunt with a gun is a partridge, but usually falls too fast snow. But it was late autumn is already fully and abundantly «matures» game birds in the south of our country, and there comes the best time to hunt for it.

In each of these regions had a chance not enough to hunt in one area with the best possible by the presence of birds and at least — two or three, in numerous different tenants and hunting grounds in different commercial conditions. Therefore, over the years, they have developed their own preferences based on the knowledge and comparison with the lands of these regions together.

In this case, 2014, not too generous on the marsh and meadow game and woodcock, due to abnormal weather conditions, the average bandwidth associated with drought and early autumn frosts, was lucky enough to double during November to hunt for 4–5 days in a rented entrepreneurs hunting estate, located in a central district of the Rostov region.

The memory remains generally favorable impression of the conditions of hunting here last year, and that it was decided to come back here again. Fortunately, the price of sezonki of game birds and hares and pheasants and licenses were very humane, even in comparison with the proposals of the district of hunters.

First and foremost, of course, of all of these regions in the area of ​​the Rostov region particularly liked the most picturesque landscape, cut a variety of raw and ravines, streams, small and rather large rivers, which are interspersed with completely undeveloped local agricultural land, due to which are the most favorable conditions for native species widely represented — pheasants and partridges, and for the woodcock in the span.

Complemented by a natural abundance of game birds by the presence of a sufficient density of hare, which can be accessed dobychlivaya tailwind hunting here.

These grounds reminded me very much like the beautiful grounds of the foothills of the Krasnodar Territory along the River Elbe. Hunting game where there is exactly the same in their species composition in the late autumn, but not so abundant as in the Rostov region, although in the past few years there has been a pheasant is not much less, and in some places there were also a significant accumulation of this bird.

However, whitening the majestic peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, which takes place against the background of hunting, perfectly complemented by the beauty of the places, but also the need to get back to 600 km further, if you go from Moscow.

With kurtshaar Rostov steppe

Photo: D.Bondareva

Especially pleasant mental impression in these lands of Rostov region has left a noticeable increase in the density of gray partridge, which was also observed in other regions. Apparently, the impact is softer and little snow last winter. On the whole, I had to feel a sense of great satisfaction of knowing the real saturation and considerable wealth of game birds these lands.

According to the most characteristic places and you will not pass a kilometer to a setter is not necessarily fulfilled brood of partridges, and the number of works on female pheasant on a short stretch sometimes beyond reasonable limits. It happens that the pointer takes twenty or more females in a row for a couple of hours before finally seeing the rooster tail waving as a signal to fire.

But sometimes work five consecutive exclusively male pheasant. All the actions an experienced setter, leading to success is always diverse, dynamic and meaningful. When they are highly appropriate behavior conformed polytypic birds and lands, you get the maximum pleasure from hunting with his intelligent and experienced partner.

The main thing that is constantly kept contact, ie, not lost his interaction with a gun. Pheasant may lurk, maintaining expressive rack or run vigorously as in the reeds on the beams or next to them, and in the weeds and thorns, which abound in the slopes of ravines adjacent Nekos or bolotinki abundantly overgrown with weeds.

As a rule, as a result of quality work a gun recovery and the first phase of the flight of this large and rather unwieldy in luxurious colorful plumage, the bird occurs within a confident shot on the middle distance and comfortable, so shooting is quite simple, and no complications are not.

Even if, in rare cases, the limit is raised pheasant sure shot, then the behavior of the dog is easy to navigate and advance in due time to prepare for an accurate shot in the expected direction of take-off. Wounded animal, or the loss of so virtually excluded, especially if kurzhaar as necessary, reliably and quickly served battered bird straight into the arms of impassable reeds or turn.

Partridge as much speed and not so predictable, despite the well-established habit of calmly responding to the sharp «explosion» large flocks. Because of this complicated and shooting becomes more sports, although, naturally, the cops are triggered by them at a open areas with significantly better visibility, than pheasants.

That’s the beauty and diversity of hunting in all these southern regions, it is possible to choose those routes on which the pheasant and partridge alternate. Nevertheless never impossible to accurately predict what kind of game lurk behind the next turn or bend curtain wall overgrown with reeds beams.

Woodcock are often found in the same, but more overgrown with trees and bushes, the ground is the most precious gift of nature for the present legashatnika. This year, despite the significant cooling with night temperatures falling to –6 degrees Celsius, nevertheless, in the period from 2 to 6 November migrating Woodcock has met daily in small quantities. November 4 was able to find even a small vysypku five birds at the intersection of raw overgrown gullies with streams of unfrozen.

Therefore, the hunting of another study of the ravine with a brook or a slope with Nekos, next to the green fields or along the grain retracted, always turns into a real exciting adventure to find a game with the help of faithful setter, working mainly in the mind. Going down into gullies and depressions, not often see traces of agricultural reclamation or human activity, visibly mutilating wild.

With kurtshaar Rostov steppe

In this regard, hunting with a gun in such places is much more preferable, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing than along artificial channels and overgrown with reeds adjacent zakraykam harvested fields or in areas overgrown solid weeds among the rows in abandoned orchards or artificial forest plantations where Wildlife can also meet a lot. But the impression of hunting is something quite different than in the preserved natural areas not touched by the visible human intervention.

One can only hope that the next year is nothing to prevent go back to these wonderful hunting place of the Rostov region.

Gennady Galperin22 December 2014 at 00:00

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