The long-awaited moment when the snow yet, and ground frost in the morning prihvatyvaet

ZabokPhoto: Sergey Borisov

There is in our area one remarkable place and called it strange to the ear word Zabok. I heard about it from his father. He said that during the time of collectivization, at the beginning of the last century, the local Komsomol organized municipality, gathered from all the surrounding villages in this very Zabok, built a shelter for cattle – yards, plowed field nearby and lived here until the commune fell apart. Gradually built something like houses and buildings collapsed, leaving only the title.

So, if you look at the map, this place is inside the moss bogs, huge horseshoe engulfed a large forest area with meadows and pine forests, small lakes and streams. Marsh is spread over dozens of kilometers, justifying the name of the curve. From one end of a giant horseshoe originates a small river with unpretentious title Ivanovka. Roads inside Zabok not. Surely they once were, but are now overgrown as thickets and fields to feed the people. Father thought about these places when we were preparing for the upcoming hunting season and crimson certainly desire to go there, they have infected me.
The long-awaited moment when the snow yet, but the ground in the morning prihvatyvaet frost. The most time for our trip.

In the motorcycle three of us. The father at the wheel, I’m sitting in the back seat and in a wheelchair, on a short leash, – Russian Hound Asman. Three years ago, his father had brought from the neighboring town of lop-eared month old puppy, which quickly became everyone’s favorite. Over the years it has grown, matured, learned how to perform basic commands needed to bred dogs, and last year drove his first hare. We look forward to his help.

The paved portion of the road, we drove back in the dark. When turned to the woods, it was quite light. Forest road, paved, probably people who traveled to the mowing, was familiar from the first trip. We drove meadows, deep into the pine forest; We went long on the edge of small aspen overgrown field. We liked the track with traces of caterpillar tractor led us to where we wanted to, and had to go back and look for another, going in the right direction. All this time the dog looked looked around, looking at us and waiting, and when finally finished shaking tiresome.

Procedure tired and we were glad to stretch their legs when the motorcycle stopped at an abandoned well, without a rope on the collar. I could see some kind of structure, but not a house, but rather shed for hay, fenced of poles. Other traces of the people could not see. A little farther, the trees, we had a camp. I went to fetch wood for the fire, the father had prepared a snack for all three – warmed on the fire stew. Father said that this is the place where fifteen years ago lived commune that alternately grazed a herd of calves harvested and salted mushrooms collected in the swamp cranberries and cranberry.

The father with the dog went into the forest in the hope of meeting with the hare, and I decided on a decoy to lure grouse (collecting firewood, I heard them roll). Having advanced to the side for a couple of hundred meters, I got a small Christmas tree and loaded both barrels small shot. Grouse have not heard, but know that they are somewhere near. My decoy published about such sounds: «T-and-and-and-y… T-and-and-uy… T-trio-and-ty». Silence. After waiting a few minutes, I repeated the song. The reply was husky «five-and-yi-ti ti». It was a female grouse. I quietly moved fifty meters ahead. In response to my trill I immediately heard a loud and very clear voice cockerel. I wait a minute. Again heard impatient song. He responded, turning his head to the side with a decoy. Often waving wings, flying cock and sat on the bottom branch of aspen. I picked up the gun. Shot Seven, and a wad of bird fell to the ground.

I headed in the direction where his father had gone and the dog. Noisy flapping its wings, flew grouse, but the shot I was not ready, and flashing among the tree trunks, he safely departed from me. Nothing! The main thing is that the grouse here. Moving on aspen on, I thought that it would be good to find a place close to the clean water, build a hut and come here not for one day. The weather was perfect, the sun melted the frost that covered the grass whitish bloom. Ahead I heard the voice of our gambling Asman – This he raised the hare, and drove it to the sighted. So, I thought, to stop, to listen to, in what direction will the hare. The father is likely to remain in place waiting for it to rise maturation, and I have to adapt to the rut. I stopped at the edge of a narrow field under the pine trees, wild rose bush camouflaged. The site was chosen good, with a great view. I waited and admiring autumn raznotsvetem foliage on trees, deep blue sky, smelled rotten foliage. Sound background of this picture, too, was magnificent: slowly approaching rut ringing a bell rang out across the county.

Hare appeared unexpectedly. At first I felt some movement, and then saw him flashing a bright spot among the trees. He did not go into the open, he turned ninety degrees and began to approach me on the edge of the clearing that at the end of which I was standing. It remained to thirty meters, it was possible to shoot. I picked up the gun. In response to my motion, hare dramatically changed the direction of running. Now he was flying, sprawled in a rapid jump, and jumped into the clearing. Shot. Hare continues to run. The second shot. The animal, melknuv white spot disappeared behind the young trees. Two misses! How so?! Seven! I have both been charged with seven trunks grouse!

– Woof! Woof woof! Woof! – Azman is not paying any attention to me, on the trail of a hare ran, head down. Ears hung jumping to the beat. At the site where the animal abruptly changed direction, dog curled tail, stop barking, made some movements from side to side, picked up the right scent, with acceleration across the clearing. I reloaded the gun, putting in the trunks of cartridges filled with a triple. Hong left. Listening, I moved in the same direction.

Walking through the woods, I thought about how I would be hard to explain to your father misses. I really liked hunting for grouse with decoy fall. Father must understand me.
My attention was drawn to a large number of young firs – from half a meter to two meters tall. All of them are grown in the area, was once the mowing. But their parents – few walls standing firs, festooned with pine cones. Among them were many beautiful, smooth and fluffy Christmas trees, delight the eye. I walked the edge of this natural fit, carefully glancing around. Under foot something snapped. Pausing, I saw that stepped on the real saffron – mushroom, especially revered in our area. He is good and fried, and especially salt. And apparently pretty. The round hat with curved edges orange-greenish color. Bottom of bright orange, light leg, hollow inside. Handsome! This fungus is attractive not only for the people. Insects often use them to continue the race, putting their eggs in them. In August, when many insects are very difficult to find a not-eaten worms saffron. Now all mushrooms were extremely strong and fresh and frozen morning they went only benefit. Mushrooms were many, did not want to leave them, but the hunt continues, the dog chased a rabbit back in my direction. By choosing the right place, I hid and waited.

Azman, unlike some (I mean myself) worked feast for the eyes. Closing the second round, he again approached decorating rut sounds of the autumn forest. Shot! Twelve Gauge – this is serious, my father was like that. I listened: the dog continued gon, then there was silence. I had to go to their – They were waiting for me.

Hare I saw at the edge of the clearing. Nearby, his tongue hanging out and panting, lying Asman – the hero of the day. Father stood to the side, smiling broadly. I tried to tell him about the mistakes, but he just shrugged:

– Well, I missed – so what now ?! Big deal! A Asman something we what? Well done!

I walked over to the dog, stroked it and said kind words. And I was happy and I am happy with them. Remembered mushrooms, pulled them out of his pocket and showed her father and offered to go to a place where there were Christmas trees. We put a rabbit in a backpack and set off.

Ryzhikov had already began to appear on the road. Choosing a dry place, we hung the gun, took off backpacks and engaged in so-called silent hunting. Dog first watched us lay curled a ring, then came up to me, trying to understand what it is I’m doing. Mushrooms how its production was not interested, and she disappeared into the woods. All mushrooms were about the same size. The last warm days of autumn were the impetus for their appearance, and occurred as morning frosts have stopped their growth. I imagined how our pets will be happy finding as to be fun fuss, reviewing and sorting out mushrooms – last gifts of leaving summer and autumn.

It was late afternoon, it was time to move to the motorcycle. But first, we decided to have a snack, and the dog had to wait. Quickly built a fire, with the water coming down the creek, as derived from the stone in the pot boiled tea. Goodbye, Zabok! See you!

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