303rd «Sauer»

Speaking of the «Sauer» often reminded Dedov «trophy» shotgun 16 caliber. Easy and handiness with a good sharp fight, it remains in the memory.


Psychologists believe childhood memories powerful motivator of action is already an adult at throughout life. Is it true, hard to say, but when I I decided to buy a shotgun and rifled saw semiautomatic from store «Sauer»Then not acquired thinking, focusing only on brand. It was a model in the S303 caliber 30-06.
The focus in the design of the rifle is reported to flyers, the Germans put the reliability and gun safety. Perhaps because of this, the designers have gone on a very original way — carbine prototype was developed chambered .300 WinMag. This is an unexpected decision was explained by developers quite unusual: if it worked reliably Automatic under this cartridge, the it can easily be adapted for any other similar or smaller size. I just remember Tula shotgun TOZ-34 is available in of different caliber, but… on single block, designed for 12th. Of course, this is not quite adequate comparison, the scheme of automation in general, are standard, but Technical solutions suitable for very powerful weapons, use weapons, where the cartridge gives significantly less pressure, not quite reasonable. Whatever was my automatic carbine is working satisfactorily. But do not all users S303, known complaints associated with nedosylom cartridges and breakthrough of powder gases from Gazbloki.

Receiver carabiner is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, it is placed inside and bolt carrier butterfly valve with six lugs — two rows of Three stops at an angle of 120 degrees. But it was not always on gates 303’s first issue was four lugs: two rows of two, then It has a firing angle of 90 degrees, while modification of the current firing angle of 60 degrees. Consequently — Locking became softer and more smooth.

In fact, a receiver «mounting center» carabiner — at It is a trigger mechanism to It attached the barrel, and bed forearm on She set the optical sight. But that’s the strength of the receiver is not required. The thing is that locking by turning the bolt, in which the lugs come into cutouts breech. What there has loaded a couple «gate — trunk», a receiver remains «unloaded».


Removable USM.Odin of the most important features of modern weapons — is removable trigger mechanism. Ease of cleaning, adjustment, repair, and interoperability — all focused on a single node. There is no doubt that the direct need for many models of hunting weapons in the presence of such sites are not present, but it is only at first glance. The fact that well-matched with the gun outstretched screw connections dismantling is not recommended. Cleaning and adjustment of such weapons requires trained personnel and specialized equipment. But the presence of nodes that can be easily «dismantled» in the home, simplifies maintenance of weapons and … increases its durability.

The gate is connected to the slide frame two parallel rods. Moves bolt carrier at guide rail on which is the return spring. System reload gas operated type short stroke. Gas chamber, or Gazbloki is attached to trunk with coupling via tubular receiver at which set the foundation pillar open sight.
The gas engine is equipped with a short piston, under which the holder is a thin connecting rod and guide slide reloading. Powder gases are discharged through a hole in trunk and pushing back the piston, and it results in movement of the return mechanism, which by means of rods causes a rollback of the bolt. The gate frame is thrown back, compresses the return spring and via linkage results in movement of the shutter. By driving protrusion shutter its rectilinear movement of the stem is converted into a rotational movement larvae in whereby lugs out of engagement with the cutouts in breech. Shutter rods and slide frame then carried out a joint motion back, compressing the return spring up stop in the frame damper plate return mechanism. Under the influence of the return spring straightens shutter moves forward, extracts from the shop next cartridge, and it shall be sent to chamber. After all cartridges are fired from the store becomes a gate on delay. To close it, just click on flat button, located on the right front of the trigger guard.

When a locked gate is in the frame front position and It closes the gas chamber. Chambering a cartridge in the first the chamber is made by hand, «distorting» gate handle, and then reloaded in automatic mode. Because of this, the possibility of detachment «the first shot»Which are the common property of all automatic weapons.
The barrel carbine freely posted, cantilevered in receiver with two clamping screws. Between them is a spacer screw which serves for removal and Installation of the barrel.
Available in carbines different, but still powerful enough calibers: 7×64 mm, .30-06, 8×57 IS, 9,3×62 mm (Medium), .300 WinMag, .338 WinMag (Magnum).


The length of the trunk is different: 510 560 mm. It seems that the failure to issue carbines smaller but very popular calibers associated with feature of the design of the weapons, discussed in the beginning of our story.

Standard single and carbine Store It accommodates just two rounds. The only advantage of this aesthetic shop — the lid is on flush with the bottom surface of the receiver. But why you need to self-loading rifle to put a shop on two rounds, it seems, it is not clear even to developers 303rd. FROM to improve the reliability of the supply of ammunition, even a 2-round magazine was modified his original design shop in Specifically, the upper part, which is chambering step performs the function of the guide.
Since the capacity of a standard store is clearly insufficient, and produced not included in standard carbine Fives stores that violate in general, elegant lines carabiner. In order to prevent mechanical damage «Sensitive heads» expanding bullets, weapons impact caused by the walls of the store and a few narrowed They form a kind of stops on that liner based its slopes. Button latch shop is located in front of his mine.

Partial disassembly of the rifle is quite simple: it is required to unscrew the screw the Allen on forend tip, after disconnecting offering access to gas engines. To remove the valve stem must be recorded in the rearmost position and loosen the screws are in the front of the receiver. Removing the shutter provided and recommended. After each, even partial disassembly, and reassembly recommended again lead to weapons normal battle.
Safety devices carbine quite perfect. Manual safety is a slider with the lock button located on the shank receiver. Pressing button and moving forward a little slide, remove it from the stopper, and then converted into lower position. This action spring unloaded. After that, even in the case of a fall great height and bounce, random shot impossible. To bring weapons firing position is sufficient to translate into a slide highest position to it engages the stopper. ABOUT Preparedness firing warning red button. In addition to manual safety is provided, and automatically implemented in part of the trigger.


Sauer303 ForestXT: the purpose of this carbine with tech plastic lodge — forest hunting.

The trigger mechanism is made in a separate module, and combines with drummer mainspring, trigger and uncoupler. The latter is especially important in semi-automatic weapon when the process of reloading presses the index finger trigger. To prevent inadvertent shot disconnector interrupts the connection between trigger and drummer, while the latter is not will be on cocked. Once the trigger is released, the connection between them I cocked the hammer restored. For the production of the next shot should again press trigger.


It would seem that modern weapons is unthinkable without the mandatory optical sight, but many hunters prefer him still the old reliable rear sight and a front sight.

Trigger pull, according to the factory settings, is 13-15 h (about 1.3 kg). This value is well suited for hunting purposes, but for sport shooting, it could be a little smaller.

Ballistic characteristics carbine very good. Muzzle velocity Norma Plastic Point weighing 11.7 g, fired from the rifle with a barrel length of 510 mm, is 824–829 m / s. Corresponding to a velocity of bolt carbine Sauer 202 the same barrel length. The nominal value of the initial velocity of the cartridge, resulting in the firing of ballistic barrel length of 650 mm, corresponding to 920 m / s. It becomes clear that the venting system of weapons, absorbing some of the energy of powder gases is insignificant impact on reduction in muzzle velocity.


BRIGHT PYaTNO.Est two elements of weapons that should always be bright and noticeable. The first of these is undoubtedly the fly. Reflective fiber optic front sight efficient and inexpensive. Optical fiber is able to collect on the surface light and output it to slice flies. The bright point of light visible in all lighting conditions — in daylight, at dusk, in the bright moonlight. This fly, all other virtues reduces time sighting. The second element yavlyaetsyametka fuse. You always want to say a good word about the designers who have provided even visible from a distance «a bright spot» indicating that the weapons can be handled safely.

Lodge carbines are made of walnut or plastic. Nut, of course, beautiful, but Plastic is much more practical. One of the biggest regrets of design my carbine — This walnut bed, her banal pity caught in the rain, she was a little swells.


It is clear that the disclosure of the potential of modern weapons requires an optical sight. S303 has a very elaborate scheme of installation of optics, allows to achieve high-quality results are repeatable accuracy shooting.

S303 — quite reliable weapon, but talk about that it is absolutely impossible. The Sauer launched this model without adequate mining design. After graduating in For several years, 2009 design was modified improved. Whatever was, this model is quite practical and suitable for use on Hunting in central Russia. My copy has shown himself quite well.

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