Apply hands on furs

July 24 this year was held in Krasnoyarsk organized by the Russian Fur Union «International scientific conference on industrial production, procurement and sale of commercial fur.»

Apply hands on furs

The long-awaited and badly needed Russian loggers, traders and furs the meeting was marked by hunting inspectors «pleasant» surprise. A few days before this event, and some participants had directly while he became aware of the Order of the President of the Russian Federation № Pr-1554 dated July 3, the Government of the Russian Federation together with the executive bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation.

The document is aimed at Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, Russian Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Interior of Russia and Rosprirodnadzor. AT It contains four main points, each of which «good» itself currently.
Consider them order:

«…up to August 1, 2014 to analyze the socio-economic implications of the sable A list of the most valuable wildlife aquatic biological resources belonging to species listed in Red Book of the Russian Federation, and (or) protected by international treaties for the purposes of Articles 226.1 and 258.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation…».

«…up to September 15, 2014 to submit proposals for improve the system of control over the production and trafficking and sable production of them, including considered the question of should be modified Russian legislation aimed at strengthening of control over the circulation of products of hunting by indigenous minorities of the North, Siberia and the Far East, also introduction of a universal system of labeling products from sable…».

«…up to October 1, 2014 to consider possibility of establishing a a number of subjects of the Russian Federation marketplaces for sales sable fishing …».

«…up to October 15, 2014 to analyze and to submit proposals on the advisability of increasing the tax rate for the extraction sable and and the introduction of export customs duties on sable and products out of it …».

What does this mean for the fact? Nor no more less than the beginning of the end of fishing in sable Russia.

It is not a secret that sable — perhaps the only way to get real money for the inhabitants of remote areas. If on St. Petersburg auction 2013 received nearly 700 thousand skins and hunted by According to the poll, is in 7 sables average for the season, the it becomes clear that this fishery takes about 100 000. AT the current situation for each of them threatened a seven-year prison term because of the risk of overfishing is inevitable the specifics of the fisheries, and even one «excess» sable means «Article 258.1 of the Criminal Code».

And now imagine that all fishers have at least two dependent — wife and child. This means that the well-being at stake 300 000. I I guess, that «scale» social impact more in no comment need.

With regard to economic effects still seems very bleak. Any increase in fees, introduction of other duties as a heavy burden will fall on the shoulders of the manufacturer, and means — the same hunter.

AND This is another argument in favor of abandoning fisheries altogether. No wonder not conference participants supported by an increase in the tax rate for the extraction sable and They stressed the need to pay special attention to her collection that can double intake budget.

The introduction of export duties on trade the same reasons not It can be considered appropriate. A organization of additional trading platforms will only increase the length of the chain still on one or two dealers.

If someone «from above» come into head to take all these «measures»Then Hunter just does not go to fishing, because the game is not It will be worth the candle.

Here’s how commented SI Minkov, head of the art of hunting VNIIOZ: «Either of these items will result in the collapse of the Russian fur market. On his recovery may go decades.

For example, after the collapse in the turn 80–90-ies of the Soviet state and the cooperative system blanks it took us 15 years to mining sable again started a decent level. Moreover, practically disappeared the phenomenon «black market» furs.

The existing system is totally transparent auctioning and the most profitable for all its units are not excluding hunters (though many among the latter, probably not agree this statement is not without reason, considering that a large share of the profits settles in chain of intermediaries). Rash and such a radical intervention may lead to catastrophic consequences.

After the First World War Revolution Russia forever «relegated» from the world market of game meat, although the volume of exports to the By the time we took on its leading position. FROM fur market today may happen that same.

Criminalizing the production of each «excess» sable, complication of the system will lead to the issuance of permits that hunters or simply cease to engage in the fur trade, or put in a desperate situation, will go to the newly formed criminal business.

In order to supply the market competitive games upsell, you must work with large amounts of skins, allowing them to pick up color and quality fur. By Therefore, and «White Market», at in the case of fragmentation several sites also suffer huge losses. Sobol did not It becomes more expensive, if it is less».

Upon review of excerpts from the document presented by the participants of the conference, it was decided that make sable «A list of the most valuable types of …» It is a premature measure necessary to carefully prepare the basic mechanism for the application of such strict measures.

Regarding the methods of monitoring the production and Trafficking — clearly emphasized the need to pay dues and registration permits for sale the fact of production, and not before the start of the season, and the appropriateness of care current conditions on the establishment of limits on production of this kind at all.

In fact, the participants came to the concluded the need to postpone the approval of the proposed innovations of their prematurity and actual unwillingness to industry their adoption.

It is surprising that those who will be ready to answer commission president defiantly refused unique opportunity to discuss the situation with the operational Arriving from specialists all over the country: hunters, scientists and pushnikami Kommersant, the last time going in such formulations here in Krasnoyarsk, in the distant 2001. Or deliberately Professionals want to hear, then to operate with abstract ideas, not called for the names of the scientists. At the same time declaring in only that the approved development strategy of hunting in the state administration Based on advanced scientific knowledge.

Director Ohotdepartamenta AE Bersenev, as well as Other representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, FGBU «Tsentrohotkontrol» and even the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Krasnoyarsk Territory on whose territory the conference suddenly retracted the statement in program and speeches all present at conference. That is to say, pointedly boycotted organized on a very high level event.

The only question is whether they think the topic is absolutely not sensitive or already completely buried. AT contrast to example, from our Canadian and Turkish colleagues, who do not too lazy to spend long hours in plane to personally attend the meeting. One gets the impression that the officials actually sabotaging himself trapping and event, conduct which seemed to have to be very interested.

All the experts agree that the fur market is now well-established and It operates smoothly. «Logistics has developed and change it — a more expensive». — said completing the work of the meeting, the president of the Russian Fur Union SG Pillars.

But then why do we impose the need to change something? What is it — the beginning of a planned multi-way action or a set of chaotic action? The answer, it seems to me, lies in the surface. Nor It’s not a secret that our country has long been openly called a raw materials appendage. In fact, we have been exporting 5 main types of raw materials: oil, gas, raw materials for steel, timber and… sables. Profits from the first four for a long time «Popilius». There’s nothing more to share.

The only thing that has not divided, but It is of interest for the realization of this export sable skins. Yes, profit from it, by Compared with with the same gas and forest, is negligible, but it really is the last thing that you can sell more of the wealth of our country. To do this, some groups planning to destroy the existing system of the market, in order to further to get their hand this business.

But, Unfortunately, the result can be only one, and negative for all. The market collapse and sable skins again as three or four decades ago, will go to underground artisanal processing and smuggling, enriching the criminal world, or, best, will remain on the backs of forest animals. Any ideas about that someone can immediately «pick up» a fallen market, illusory.

I’d like to believe that someone who «swings» boat without get the expected support, and we can save one of the most important treasures of Russian hunting — sable fish.

Elizabeth Tselyhova August 12, 2014 at 00:00

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