Fishing from Tuapse to Abkhazia

Fishing from Tuapse to Abkhazia

The success of fishing on the rivers of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus depends on various conditions. It is important to know the seasonal migration of fish and own different ways of fishing.

Viewed Psezuapse, Shahe, Mzymta, Psou — rivers that originate on the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range and flow into the Black Sea. If you are a fisherman and enjoy relaxing by the sea with fishing, you have the chance to enjoy fishing in the mountain rivers of diverse fish. The nature of these rivers is largely similar: in the upper reaches of the stream tends to cool down the outgoing channel; in the middle reaches of the river still fast, rapids; in the lower reaches, jogging on the plain, the river slows significantly, before flowing into the sea are often formed wide stretches with slow current. The latter is due to the fact that in the mouths of mountain streams as a result of the sea are often formed alluvium pebbles. This so-called bars. They podpruzhivayut river, giving freely to leave the water. Therefore, at the mouth of some rivers may look like drainage lakes.

The rivers inhabited by trout, barbel, chub, nase, roach, gudgeon. The quiet backwaters of the lower reaches of the pike can be found. In some river enters the Black Sea salmon fishing is prohibited.

Selection of fishing grounds — above or downstream — largely depends on the water level in the river. In normal level when in the mountains for a long time there was no rain, the fish in search of food places rushes upstream and vice versa.


Not so long ago I successfully caught on the river. Psezuapse chub weighing up to a pound. Places are selected in the middle and lower reaches of the river in the shallow shoals. Wiring began to do on the threshold of the breakers. Most chubs were in the pits under the cliffs and under steep banks, which were podmyta rhizome shrub. The nozzle on the hook №10-12 served a piece of worm, pellets, white bread.

In the rivers of the Caucasian coast chub presented subspecies — Caucasian chub, which looks a little different from the ordinary chub: at first not flattened head.
Under favorable weather conditions, when there is heavy rainfall, favored by chubs do not leave the areas throughout the winter, which is quite warm. Local fishermen, who know the fishing spots, sometimes catching chub in the same place and trout, mostly on live bait, as the most commonly used minnow. Fishing occurs in the wiring. To this end, the angler gets above the threshold and, masquerading behind the high boulders, making a throw to a point just below the discharge of water, trying to choose for posting slower jet. Given that the chub and trout very carefully and repeatedly pecking rare, often have to move from one place to another. Because of the strong currents minnow baits are not behind his back, and the upper lip. Among the few local fishermen who catch in the mountain rivers spinning — All are unanimous that the live bait to catch much more productive.

In the presence of the shallows of small chub, be aware that in a whirlpool under a roll may be larger chub, so not to scare off the big fish, you need to start from the pit Oblov place.

Of course, the choice of a river discharge section of the river is more preferable for catching large chub. At the mouth of a fish weighing up to 1.5 kg fatten out after floods. At such times, they are caught on rod and Donkey Match with a trough. For winter fishing chub better suited container feeders filled with maggots. Catch also need to maggots. Match fishing rods to catch pickled corn on the beam maggots or worms. Casting make to the middle reach, selecting a weakened area near the fast jet stream. When fishing under bridges big chub often stands for bulls supports. The preferred fish in cloudy weather, when there is a ripple on the surface of the water.


Some Caucasian shallow rivers roach much. When the water level is low, more than a roach in the lower reaches of the river. Catch her Bolognese rod, finding calm over large boulders and places with reverse flow. Typically, the length of the rod enough 5m.

The nozzle — dough, a piece of red worms, maggots, I tossed on the border suvodi and after a few seconds, followed by bite. Hook №15-18. Wiring — 5-7 cm from the bottom. Typically, in a snap one or two grains, rests against the leash. If the depth tihovodya allows you to catch the slow fall of the nozzle, it is possible to make the distribution ogruzku.


Close barbel rivers in the Caucasus today rarely come across, most of the catch is fish weighing 150-600 g, but, of course, need to let go of the smallest. Catching small barbel is quite simple. This requires a rod with rings and a fast-response coil, which is easy to do the wiring length of 10-15 m along the quiet section rolling. To post you need to choose areas with fairly smooth pebble bottom and a depth of 60 cm to 1 m. The main line was 0.12 mm. Float carrying capacity of 2-3 g, teardrop shape, with a heavy keel and the fixed bracket at two points. Ogruzka — One pellet. Hook №12-13, with a long forearm. The nozzle — pellets, a test or a small worm allowed near the bottom, so she places on her.
For the day catching barbel have to choose a little deeper parts of the river. In whirlpools the fish easier to hide. It is important to find piles of stones passed by a fast jet. My friend was able to catch two barbels on the Mzymta weight of 400 and 450 for fishing, he took a fancy to a sufficiently deep whirlpool and blew a worm on a hook on the flow going right under the heap of stones. Klyunuvshaya fish immediately sought to withdraw from the nozzle back into the crevice, but Reliable tackle stopped her.


Behind it is necessary to go to the lower reaches of mountain rivers — where there are many snags, there dogging pike prey. It is therefore necessary to have a large supply of spinners. Better, of course, use nezatseplyayka. Pike medium-sized, weighing up to 2 kg, caught on average spinners with narrow petals, and the narrow spoons. We should choose the color and shape of the spinner, according to the small fish, which is typical for this river. In addition, when the wiring is necessary to consider how to behave in the current weakened fish. Where there is no guidance in the form of driftwood protruding from the water, you need to start with a lot of shallow water to catch a spinning anything.

The pits and other places in the deep side of the rapid flow can be set at night zherlitsy using bait small local fishes: roach, gudgeon, golavlika, minnow.


Catching trout culture in the Caucasian coast practiced in different places, but of course, now the angler wants to go for mountain trout flycatcher. I must say that its fishing in the rivers flowing through the territory of the national park is prohibited completely, and in the River Axe and some other — Only during the spawning season. The spawning brown trout occurs in November and December, sometimes in January.

The local river trout catches are mainly medium-sized — weighing 200-300 g trout fishing tactic is. Fisherman pulls into bus up the river, say, at a distance of 10-20 km from the sea. Going down to the river, he begins to fish provodochnoy rod trout habitat area, using as bait worm or minnow already mentioned. Small golyanchik baits on the hook №8. Now therefore — from one threshold to another down the river. Hiking sometimes covers the section of the river length up to several kilometers. Disguise — basic in trout fishing.

For suspension of fishing need to have boots.

It is noticed that the pecking trout and chub active in cloudy weather. In sunny weather is better to catch in the morning, when the shadow of the overhanging vegetation makes fishing less noticeable.


I have successfully caught the medium-sized Podust on p. Asha and other rivers. There are some mountain lakes. Somehow, Southerners called Podust chernopuzom. According to the stories of local fishermen, in different seasons, including winter, in the downstream Ashe, Mzymta, and they came across some other Podust weighing up to 1.5 kg. Rather, we are talking about ordinary Podust, which is widespread in the rivers of the Black Sea basin.

Podust caught in the wires, blowing on the worm too fast jet close to the bottom, so he dragged periods. Habitats Podust the Caucasian rivers — stony-pebbly shallows, the outputs of the pits, oblong depressions, undermining near steep cliffs. 

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