«Hunt» to decoy

In that memorable year, we, the staff of the Laboratory for forest game management VNIILM, conducted field studies in the forests of the Bryansk region. Detailed blogs have allowed hunting to recall in detail a picture of the past.

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Spring hunting opened separately: drakes on 9 April for ten days, and then snipe at the same time. Every morning and evening dawns, we met in huts with a stool. I got a duck taken «for hire» in the economy. She has one feature: it is almost always silent, and only when it was taken out of the basket, landed on the water, or pulled the cord to sit back in the basket, frightened and screaming hysterically and beat their wings in the water, enveloping spray cascade.

Nevertheless, these cries sometimes attracted particular concern, sitting close drakes, and we managed to get one of the Cavaliers. I put the duck in two or three meters from skradka and as soon as notice of a flying duck, made her cry, tugging on the cord or standing up in a tent.

Snow in the woods almost melted, and stormy spring flows carried in the floodplain Nerusso, on the shore of which was our base, a lot of water and different forest debris. Floodplain elevations covered with thick bushes, willows and wild cherry, twisted hop, every day is getting lower. Shalash vernal heat a little water, and constantly had to rearrange and re-masking of last year’s grass. Ducks, mostly Mallard, Teal and garganey dawn flew over the flood plain, and eight o’clock, when the activity of the birds weakened, we returned to the base to, cleaned guns and breakfast, go to work. Fatigue accumulated with each new day. Bulky wooden boat brought a lot of trouble, because the move on shallow, overgrown with thick bushes floodplain in the dark was not easy, and the boat was one for five hunters.

In one of the evening dawns, I decided to sit in a tent among the forest swamp reclamation penetrate deep ditch. It was about four meters wide, and both its edges overgrown marsh vegetation 70–100 m on each side. Day during the passage of the route I built a hut on the edge of the ditch, at the point where a few herds swamp rose whistle and two pairs of mallards. Approaching skradka and cook took the duck out of the basket, let the water and dove into the tent. At the cry of alarm immediately flew decoy duck and slumped 25–30 meters. After the shot, he struggled to his feet from the water and fell a hundred meters among the marsh vegetation. I had to get out of the tent and get it half the charge, barely crossed the rather narrow, but deep ditch. Already getting dark, and I’m glad to go home.

The next night was back in the hut in the same ditch. The sun slowly disappeared behind the nearest alder crowns. Decoy stubbornly silent and cleaned feathers, he climbed the low mound at the edge of the ditch, on which he fell asleep. Mosquitoes-tolkuntsy, heralding the good weather, gathered in a large oval heap, danced the dance, enjoying the warmth and silence. Complete peace and quiet reigned around.

Eighty meters to the right I saw the beaver’s head floating in a ditch in my direction. Do not sailed fifty meters, he quietly fell into the water and suddenly popped up ten meters from the stool and climbed the shallow, straight to the duck, revealing the formless, dark brown body. From the surprise and consternation decoy I screamed loudly and rushed to the bumps in the opposite direction. Beaver, slamming its tail in the water, dived, and duck, breaking the string in place of the compound ran — not even fly! — with nogavkoy at a height of two meters from the surface of the water, despite the fact that the vane feathers on both wings she had propped.

I jumped out of the hut, but disappeared like a duck in the grass, filled with water. Discouraged that had happened, I was at a loss near the hut. Now to prove that you accidentally missed her, but not shot down by inexperience or negligence, but still have to pay the money.

One and a half hours until the deep twilight, I wandered among last year’s vegetation, filled with water, to plant tion sought, but in vain. Very upset, I went to the house.
At dawn, along with Alex and his duck, taking a piece of an old fishing net, we went to the ditch. To expose the duck and hid in a hut. Decoy became recklessly work, and we even managed to get a drake, I sat down next to, but my runaway never responded, and did not appear. I for some reason had a strong belief that the duck swam not far away and hiding somewhere nearby.

In the evening I was back in the same place, hoping to see her. Indeed, twenty minutes saw her floating in the ditch. He jumped out of the hut and rushed to her by flooded grass, at the risk of flying into one of the deep beaver channels. Decoy immediately hid — Fortunately, on my side of the ditch, at the edge of a deep place. Be careful not to breathe, I crept slowly bent over, holding out his hand and grabbed her sharply, but still managed to duck and slide out in a panic, shouting, he rushed to the side, jumped a ditch and then hid in the grass. Very upset, cursing myself for clumsiness, but nevertheless noted landmarks, I went on the ditch beaver dam. Came back. And again I was lucky duck could see the tall bumps. Like a snake, she stretched under the grass and lay motionless on the water, so that could be seen only the tip of the tail feathers of the tail. Bending down, I abruptly grabbed her with both hands, but at the last moment the bird miraculously managed to escape again and ran away, but my hands were only wet feathers. This time I did not notice the exact spot where she hid.
Again half an hour before dusk, I sharilsya the swamp, but it never found. In almost total darkness, she still came out on the ditch and then disappeared into obscurity. I am stuck: hunting for Drakes become a stool pigeon hunt. I almost hated this elusive, agile «lady» and I considered it a point of honor to catch it.

The next morning, a little glimmer of dawn, I was back on the canal. Armed with three short poles, high flyer (I hooked her string bag, which previously went for groceries), a scrap of network and stealthily approached the ditch carefully looking through binoculars clean water. Ten minutes later, I saw the wave, and then on the edge of the ditch, and very fugitive. Hastily pulled on poles in the grass network, and crept to the lurking bird tried to cover it with a makeshift net, but it is having a reaction to cats, he immediately dived, jumped out of the shopping bags, narrowly escaped the set network and quickly floated down the gutter. It blocked the network (the benefit was on the move again, this series), I drove the duck to the side pole, but unfortunately, she noticed a single, but a good-sized hole broken through it and hid in the spill. I noticed the place, walked around it and again blocked the ditch. Crept up to the duck tried to cover it with a net, but again failed. Again drove by in a ditch network. Flapping its wings on the water, decoy still caught in a leg cell and hung helplessly. With a sinking heart, trembling hands, I began to carefully pull the network poles along with the self, but a duck suddenly pulled back and disturbing grunt ran on water. I was seized with rage. The third time, the ditch is blocked by the network, the duck is no longer hidden in the grass, and I was the sixth I drive her to the barrier. This time she was not able to avoid the traps and greatly confused in the cells. Held her in the water to the mound, I widespread vernacular loudly voiced bird all that I have boiled over these lost four of dawn. Then, freeing it from the network and put it in a backpack, he tied it tightly, his breath, sat on a log and a little tired, but happy to go home. Workmates were surprised: apparently, they do not really believe in the success of this hopeless enterprise. However, they are genuinely happy and praised me for perseverance.

The same day I took «cunning Cleopatra» the base in hunting area, although hunting drakes lasted another day and a half. Perhaps as a reward for stubbornness and persistence, our Head Yaroslav S. Rusanov kindly given me his works great decoy, switched to teal, enticing them into his magic flute» he was a great master.
«As the curtain» I managed to get two more kryakovyh drakes. On that memorable occasion, I always check the suitability and nogavki cord and try not to be planted near the duck decoy beaver settlements.

Over the next ten days was open hunting woodcock, but we are only two otohotilis sunset. Fate awaits us ordeal: an unexpected tragedy suddenly interrupted fieldwork …

Fedor Fedorov18 May 2014 at 00:00

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