Lord of the mountain rivers

Lord of the mountain rivers

For many years I rarely had to deal taimen, yes, I confess, I did not change its original and enduring love for carp. But once a fortnight lucky enough to travel the mountain taiga Heru-boat water cannon to its very origins and the upper inflow Sukpay. And he was my companion Victor ace-spinning, and he was a taimen as indifferent as I am to the carp. And in those two weeks I first got to know where and how to live the summer «Water Tiger» but his catch craftsmen.

Most of all, we stayed with a deep whirlpool Krutoyarov, especially at sharp river bends where the water is powerfully cried, raged and moaned, zipping right next to the tranquil depth multimeter, which guessed black stones and driftwood snag. Do not pass by the old and sullen wrinkles: in pits near them did not reach the bottom of the longest bars. And then Victor officiated. And I watched all of his fishing equipment and trophies hefty surprise viewed and photographed. But most vividly remember three events. Listen.

He twirled his spoon was almost to the board and we saw how after her butt floating lazily moving his tail and fins, a kind of Krasnopyorov sharks. Baubles she did not take, but the boat stood a few moments, strictly eyeing us, and with great composure slowly sank beneath a century room. It melted in the depths, like a ghost…

Togo «crocodile» Victor caught: the time for that was not there. But I talk about other ingrained in the memory of the event. I threw somehow my taymeshatnik lure sink to the bustling small rolling in the deep quiet stretch of river under a rock, where the predator likes to earn one. It was an early morning. And frolicked expanse of river trout, deftly eating raznorybitsu. And so nice and much frolicking! Jump out of the water the gentle arc, the «candle»! I noticed how one of these hunters half a bite out of the water horse, Gubar, and did not choose half. And the other three circles of the whirlpool and powerful tails beat. Any other shied fish, flocks sprayed and ran in panic…

And one of those high-spirited taimens pick up on the spoon and dress well Kurbet! So deep was pulling, then suddenly flew across the path of a powerful jet to roll! There, on the rocks, he was broke. I feel the freedom, fashioned «candle»And then rushed on top sort of gliders — almost on the belly, exposing the forehead and crown of the head, leaving him high waves and foam trail. But buried in the water, and behind him is still stretched…

And suddenly he began to jump out of their course, executing dizzying turns… And so it is in the midst of the wild taiga world was beautiful and strong. But my companion settled down again and wanted his hands and soul delight. The two hooked and deftly oborol, spending on the landing of each quarter of an hour.

Not the first time I have seen, and yet sincerely admired the heavy, strong fish, dressed in luxurious silver uniform, her perfectly contours. I weigh them both and were taken: both had to 103 centimeters, only one pulled 13 pounds, the other was on a couple of kilos lighter.

And once again I surprised me Victor. Povecheryali we are in the dark, it’s time to sleep in a tent, and he takes and touches instead of spinning a spinner velvety churbachok with powerful tees on one side and the other. And I explain, though I do not know: «Artificial mouse. The foam covered with skins of squirrel feet. A piece of lead from the bottom for stability. Floats like a top of the little creatures. Lenok enough trout. Let’s go to the rapids pomyshkuem, try your luck».

The night was moonless. Coal-black sky bright flickering stars… Noise coil and slap «Bat» I knew about the water on medium-range casts and moderate strength. Hornblende fisherman pulled slowly, and near it was evident that she was in fact very much like a big river to cross the vole or a squirrel. One cast wasted another. But immediately after the third slap in the dark strongly clasped, creaked and my reel fisherman shouted excitedly: «There is! Hard to go!» But that was four kilograms flax. And three of the same to pick up almost one after the other. And then fall into the water «Bat» Accompany such a powerful surge that I heard said hastily: «Taymen tail hit!» And then zastrekotalo, whistled, buzzing in the water and on shore. My friend ran kneading boots pebbles zaklanyalsya, «I played» spinning, bending it into an arc that extends in line with the fishing line, cutting whistling water.

«Prepare bagorik! Shine!» — I took the team excited and too fussed. A coil roared brake strained creak when reeling. Every now and then it breaks out of the fingers and smash them into the blood. Thrice trout came almost to the shore, and showed his bulk, but when I bring bagorik as he rushed into the darkness and depth. Fighting boiled for at least half an hour, but the victory was worth the labor, emotions and wounding hands. The fish turned out to be a length of 110 centimeters at 18 kilograms.

But, really, I must at least briefly acquainted with the vital pillars of the hero of this story. It is wide and perfect predator hunter. Baby animals with pleasure catches and swallows, bird. But the main thing for him — fish. Every. From minnows minnows and pink salmon and chum up. Swallows prey in length one-third of its own size. Private trout meter length easily sends insides pretty well, from the standpoint of fishermen, carp, sazanchikov, pike, catfish and travyanok. Shiga and Lenca, which lives side by side.

Caviar, he lays on the upper mountain taiga rivers after spawning, badly emaciated, with a sense of duty to the pop-up with the flow of deep stretches, pits and whirlpools, adjacent to the torrent and noisy shoals where «otaborivaetsya» the entire warm period and entirely given royal hunting, as if showing off all river inhabitants excellent appetite in a very healthy body.

Days of the lord of the mountain rivers usually settles into a deep, dark place. Napping, but do not miss the opportunity to swallow the fish inadvertently approached. At full strength and passion zhiruet on dawn.

And in those days deferred calf happening mysterious transformation. At certain times hatch into larvae, then they turn to fry and begin to feed on small fry any invertebrate. Desyatisantimetrovyh godovichok shape is already very similar to the parents, for the second year, it doubles its weight, and in another two or three years have grown around. At this time, about half a meter in it. And all his life he will grow annually by an average of elongating decimeter. At ten — about one meter in twelve — 120 cm and weight of 20-24 kilograms noble.

Over the years, he gained life experience and skill. Staying still brave he gets caution and prudence. The simplicity of manners alien to His Majesty. All his life he aspires to light, cold stream, engorged with oxygen, and there is no place for him beautiful mountain river. Any Karasin uncomfortable this fish will not fit — General as an important rural hut.

With the cold snap and the beginning of the ice sea trout leave the mountain rivers slowly splyvaya in their lower reaches of calm and deep, and small numbers winter in these mighty streams as the Amur and its main tributaries. Hibernate safely and gradually, without losing the vitality and appetite, growing a living matter for another extension of themselves in the offspring. And they can not wait for spring warming to sail as soon as the ice flow in the taimen cute heart in the midst of the frenzied flow zataezhennyh mountains.

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