News from the reservoirs

News from the reservoirs

Overall weather patterns in the metropolitan area last week was the gradual retreat of the heat. This was facilitated active cyclone, which brought torrential rains and, and a fresh breeze, but it also determines the constant instability of the weather, which affects the different fish biting — Fishing success day by day were markedly different.

Catching carp on paid reservoirs — ponds, lakes and quarries, where he mostly farmed, is now very popular with anglers. It attracts thrill that produces large emissions of adrenaline many times a day, leaving a strong impression in the memory of the struggle against the mighty, sly and treacherous even fish. However, fishing in these waters is very different in the technical and tactical point of view, depending on what kind of lifestyle, prepared for an artificial universe here carp. Simply put — Whether there is a natural fish lives and feeds on the fact that she will find her a regularly scheduled feed. But there are general patterns in behavior and biting carp determined by the state of the environment.

Carp «Paysites»

After the usual July heat, often caused by the overheating of water in small water bodies and leading to instability, complex behavior of carp, even where his lot in August, when the nights are longer and cooler and enough rain, the situation is stabilized in ponds. Carp, sensing a quick winter, begins to actively feed back and bite on the rod and Donkey. This so-called predosenny and then fall zhor, and it will continue as long as the water temperature in the reservoir drops below a certain value. Then the fish will go en masse to the maximum depth and stand there in the winter, bringing food consumption to a minimum.

Now that the water is still very warm, but is constantly refreshed by showers and a cool night, mostly carp can be found right next to the beach or the well-windswept shallow waters with solid or slightly silted bottom. Here the fish is not only a rich and varied food of both vegetable and animal origin, but also the oxygen-rich water, because carp are more picky about the quality of water than, for example, carp — normal inhabitant of these waters. For this reason, at the end of summer it is still often prohibitive fiasco bred fishing enthusiasts with Donkey seeking to throw their gear as far as possible. Oh, and if such efforts, it is only when you need to reach the shallows near the opposite shore of the pond where carp impersonating characteristic bursts.

However, so as not to practice throwing heavy and so rough tackles that are not always careful fish can bite, not easier to concentrate catch just two or three meters from the shore at a depth of presence here at least a meter and a half. Of course, this approach requires a certain fishing «intimacy» — it is important that no one went near, not stamped and roared himself angler must be located a few meters from the water’s edge, and all the movements on the bank to make quiet, crouching. For fishing, I think, it is most suitable short float rod, powerful enough and equipped with rings and high-quality coil. However, carp weighing up to two kilograms quite successfully manages to catch «deaf» tackle, where tooling is mounted on a sturdy but soft line, maybe even braid. Leash better not to, so as not to weaken the entire equipment and not to complicate it with unnecessary elements — at the critical load needs to come off properly tied hook. Ideally suited for this fishing tackle Plug when the rod is placed on the sliding device so that the water was only two or three-meter portion of the rod. Anti-hard fish to help the appropriate strength fishing line rubber shock mounted inside the whale — top of the plug rod.


Thus, the most stable results brought carp ponds on paid, this densely populated with fish. Particularly active carp pecked where regularly launched fresh portions of fish, but it is not fed. This technique, for example, practiced at the top rental School pond near the village. Kuzminki, next to the village. Barybino (to the left of the track «Don»). Here carps of different sizes to quickly respond to and perfectly complementary feeding peck on the usual pickled corn, and the other nozzle. While the water is very warm, the fish is concentrated mainly in shallow waters, and near the banks.

In contrast, the other paid a pond near the village. Lyakhov, located not far from Barybino, carp usually run once, and then allowed to grow on their own. So there divorced enough large fish weighing under 10 kg, which accounts for a long time «incubate» on the banks applying for strong long-range fishing tackle, and as a nozzle — certain composition baits. Usually Boyle and lure. Of course, this reservoir is and «standard» carp, which are suitable to the shore and caught nice float rod.

However, many fans in the tranquil fishing ponds are much more interesting fishing on ponds, carp densely populated, which is now biting as the cooling water and the termination of its «flowering» Only better. For example, in last weekend dimensional carp well take the bait off the coast of the big pond at p. Lobanovo (left Kashira Highway). Fish all nozzles preferred steamed barley, and always impaled on a hook on the two grains. It should be noted that occasionally come across the bait carp weighing under a kilogram, with the majority of fans of fishing on Donkey from a distance sitting on the shore, not only without any catch, but no bites.

A different and largely incomprehensible situation is observed in another body of water known Karasev — Minaevskom pond, the lowest in the cascade of ponds near the village. Shishkino (right of Kashira Highway). There carp explicitly avoids shallow waters and on the same barley are biting in the deepest places. At this time, the heat of the pond water level dropped by nearly a meter. And here during the summer there is massive loss of carp, apparently from some kind of parasite, because of harmful effluents into the pond there. I think this is the pond should refrain from fishing, as it is unknown what the consequences might be of use to catch food.

AT Lakeside, ON Ruza on the Volga

Despite the changes in the weather, almost remains the situation on the Ruza and Ozerninsky reservoirs, since large reservoirs the water is not managed in any way to cool and was very warm. So, on the Ruza Reservoir near Ostasheva bream bream and even better pecked at the bait in the coastal zone at a relatively shallow areas where the depth was less than three meters. Spinning and medium-sized pike caught on extensive irrigation with a solid bottom and a depth of about two meters by applying for this mainly light jig baits. It also occasionally come across a single medium-sized perch, which has not met in the pack.

On Ozerninsky reservoir in the area from the mouth of the Gulf of Wayne to Malinowski also prevailed in catches spinnings pike weighing up to a kilogram, and perch taking rare and very fine. It should be noted that this lake is already possible to get a good bite is quite a decent size perch, which are, however, significantly dispersed in shallow water areas with hard bottom, hilly and individual snags.

This season, because of the heat and the constant lack of flow in the Uglich Reservoir spinning rather sluggishly peck only small perches and Bershov and pike almost does not manifest itself. But on this large body of water near the mouth of the tributaries there is a clear concentration of flocks perch was not there last year. Striped predator often goes on «the battle» a seagull and a good bite from both the bottom and top. However, while the size of small perch. Together with the bass during «fight» occasionally come across an asp. As long as the water is warm in the Uglich Reservoir successful coastal fishing the bait in areas where the depth is greater than at least a meter. Here on barley biting roach weighing up to a pound, and «corsage» major maggots and worms are often caught bream, bream and bream weighty.

The situation on the Oke

On Kashira Oka near the water level has gone down a little bit, so in areas with weak currents and a large depth of different white fish continued to be caught better away from the shore, which was required to tackle the heavy feeder trough. On maggots and artificial colored balls on a hook in the pecking mainly white bream and white eye, occasionally caught bream. As for catching predator spinning, she did not give satisfactory results — bites are rare, the trophies are very small. But fun can be obtained by fishing in the wiring for a relatively short fishing rod on fast sections of the Oka above Sokolova Desert. Here, using wheat as bait and tips, managed the day to catch a few chub, ide and bream weighing far kilogram. If you mix the bait in the clay balls and catch only maggots, the coastal deep ditches can catch a lot of full-length bream.

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