News from the reservoirs

News from the reservoirs

Last week, the weather in the capital region was unstable, but relatively warm, which was determined by extensive passage of the cyclone. Atmospheric whirlwind finally brought the parched land and waters a little bit of rain, and it has significantly improved the bite of the fish, which spawn completed or not yet started. And these objects catch was quite small, so the main fishing events occurred mainly in the ponds where everywhere and regardless of the weather there is a good pre-spawning biting carp, tench was caught also a good idea. However, in all fishing waters is very complicated the hurricane, which is acquired by noon the maximum force, raised a wave of cool and apparently drove a different fish on deep water away from the coast, so the best bite is observed in the morning and evening.

Springtime, when the waters of life are increasingly waking up and fish a busy procreation or actively feeding after starvation and cold winter, fishing is often almost impossible, as they say, the weather circumstances. This is due to the fact that in the early open-water season the weather is characterized by significant volatility caused by the collision of warm and cold air masses. But the most powerful factor hampering fishing on the only solution at this time float rod is the wind that blows Snap does not allow to fix it at the point of bites. The use heavier tackle saves a little from the effects of moving water, but the bite of fish, especially large cautious, affected in the worst way, and bites are poorly visible.

And then there’s fish in the spring when the warm weather often chooses areas of reservoirs, windswept, though shallow, which climbs the steepest wave. The reason of that — the most rapid warming of water in such places due to intensive mixing. Therefore fishermen to have a good catch, often brought forcibly to fish under uncomfortable wind, waves and moving water. And not to be subjected to arbitrary snap external influences have to use some fairly simple but effective tricks. For example, significantly reduce the effect of crosswinds on the tackle and the water moving from this reduction in thickness allows the fishing line, for example, with «usual» diameter 0.15 mm «doubtful» 0.10. But modern fishing line, even very thin, can successfully confront a large and lively fish, and fishing line breakage often helps the angler himself inept actions. In particular, it is critical for thin snap excessive use of hard rods and a very sharp undercuts, as well as attempts to pull the fish «on the line»Without a landing net.

Of course, a lot of problems with equipment on extremely thin fishing line can be eliminated if the fish using a plug rod where full length snap slightly greater than the depth of the fishery, and by breaking it saves matched by the strength of the fishing line special elastic shock absorber. But here, too, it is not so simple, because the plug rods are thicker than primaries «sticks»And they collected a long to reach the point of bite, which is a distance of 14 meters. Clearly, with such holding rod practically impossible «remain sitting» on the strong side wind.

So, a few visits at Kashira Oka during holidays showed that virtually all the fish in the river, maybe with the exception of bleak, bream and white bream, completed spawning and now together «sick», Hardly showing any activity. Only occasionally observed «the battle» asp in the wake of the Oka. Therefore, the bait from the shore even in good locations rarely bite on various bait tips and small roach, chub and Roach, and basically took on the maggots bleak. But on such an unenviable catch could be expected only in the rare days with a relatively weak wind, in the rest of the time the wind was blowing hurricane force along the river, which is very complicated control gear. In addition, and fish in the surf with a noisy band of turbidity up to 30 meters off the coast is not proved — she went to considerable depths, which behaved passively, because there were no bites on long range feeder gear.

Visit p. Pakhra in an area. Yam has shown that on small rivers situation of different fish biting is bad, what cause and spawning, and unstable weather with strong winds. Therefore, on Pakhra fish clearly responded to complementary feeding, which was seen by the frequent but extremely accurate bite, such as maggots and barley. And she caught mainly on bloodworms, and often to a single maggot on a small hook. In this case, taken mainly white bream and white bream weighing up to 200 grams, but roaches in the catch was completely absent.

Almost to the ordinary level to draw water Uglich Reservoir and continues a slow rise of the level, which clearly attracts a different fish to the coastline, where more than food, and the water is warmer and places to ikrometa enough. So last week, as the main body of water, and its large influx, particularly at the mouth of the river. Dubna, despite the weather collisions, the best results when fishing for roach, bream and white bream sought those anglers who caught short tackle literally on the border of the rising water vegetation. Fish is good for vegetable packing took — semolina «mash», Barley, but the result is given and bloodworm and maggots.

On most Karasev ponds were visible first attempts at spawning carp, but the fish continued to peck quite actively. For example, high dimensional catches carp do not just happen to have a pond. Lobanovo (left Kashira Highway), just because of the strong winds took the fish is sometimes better from afar on feeders than the bait near the shore. Also mainly on barley, and the worm is well caught carp weighing up to 200 grams of ponds near the village. Shishkino (right of Kashira Highway) — on the pond rustic and Minaevskom at large, as well as on both Yussopov reservoirs. Besides carp, there often comes a major rotan, lovers of fishing that too much.

Anatoly Mailkov14 May 2014 at 00:00

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