Our self-loading rifle

Manufacture of hunting weapons in our country was a byproduct of military factories. Our first semi-automatic rifle appeared sixty years after the start of the triumphal march of the world guns D.Brauninga AUTO 5.

Our self-loading rifleRate, multiply charged and precision — the main advantages of a semi-automatic rifle hunting.

Ranked Among the many devotees of modern semi-automatic hunting. Seeing this demand, manufacturers offer a variety of design self-loading rifles, automatic running on or part of the recoil energy of powder gases discharged. AT This article focuses on the classic smoothbore guns multiply leading domestic companies: TOZ and TsKIB COO, and Izhmeh Vyatskiye-Polyansky plant «Hammer».

Tula weapon
TsKIB COO — Central Design and Research Bureau and sports hunting weapons in Thule develops and manufactures weapons for hunting sports. The most technologically advanced model then develops the Tula Arms Plant. More complex are usually issued on its own production base. They are marked by index «MC» — TsKIB model.
MTS21-12 — the first semi-automatic rifle, automation which is powered by a long stroke of the barrel, moving back from the impact. Shotgun developed V. Nikolayev, a design engineer TsKIB COO and to mass production it was delivered to the TOZ 1965. AT That same year, the gun has been awarded the gold medal of the Leipzig Trade Fair. 12 caliber, barrel length of 750 mm, the chamber — 70 mm bore diameter of 18.5 mm, a permanent chokes — 1 mm. Mainspring plate. Guard flag. Capacity grenade store 4 rounds. Weight not more than 3.7 kg.
The barrel is locked wedge within the the opening of the trunk liner. The trigger mechanism (USM) is mounted on Based on the discharge. MTS21-12 easily disassembled «with bare hands». Removable cover receiver that provides access for cleaning and lubrication mechanism.
Accuracy and sharpening battle MTS21-12 quite high. The factory does not guarantee the accuracy less than 65%. In practice, however accuracy can be raised to 75–80% through the use of special equipment cartridges. MTS21-12 as all Single-barrel shotgun on Compared with double-barreled has a heap and constant battle by firing bullets. Only we must not Drugs and regret time sighting rifle. AT TOZ recent years, mastered the production of guns with MTS21-12M muzzle interchangeable nozzles 0.0 mm (cylinder), 0.5 mm (poluchok), 1 mm (choke) and «paradox». AT passport gun pointed out that the accuracy of more than 60% do not be expected.
In the late 90-ies in semi-automatic gas operated stores appeared TOZ-87 
12 gauge with chambered length of 70 mm. Then Based on this gun appeared modification: TOZ-87-01 and TOZ-87-01M without sight leaf and with it, the barrel length 711 mm, with fixed choke 1 mm.
TOZ-87-02 and TOZ-87-02M, TOZ-87-03
and TOZ-87-03M are made normal or ventilated bar. Barrel length in these models are 660 mm choke tubes 0.0 mm (cylinder). These guns are equipped with nozzles to prolong the trunk 711 mm restrictions 0.5 mm 10 mm. In TOZ-87-04 and TOZ-87-04M barrel length of 540 mm constant Barrel «cylinder»; TOZ-87-05
and TOZ-87-05M similar to TOZ-87-04, but equipped with a set of interchangeable choke tubes.

Our self-loading rifle

The gun MC 21-12 — the most popular Russian semi-automatic. C them to hunt small and big game.

TOZ-87-06 and TOZ-87-06M also have shortened barrel (540 mm), complete with removable muzzle adapters, including «paradox». The gun is equipped with adjustable open sights. Installation of optical sight.
Locking barrel at TOZ-87 classical — wedge shutter the opening of the trunk liner. Removable trigger, hammer type, assembled on a separate base. Magazine capacity 4 rounds, weight 3.2 kg gun. Index «M» It means that the upgraded gun is simplified disassembly and assembly. Pride plant — TOZ-87 «Super». The gun is equipped with a gas regulator that provides automation at work any capacity cartridges. Shotguns TOZ-87 impressively easy, good balance and appearance. Different in Barrel length with set choke tubes make this model of universal and attractive. The hunter can choose a gun for any hunting: on swampy meadow, field, upland game from the dogs that require a light gun, agility and with wide scree, also for long-distance shots at autumn migration of waterfowl at hare, fox and shooting bullets showerheads «paradox» by large animals.
COO of TsKIB customized produces gas escape MTS25 shotgun cartridges under the 12th and 20th calibers shops in bed. The gun was developed back in the 80s. AT Currently production TsKIB COO is MTS25-20M gun. Barrel length 650 mm, 76 mm chamber chambered «Magnum», 0.5 mm choke. The barrel is locked by a bolt lugs and the supporting surface of the receiver. Magazine capacity — 7 rounds plus one in trunk. Weight 3.4 kg gun. The gun is well balanced, and Automatic works reliably. Lodge and forearm for these guns are made of high quality nut.
Mechanical Plant (Izhmeh)
Izhmehom mastered the production of multiply and gas operated guns Mixed Type: MP-153, MP-151, MP-154
and MP-155. On the plant went from the usual index «IL» and replaced it «MR»Which should be read as Latin
«EM-PI». They are the initial letters of two words — «Mechanical Plant» (Mechanical Plant). This innovation facilitates the supply of guns allegedly plant on the international market.
MP-153 — Single-semi-automatic gas­diverter gun. Automatic gas control provides the gun on cartridges of different capacities. The gun is available 12-gauge with the length of the chamber 76 and 89 mm. The trunks are available with either conventional or with ventilated bar. Barrel length 76 mm at the chamber — 610, 660, 700 and 750 mm, magazine capacity 4 cartridge. In with guns chamber length 89 mm — 610, 660 710 mm, magazine capacity 3 rounds. The barrel is locked wedge gate within the slot receiver coupling. USM hammer type on Based on the discharge. On plant excrete gun MP-153 performance «Arrow»
12 gauge with chambered 76 mm at barrel length of 750 mm. You can purchase a barrel length of 560 or 610 mm. This rifle is manufactured improved finish. It costs about 35 thousand. Rub. Parts exposed to the powder gases (the chamber, the bore, the piston, the gas chamber), chrome-plated. Weight is not a gun more than 3.6 kg. For followers with guns chambered 70 mm long factory produces the rifle MP-151 
12 gauge with chambered 70 mm barrel length of 600, 700 and 750 mm. Magazine capacity 4 cartridge gun weight 3,5 kg. General arrangement of parts and mechanisms similar to the MP-153.

Our self-loading rifle

Shotgun «Toucan» is easily disassembled «bare hands».

MP-154 — Single-semi-automatic rifle, which is a further development of MR-153 rifle and MP-133 pump action. AT It retained the main design features of these guns. «Zest» MR-154 that it is provided with devices which cut engine automation and it can be used as a pump. The gun is available 12-gauge with the length of the chamber 76 and 89 mm. The length of the barrel when the chamber is 76 mm and 660 710 mm; 12/89 — 540 and 610 mm. Locking by swinging in vertical wedge gate and its entry into slot receiver coupling. USM hammer type, assembled on a separate base. Fuse button, mounted on trigger guard. Items subject to the action of powder gases, chrome-plated. Weight of gun — 3.8 kg.
MP-155 — Single-semi-automatic shotgun, which was presented at an exhibition «Weapons and hunting» this year. It is created by the gun image and image MR-153. It is somewhat easier. So as calculated under the cartridge length of 76 mm. According to factory workers, it is possible to reduce the weight of the gun. Venting mechanism is simplified and made easier already designed other maximum pressure. Implemented cutter store. Masters Izhevsk promise is to fabricate a gun 20-caliber and for left-handers.
All Single-barrel shotgun multiply Izhmeha equipped with removable muzzle adapters of different sections and length of up to 100 mm admitting shooting cartridges loaded as the lead, and steel shot. For the manufacture of stock and forearm used walnut, beech, birch and stained plastic.

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