Precision shooting from hunting rifles

Precision shooting from hunting riflesPhoto by Anton Zhuravkova

What is a high-precision shooting? This concept is pretty loose, because for each type of small arms, this figure is different. We all understand that even a hunting weapon, depending on its purpose, and that is very different criteria for accuracy shooting at different distances.

It is one thing for varmint hunting rifles and quite another – shorter carbine for driven hunt. Today, many hunters acquire rifles, without which it is unthinkable further development of hunting and especially its reformation in many areas. Rifle costs money, and have a few «trunks» can afford not every hunter, and, on the other hand, whether they are necessary?

If the hunter is interested in a variety of exotic hunts type varmint hunting and shooting is the traditional game species by conventional methods – with the approach of the tower, a shelter, it is possible to manage a hunting rifle in a classic case of good quality, and it is now guaranteed many weapons firms such as «Saco». «Tikka». «Sauer». «Browning«. «Wetherby». «Kriko» and many others.

In my opinion, the best choice – This Austrian «Shtaer Mannlicher»Traditionally showing the best performance accuracy of all the weapons companies that produce weapons of mass is not more than 2 cm to 100 m, but under the condition that the weapons you acquire in Austria itself, or order it there.

Among other things, this company carbines have an average price quite easy, simple, reliable and have always original design, although in catalogs pictured sometimes do not inspire confidence, especially some of the samples in plastic. For the average hunter is the best choice, especially because there are now models with stainless steel shafts that hunting is very practical. Other boltovikov, tend to have a standard of accuracy when firing at 100m – 2.5 cm.  

Of course, there is an even worse performance accuracy, but we do not take into account. Also, there are many types of hunting weapons with even higher accuracy parameters than 2 cm to 100 m, but we do not see because of the very high prices, and they are of little interest to ordinary hunter. Standard boltovik usually has a barrel length of 580–650 mm and a weight of 3.2–3.7 kg, and it is best not to go beyond these parameters.

The pursuit of light weapons is not always justified, and that your weapon was multifunctional, the weight can be changed in a small range, depending on the body of the hunter. If you own a semiautomatic shotgun, or short carbine with a barrel less than the above limit, to talk about high-precision shooting is not necessary, at least for long distances. Firstly, it is necessary to clarify that such a distance.

 For normal hunting boltovika is 300 meters, and here’s why. All the usual hooks, tend to have the most ordinary optics, albeit very expensive, but the reticle, as a rule, governed by only one distance shooting, since at distances up to 300 m hunter easiest way to raise the crosshairs or lower it below or above the target at a known distance, focusing on the size of the target, that is to shoot an animal than to twist some knobs, drums, hood and collimators as hunting small importance and speed of sight.

 A more complex and cumbersome sight for shooting at very long distances will undoubtedly interfere in dynamic hunt. Always possible to strive for simplicity, and hunting in the first place. Hunter with practical experience in this do not need to explain, but newcomers can to the high precision carbine or rifle optics hang useless, and vice versa, Precision Optics mounted on useless carbine.

Precision shooting from hunting rifles

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova

 In world practice of hunting these issues been addressed long ago, and at all levels of the professional hunters get information. So be literate when picking your weapon optics, its mounting bracket and a careful approach to the choice of weapons. The best choice – this weapon, as I said, the classical scheme and standards in all respects.

In boltovik you will be able to charge different characteristics ammunition – and with a light bullet with a heavy, with a small charge, and very large, and with all that this weapon handiness, has a good balance and fight. Of course, if necessary, it can be recharged quickly enough that when our hunts largely irrelevant, since it is always crucial – this is the first shot, and it should be powerful enough to prevent wounded game, so it is desirable to use and powerful ammunition, which is why so afraid of something many of our hunters.

Subsequent shots can be made only in the case of transoms wounded animal, rather than trying to fix the first error in aiming, especially if the distance is more than 100 meters. Many just have a question, and how the universality of weapons under the powerful cartridge?

It turns out that, in practice, the skillful use of munitions that does not stop to shooting small game, and even vice versa – It provides benefits that hunters and use all over the world, especially since the shooting of the most valuable species of small animals and birds, even the most desirable of the rifle than a fraction, giving a lot of wounded game for non-compliance or uncertainties shooting distance, which happens quite often on the hunt.

The shot, the more detailed, long-distance has always attracted hunters and hunting was considered the pinnacle of beauty for many hunters. I think no need to explain that boltovik is perfect for hunting from an ambush, approach and even the pen, and that’s just about the shooting with such a relatively large-caliber weapons, which has a majority of our hunters is the caliber of 7 to 9 mm, little is known our hunters, who believe for a variety of information and rumors that the bullet will spread to 7.62 «flinders» any small game that is not quite true.  

This happens when it is applied inept. But of smaller caliber bottle with the sleeve it happens more often, and to use larger caliber even preferable. Firstly, the large and medium caliber always have a lower velocity, and secondly, for such purposes should be used whenever possible heavier bullets Tompakova shell without the expansive action and pointed toes. It is very important what the taper has a nose bullets, this depends very much on the strength of the hydrodynamic blow when hit bullets in the carcass.

Experience has shown that not every bullet is suitable for sharp shooting small game, many in the form of bullets malorazlichimye completely different effect on the carcass of the animal. Personally, I choose the type of bullets while shooting crows in the hunting grounds, sitting on the ground, in front of some kind of hill land, to avoid ricochets.

On effects on carcass crow easy to determine this bullet suitable for shooting small game or not. I shot a gun chambered for .300 WIN MAG, and successful selection of bullets is nothing terrible happens, and even getting a place was not easy to find. I used the Finnish company bullet «Lapua» D47, this bullet inexpensive, accurate enough and, of course, not the only one suitable for shooting small game.

There are many sports bullets suitable for this purpose. Of course, when it is impossible to apply these firing bullets with steel cores, and even in a steel shell, as they are very badly destroyed in barriers and can give ricochets.  

The very aim should always be an analytical, not a hasty shooting, you need to always consider where the bullet will fall. Acute bullets enough for any large bird, regardless of the place of contact, well, fox, raccoon dog from such bullets is still running, and sometimes and go, but, of course, a deadly wound.

Firm «Norm» releases Peninsula bullet specifically for hunting small animals, with different calibers, shooting up to 300 meters is quite effective from the ordinary with a good hunting boltovika «genetics». This may be a German, and Austrian, and Belgian, but, unfortunately, the Russian-made rifles used is highly undesirable because of the low accuracy of fire and senseless risk to others in the endless attempts to hit the target.  

Weapons are always and in any case being targeted at a distance of 200 meters, which is the optimal zeroing in which the easiest to determine the trajectory of a bullet to 300 meters and easily take aim using the usual hunting optical sight, and at any navigating our medium caliber cartridge.

Of course, the best option – This cartridge «Magnum»With most flat trajectory and the trajectory of the most wind resistance, that destruction of small targets is important, but even more important to have experience in a shooting and getting his best in a special shooting range. It is useful, and the presence of EDM with a small width of the laser beam, and thus suitable for determining the distance to small targets. Do not attempt to shoot further 300 meters, it needs other weapons and other optical sight.

 Remember that with increasing distance dispersal of bullets at the target progresses, and if the best option you have is 100 m dissipation 2 cm, it has 200 m – 4–6 cm, and 300 m – 6–8 cm or more and 400 m is simply no guarantee that you will get to small-sized target, accuracy of fire will be enough only to defeat the big game, and for its defeat will not have enough kinetic energy of the bullet, so that effective fire from the usual hunting bolt the carbine is limited to 300 meters secure the defeat of both small and big game, big game, and then in the presence of fire «Magnum» 7 to 9 mm. .30-06 And .308 Win limited distance of 200 meters, so that «Magnum» preferably in any case.

Some «experienced» spreading rumors persist that «Magnum» maloresursnoe weapon that is absolutely wrong, many companies in order to increase the resource on the weapon barrel «Magnum» put the barrels of high-strength steel, so this is largely dependent on the arms manufacturers. This topic is very large, and this article details these issues will not be considered, I will give only approximate figures nastrela.

Because not «Magnums» You can shoot from 9,000 to 15,000, from «Magnums» from 6,000 to 18,000, depending on the company’s products, so read the instructions on gun and guarantees often this information is simply hiding in hunting stores to avoid focusing on individual samples of weapons, because the sale should be all that is available, including item, in this case a weapon low quality. Of course, a lot depends on what country is this hunting store.  

We must always remember and know clearly the purposes for which you acquired their weapons and not to try to achieve marksmanship, such as automatic rifle with cheap optics. As a rule, screw carabiners there are many things to setting the exact battle, but for circuit inherently in the design of fire at short distances, is also inappropriate to buy expensive high-accuracy cartridges, opportunities which can be realized only in the high-precision weapons.

From hunting upscale shotgun or rifle is quite possible to confidently shoot and capercaillie and black grouse, and other large birds and small animals, without causing any serious damage with proper selection of the bullet, its bow, weight and speed, and, of course, the weapon. The important role played by knowledge and technique of shooting, on which is written a lot of books.

Of course, for small targets distance confident shooting from hunting rifled carbine limited to 200–300 m, and in the case of the use of weapons with European standards, accuracy of fire – 2.5 cm at a distance of 100 m, and at best, it can be a rifle Austrian company «Mannlicher»Giving scatter of bullets 100 m to 2 cm, and this at series production.

These weapons need to buy in reputable stores with the provision of all documentation, including the sighting targets, not to buy guns to cull the firm that today is very common. It is also very important for the proper care of your gun barrel, as polished or badly shelled stem always gives a much greater spread of bullets when firing. In no case can not rely on accurate shooting, if your weapon is in the barrel lubrication even in small quantities.

Before hunting trunk should be wiped clean with a cloth, but in any case not degrease with acetone or other solvent that is sure to hunting in extreme conditions lead to orzhavleniyu bore. If your weapon’s barrel is made of stainless steel, it does not mean that it does not need to clean, any contamination of the barrel changes the geometry and its negative impact on the firing. For accurate shooting at long distances is impractical to use lightweight models of weapons, as well as too heavy.

Weapons with a weighted barrel allows you to make a large number of accurate shots in a row that more needed when varmint hunting or sport shooting and are hunted suggests one accurate shot, as when firing up to 300 m game will still be terrified shot that the varmint hunting does not always happen.

Precision shooting from hunting rifles

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova

Of course, for high-precision firing guns should have a trigger shnellernogo type, which gives a considerable advantage in many situations of hunting. Weight weapons should be in the range 2.3–3 kg without optics, barrel length 60–65 cm.

In the application of ammunition by flat-fight, which means, basically «Magnum»That, of course, is always written on the packaging. For example, chuck 7×64 can also be attributed to the Magnum 8h68S, which has enhanced charge of gunpowder, and so too is the magnum, so guided is necessary not for the title of ammunition, and the characteristics that came to this ammunition, available in any western catalog on the topic of weapons and hunting.  

Shorter sample hunting rifle type fitting used for precision shooting is not desirable, since patterning they always lower and is suitable mainly for hitting a big game. Even if we take the Austrian «Mannlicher», Then the normal model with a barrel length of 60 cm patterning is not more than 2 cm to 100 m, while the nozzle has a 2.5 cm.

Still, remember that the most important high-precision shooting – the correct selection of used bullets, which does not cause much damage the carcass of small game, otherwise the results are meaningless precision shooting. In addition, well adapted for accurate rifle shooting small game is perfect for all other hunting, if it is, of course, has an average size at which you can use a very wide range of manufactured bullets of both heavy and light.  

Hunter always need to strive for the greatest versatility of its weapons, but, of course, within reasonable limits, which has long been reconciled world practice of hunting. This greatly simplifies the process of hunting for a different kind of game, it is enough to have with just the ammunition of different purposes, although in some cases this is not possible, therefore, still have to use special weapons, which is understandable – because it is impossible to achieve absolute versatility.

More intensive use rifles to hunt on all types of game, of course, would be beneficial for the livestock of all kinds of game, after a shot from gladkostvolki as effective as, and dangerous for game, which often runs or flies with a deadly wound, which does not happen when applied correctly rifle, which is due to hydrodynamic shock, even when the tangent of contact always immobilizes small game, making the most effective shot, allowing you to save a considerable amount of game.

Accurate and reliable shot should be the motto of our hunt.  

As for weapons, then, of course, this is an important factor in high-precision shooting, but nevertheless, our hunters are more prone to fashion, usually by buying something that everyone has. I am very much consulted on this issue with the best shooters in Europe, pristrelschikami weapons various weapons firms nice shoot himself, but still bring no own opinion, but the opinion of a legend, which is shooting from hunting rifles at a distance of 100 m free It puts all the bullets in the chain, where one bullet hole touches another, not to be confused with the number of shots zeroing weapons. It also puts all free bullet 150 m in one opening of a first bullet. This director gun shop in the Austrian town of Freistadt, famous hunter and shooter, athlete Robert Virtl having great practice on this issue. I still wonder how you can shoot, the more so that the reticle hunting optics is much larger than a bullet hole on a sheet of blank paper.

 Favorite Weapon Robert – weapons company «Mannlicher»Which, he claims, from production models is unmatched, and the application of the first dornovanija trunks that go mainly to the domestic market in Austria, at an average yield spread of calibers less than 6 mm at 100 m.

Strong competitors «Mannlicher» Robert said the Finnish firm «Saco» and «Tikka». «Wetherby», But still allocates «Saco». Of course, a lot of pretty good and other companies, such as «Sauer». «Heim». «Kriko»But it is, according to Robert, the second plan. Critically negative attitude to it so popular with us «Blazers» Linear system with locking gate «R 93», And indeed to the modular weapon.

The same opinion is shared by all the other pristrelschiki weapons of different companies, with vast experience and capabilities in comparison because they do not have to shoot the whole batch of different weapons. «Blaser R 93» even appropriated insulting nickname «Kinder Surprise». Of course, it is important, where you will be buying the weapons and whether you will have the possibility of adjust and assess the accuracy of fire, as it is in European stores, and even in many cases, it is best if it is done by a specialist, who most would really appreciate it or other weapon.  

In the end, the choice of hunting weapons is a personal matter for each hunter. Someone expensive look, someone technical merit and performance weapon that is very common in, to put it mildly, not very nice weapons, which often confuses the inexperienced buyer. Still, buying a rifle for our hunters is not easy, and there is a tendency to first buy, and then to study, what is it?

Largely to blame and our periodic hunting seal, designed primarily to communicate to all the hunters advanced information in the arms world, and not to promote a variety of non-liquid commissioned retail chain weapon. It must be remembered that an accurate shot while hunting is another step toward the well-being of the world of our fauna. Still today many wounded animal bane of our hunt.

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