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The hunting community is constantly criticizing the government for the collapse of Russian Hunting. Without a doubt, criticism is valid, and the government should listen to the people. In the end, it is useful to remind the government that it is there for people, not people for her, and it’s time to listen to the many millions of hunters and fishermen.

One can say with certainty that there is no such kind of sports, there is no such passion, that would addicted to so many people, moreover, there are no public organizations in Russia, who have done so much to protect the environment of the country, as did the hunting community organizations.

If there were societies of hunters and fishermen, it would not be their game farms. What we would have around big cities? Trampled forest with a limited set of species.

But that hunting society preserved for posterity, and continue to maintain biodiversity. But does the population to whom it owes wildlife and the presence of large animals? It is unlikely that people think over in the case of hunters and fishermen. This work is invisible to the eyes of the layman. Hunting organizations must be respected among the population, and bare propaganda to make it impossible.

So now I would like to reflect on the untapped opportunities.

These include public environmental review.


Federal Law «On environmental assessment» is defined in Article 1: «Environmental impact assessment — the establishment of compliance of proposed economic and other activities with environmental requirements, and determine the admissibility of realization of the object of ecological examination in order to prevent possible negative impacts on the environment and the related social, economic and other consequences of the implementation of environmental impact assessment of the object. «

The Law «On Ecological Expertise» complements the law «On Environmental Protection» and has one purpose — the protection of nature from the adverse effects of economic and other human activities. Namely hunting animals in the first to suffer from economic activity, so holding a public environmental review and follow-up will be able to reduce this detrimental effect on them.

Article 4. Types of environmental assessment

In the Russian Federation carries out the state ecological expertise and public ecological expertise.

One of the principles of environmental impact assessment is transparency, the participation of public organizations (associations), taking into account public opinion, as well as the complexity of assessing the impact on the environment of economic and other activities and their consequences.

Chapter IV prescribes full rights of citizens and public organizations to conduct public environmental review, clearly defines the role of the public in the state environmental expertise, and even indicates that the associations themselves can carry out public environmental review.

Article 20. Public ecological expertise.

Public ecological expertise is organized and conducted at the initiative of citizens and public organizations (associations), as well as on the initiative of local government public organizations (associations), the main activity of which in accordance with their statutes is the protection of the environment, including the organization and conduct of environmental impact assessment.

Let us now turn to the statute of the Association «RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz», where in section 2 «Goals and objectives of the Association,» said the association was created, along with others, and for conservation. In Section 3, states that the implementation of statutory objectives of the Association in accordance with the law has the right to conduct public environmental review.

But who can give me an example of a public environmental impact assessment carried out by a society of hunters and fishermen in their hunting grounds. It’s no secret that the impact of economic activities on the hunting grounds and the animals inhabiting them are huge and usually negatively. What is hunting society to reduce this negative impact? So far, the only complaints and lamentations on the indifference to the needs of game animals.


A few examples. Mid-June — mowing. Weight mechanisms involved in the meadows and fields. A nest of grasses gray partridges, quail, larks, lapwings, here hiding leverets and young deer. And suddenly all the animal community is deprived of any shelter. It is, at best, and how many animals are killed by knives hay? Imagine that a person is destroyed house while dying loved ones. So mowing becomes a disaster for all the inhabitants of this ecological community. On the water meadows mowed grass almost to the water’s edge, and again, many wetland animals lose their homes. The tragedy of these animals complete the predators — cheveronogie and birds. So who carries out environmental impact assessment of agricultural work? No one! Who, in accordance with the law on the protection of the environment and wildlife to sue for dead animals and destruction of their habitat? No one! But this environmental components. So here you need environmental impact assessment and whether its conduct in the society of hunters accordance with statutory requirements? Examination of need, but not carried out statutory tasks.

Further. July — the mass harvesting of grain in the southern regions of Russia. And the same picture. Cleaning is carried out without taking into account the interests of wild animals living in the fields. Yes, more attack, which appeared in the steppe regions with the creation of polezaschinyh belts, huge colonies of rooks. I already wrote about this, and raised the question of the need for regulation of this species in these regions. Who can do it, if not the hunters, the more that rook is edible and even served to the table of English lords. Who conducts the environmental review here? No one!

And when the withdrawn land under the forest felling, loggers do not care about who lives in the forest and whose house they destroy. So, in the vicinity of the cutting will not be a few grouse broods disappear significant number of songbirds, stop to feed marten, will change the species composition of rodents and for several years this will be an alien body felling in the forest. And here it is necessary to carry out environmental impact assessment, but who would dare to give their recommendations for the calculation of damage caused to the animals?

What is written above, it is known to every zoologist, hunters and nothing new I have not opened. But I want to draw the attention of hunters and fishermen the possibility to influence these negative processes and, most importantly, legally. Hunting and Fishing invest its members for breeding of game animals and are fully entitled to recover damages from business entities. But for this it is necessary to carry out environmental impact assessments of any economic activity in their hunting grounds. Animals, including hunting, are state-owned, and their protection — it is the state, which can not be dismissed.

As an example. Environmental impact assessment is carried out of the wheat field ploschalyu 100 hectares on the eve of the harvest. According to the account in this field inhabits four brood of quail, partridge two broods five hare, two corncrake nests and several field and steppe larks. All these animals will die if harvesting machines have been put repellent device, if the cleaning will be carried out in a circle and at night. Conclusion: change the technology of harvesting to reduce the risk of all-embracing death of animals living here.

That is why we need a public environmental review. If the state environmental review considers the project documentation relating to large areas and affect several regions, the public environmental assessment can be carried everywhere, and its conclusions should listen and national experts, and the administration of the region. This social responsibility experts as equal to government experts.

Society of Hunters Association «RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz» now have a qualified staff of Game Biologists, the majority of hunters and anglers — this is the most literate part of the population, to respond quickly to carry out any environmental protection measures, including assisting in the environmental assessment.

We want to revive?

Salvation drowning — the handiwork of drowning. If we want to revive and raise hunting Russia, we must take the matter into their own hands. Do not wait, gentlemen officials bring us on a platter the law on hunting, hunting regulations, the new Administrative Code, competent public service hunting supervision, will help develop hunting management science, will educate new cadres — nonsense! In the near future, this can not be, and the reasons for this, dear reader, a lot.

Therefore, we will use those rights, which give us even these scanty laws.

But writing the last sentence, I thought regarding the chairmanship of the regional, district society of hunters and anglers who have to carry out on the ground what I wrote above. And because they are under the command of, in the area — by the Governor in the area — at the head of the administration. How many cones they will collect if farmers begin to strain, timber merchants and other business executives. Few executives who understand the great benefit of the public environmental impact assessments of various objects, to prevent violations of the environment, not only for animals but also to humans.

Brothers-hunters guys may try, it’s worth it! For Russia, will try!

Eugene Kandaurov, candidate of biological nauk8 July 2008 at 15:25

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