Sporting Valdshnepiny

Woodcock hunting is perhaps the simplest and most accessible of spring hunting. For it does not need any decoy duck or a tent or the more expensive equipment for goose hunting. No need to travel to distant lands, where else you can find an abundance of capercaillie and black grouse, — stand on and can be drawn in the suburbs.

Sporting Valdshnepiny

In addition, it is the cheapest spring hunting. The only thing that you need a hunter, is the ability to shoot accurately. Then in the Moscow region, he will be left without a trophy, even if by only one stretch woodcock.

To shoot well, you have to shoot a lot and often. It is an old truth, and it has not been canceled. Our ancestors game shooting red hundreds or even thousands per year. Those days are, alas, forever gone. In such quantities can now be only shoot pigeons in Argentina. And not a year and a day. But Argentina away, and hunting there is not cheap. You can go to the booth. But there is also a need to regularly. A little stands in Moscow, and almost all of them outside the city. All this creates additional challenges for marksmanship.

Still, the hunter should try to ride the bench, at least once in two weeks, shooting 50 targets at the sites «Sporting»Where well-simulated flight path of hunting birds. This, of course, very small nastrel, but it will do a basic analysis of the mistakes and learn how to get at least on common goals. Slowly and low pull of warm weather woodcock — not a difficult target.

Another thing is its rapid high flying cold clear night. But start simple. Here are the main options of targets in this hunt:  

— bird flying forward (on «bayonet») In a straight line over the head of the hunter;  

— fly out from behind the head (when the hunter, for example, stands with his back to the forest);  

— side target at a distance of 20-30 meters;  

— side target at a distance of 40-50 meters.  

The literature has long called pre-emption for a shot at pulling valdshnepu.Trudnost only in the fact that many do not know how to apply this information in practice. It is necessary to make a barrel at a specified distance before the bird and pull the trigger? How fast do you need it? Or you need to put the barrel in front of the flight path and wait for the bird to shorten the distance specified, and then shoot? And anyway, for what type of trajectory given the anticipation?  

Best Skill — this training. Then the samples are deposited in the memory of trajectories, speed and distance, which as a standard are compared with the apparent purpose. However, some general guidelines can be given.  

Birds flying towards (in «bayonet») In a straight line over the head hunter, shoot with the movement of the body weight on the back foot. We need to start to raise the barrel through the flight when the woodcock is not closer than at 45 to the hunter (the angle of the barrel aimed at the bird to the ground), pass the end of the barrel through the bird, put the butt in the shoulder, making overtaking (closing target) without stopping the movement to pull the trigger.

Shoot when you do not see the goal! I shot you need to make to itself or, at the latest, directly overhead. In the latter case, you have to bend a little forward.  

Bird flying out of the head, shoot the same way, when the woodcock flew at an angle of 60-45 to the hunter. Enter the barrel into a bird, put the butt in the shoulder, the movement will continue to target and when overtaking, press the trigger. Shoot no further than under 30.  

The speed of the end of the barrel when overtaking exceed the apparent speed of a bird about two times. This is true for any purpose.  

Roughly the same effect and side view. Overtaking distance specified in the table. At a distance of 40 and 50 meters from the goal come off smoothly, without jerks, as if to swim out to the desired lead. Time is enough, and the error, however small, is critical — at such a distance shot deflected through a large angle, and you miss.

 Most importantly, do not stop gun  especially when you press the trigger. And remember that most slips — This is a shot from behind. Yes, luck be with you! Break a leg!

Eugene Bekasov4 June 2014 at 00:00

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