Spring gluhozime

Spring gluhozime

Winter has passed, it is too warm and there was a little snow. Comes first month of spring. However, as often happened in the past, winter can «arri» his estate in March. Then the ponds, fish and fishermen are waiting for a short night with strong frosts and very bright sunny days when due to clear air illumination is excessive, not only on the ice but under it.

This external environment is critical to nibble on the grounds that the daily heating the melt water will flow primarily through the ice in the shallows where excessive light will inhibit the fish, mainly large. So there is a situation, which is sometimes called spring gluhozimem. Indeed, apart from the factor of illumination during the cold March in some places sometimes even happen Zamora with the death of the fish. The reason is that during the day from the hot sun on the surface of the ice formed meltwater which fills all pores and cracks, and at night freezes completely stopping the flow of oxygen through the ice while on the abundance of light accelerated processes of decomposition of last year’s vegetation and benthic organic with intense absorption oxygen.

The conclusion: if so «Hard» early spring, when many bodies of water without current in the water there is a minimal oxygen content, the angler will have to look for places where fish habitat conditions are favorable. As a rule, reservoirs, ponds, quarries and lakes is quite possible to find active fish in coastal shallow waters where there is no solid bottom, and the old vegetation. But as promising places near the mouths of rivers and streams flowing into or at least in the upper reaches of artificial lakes, where the maximum water flow. However, in these areas the depth usually not large, so the sunny weather here in the good biting can hardly count.

So, at the time of the so-called spring gluhozimya angler to catch a decent sized fish, should pay more attention to the morning time, do not waste it in vain, as well as closer to sunset do not hurry to leave the pond. More than once it happened that for half an hour before nightfall suddenly began zhor at large perch, there were several consecutive correct bites on zherlitsy Matera pike loves this time and thick roe roach.

But the day can sometimes be a good idea to fish, if you find a shady spot near the shore, where it is not completely melted the snow, but here we must carefully wells darken ice crumbs and sprinkle with snow, making the stick a narrow opening for the passage jig. In addition, the spring ice without snow, when the catch falls in shallow water, you need to before you do well, look closely at the ice surface. It is almost never homogeneous in color, and hence transparency. Therefore it is better to choose a bare spring ice large whitish area, highlights — Here the water penetrates the minimum amount of light and here there can literally «spots» focus different fish, and large as well. Especially in a shady place in shallow water tends hardened perch, which then does not inhibit excessive illumination and which here, as if from ambush, attack the small fish. By the way, if in the beginning of winter white ice is dangerous, the springtime he is most reliable because it becomes transparent when completely saturated with meltwater and begins to disintegrate into individual crystals.

Another way to find active fish in bright spring sunshine can be considered a transfer of fishing in the submerged vegetation, sometimes partially protruding from the ice, as it happens with reeds in the shallows. Here, in the midst of the upright stems are very likely to see the bite and pike and perch, and roach and rudd. But fishing in «grass» and bushes is only possible until a certain time — in places the ice cover «limp» just before spring, and it becomes very dangerous.

Naturally, the success of fishing in a large «overexposed» under the ice is very important and quality of gear and bait selection — it can be either a jig or lure, since only they are able to play their arouse the interest of almost blind from light fish. For this reason, baubles, and certainly dark, contrasting with a large illumination colors, must have sweeping provoking game, unlike fishing in time «present» gluhozimya winter. This is especially important when fishing for pike, which is in front early in the spawning is about to «little family»Destroying any nearby actively moving prey.

In the case of perch, now also combined into a one-age flocks, spinners work best with copper, brass crowns, as well as made of blackened lead-tin alloy, and not the smallest in size. What is typical for catching solid bass during spring besklevya — this is a very big pause between cycles trolling. The duration of the pause, of course, we have in place to pick up empirically, and sometimes up to steady «butting» striped predator goes up to twenty seconds, when it seems that fluctuations bait in the water completely stopped and she just hangs motionless. Apparently this is not so — After all, the angler is breathing, his hand trembles from heartbeats. Therefore, this method thin trolling or fishing tackle are called «game on the breath».

Fishing jig on sunny spring days, too, has significant features. For example, an excess of light at a shallow depth, it is important that the size of the jig was not comparable to the thickness of fishing line, otherwise the fish will be in a tackle treated with caution, because there with the same intensity will fluctuate itself bait, and that to which it is bound. This means that on the line, calculated on the solid trophy, it is not desirable to tie a very small jig, which can be, and takes only a fish. For this reason, the line will have to use very thin, but not to get in the open offensive biting decent fish udilnik should be equipped with good friction brake and adjust its operation to the actual tensile strength of the fishing line. Here is the type of competition udilniki «balalaika» (leather-coil) with a coil of large diameter (80-90 mm). This itself-spool reel, and clamp thumbscrew should be made of «slippery» vinyl, polystyrene, or nylon, which allows for automatic adjustment of the force turning the coil and discharge lines into the wide range.

By the way, modern technology offers another way to make a tackle when fishing invisible in high light conditions. To do this, use the line from the so-called fluorokarbona that is completely invisible in the clear water. However, I think, the technology of production of this product has not yet reached the desired perfection, because this line was one third less familiar kapron fishing line, so it is forced to have to put more fat that will not benefit the cool.

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