Summer bream

Summer bream

Prolonged standing heat deteriorating water quality, not only in waters with no current, but also in the rivers, which at that time grow shallow and do not have time «washed» from a variety of domestic sewage and other contaminants that superheated water is fraught with even the death of the fish. For this reason, in the waters of different types of different fish starts to move en masse to those of areas where living conditions are somewhat better.

In ponds with minimal water exchange — on ponds, lakes, reservoirs and quarries — a lot of fish in the heat coming off the extensive shallows, where the bottom is firm, almost silted. This fish prefers more areas that are well blown by the wind and walks where a wave of cool, but does not fit into the surf line, if the pond is strongly «Flowers»Because the wind here herding and seal poisonous «Zelenka»Moreover wave then lifted into the water coastal silt.

In the difficult conditions of fishing in the superheated water in the middle of the summer to be with a decent catch, fishermen have to rely on the fish that keeps constantly dense flocks. Only in the pack with strong competition forage fish are biting very active, even despite the poor condition of the environment. These fish can be safely attributed the genus bream — actually bream, silver bream, blue bream, white eye. They are like the locusts, dense shoals moving on the waters, destroying any food on your way and never leave unattended gratis refreshments in the form of abundant bait or bait on the hook. Of course, among these shirokotelyh fish family it is the most enviable trophy bream, who basically guided and lovers of modern fishing rods and tackle the bottom, and it goes from poachers.

A catch bream in the heat in the ponds where the fish is found in sufficient quantity, quite simply, because the conditions of superheated water bream and predictable mass enters the small depth in reservoirs where waves constantly walking. Then he himself often produces a characteristic «smelt» in morning dawns and fountains large bubbles rising from the bottom. However, in such places bream very careful, so if excessive anxiety flock of nursing fish can instantly disappear in an unknown direction. So in the shallows to catch bream better from a distance, using either the feeder or float tackle for long casting, consisting of a special rod and reel with rings and snap-in includes specialized float.

Yet shallow reservoirs cautious bream is sometimes possible to catch a long float rod. This can be either slightly turbid water from the surf or during windy weather with a noticeable excitement on the surface of what is good fishing masks and conceals noises. More often in such places have to fish the bait vzabrodku rationally choosing the equipment and placing it on a rack in the fishery.

By the way, when fishing for bream in reservoirs in conditions of extreme heat should never forget about the so-called midday biting of the fish in the coastal shallows with a hard, clean bottoms. Bream tightly accumulates on irrigation, it happens with a depth less than a meter when the wind intensifies and accelerates the wave and are respectable when many anglers after serving morning dawn, go home already. But here only begins the real fishing — instead of the nondescript white bream morning after each bite comes with considerable unrest display full-length bream, cast in the bright sun of gold sideways. Do not scare the fish always cautiously neither bathing nor other noise — fish in the afternoon, he is familiar, she needed much more to breathe more oxygen in warm water Troubled by the wind, because of its great depth on a lot less. Along the way, the fish will not fail to grasp and tucked feed. Besides, the shallow water by the wind creates a wind current, sometimes quite strong on large expanses of the reservoir, where the movement of huge masses of water involved, which also facilitates bream foraging in sediments.

And yet, under favorable conditions, when the quality of water that contributes leschovaya fishing on reservoirs generally deep, and while it comes after the heat of summer, on the eve of autumn changes in the aquatic environment. This is due to the fact that cools the water becomes transparent and the fish from disturbing it too much lighting goes into depth. In addition, in the deep sediments at the end of the summer there is a lot of bloodworms new generation — the main food of bream until next spring.

Pretty interesting deep bream fishing in the vast large bodies of water with a boat on board a fishing rod near the lowered vertically from the board of the bulk feeder with an attractive bait. Depending on the fishing rods are equipped differently. In the absence of flow is better to catch a special jig leschovuyu a long and narrow «Uralcom». As for turbines in the reservoir «give» for it is a good system with a terminal sinker and located slightly above a leash with a hook, the length of the leash when it can reach one and a half meters. But if there is a tangible flowage most effective at catching bream considered «koltsovka». Here the goods onboard a fishing rod in a detachable lead ring is put on the power feeder and falls straight at her, then hook with a nozzle on a long leash is eluted directly into a stream of feed and one tackle this becomes much catching efficiency than more conventional airborne rods.

In addition, a fishing boat is very important choice. The best should be recognized as a wooden, rubber fish tedious and unsafe, especially on navigable reservoirs. But fishing with «dyuralek» often not given at all, especially when there is a steep wave, from which the watercraft rumbles like a bell, and any wrong move in the boat causing excessive noise, which bream go out and peck only ever hungry nedomerki.

By the way, caught bream to their fuss they also scared the fish should be put in quite a long mesh tank, and hang it on the side of the boat, which departs from the flow of water. However, the tank is better not to be used when there is no flow, because the particles of mucus from the fish will fall directly under the boat, scaring bream, because mucus white fish contains a so-called «substance fright». Therefore it is necessary to think in advance where to put the caught fish: in the heat it should be immediately put in a wooden box with a sufficient amount of coarse salt at moderate air temperature bream in a few hours will not deteriorate when wet, but not wet bag of rare rough cloth.

Bream — schooling fish, so it has strong gregarious instinct as in response to the danger, and to search for and consumption of food. Therefore, fishing is always necessary to put doable task to collect as many fish in the fishing zone, which will strengthen the food competition in a limited area, and make biting more active, eager and loyal. Of course, the task of attracting fish is solved with the help of complementary feeding, and if you intend to fish in one place for a long time, it is used privazhivanie, and the same bait when it is applied to daily favorite «point» It becomes bait.

The main thing to consider when drawing up leschovoy bait or bait — This is a required prevalence in the food composition of large particles that would be too tough for the little things, but would be interested bream. Therefore, when a small amount «Mutya» components in the bait is necessary to introduce wheat and rye crackers coarse, roughly chopped cake, cereal «Hercules»And already on the pond add the boiled millet, peas, wheat or barley — the correct set is largely determined by local tastes of fish. Strongly attracted by the smell of bream fertile land, so the bait can enter the soil to half of its total volume, which also delay the saturation of the fish and extend the time of its active fish.

From tips for bream and white bream and accompanying zope most suitable worm, especially pink rain, large bundles of bloodworms and their «sandwiches» with maggots. It often happens when the bream excellent take on cereals «Hercules», A crust of bread, semolina «mash», Barley, peas, curly pasta, marinated corn, especially if these «delicacies» a long time to train.

On the rivers with a marked course with a strong warm-water bream, white-eye and blue bream tend to rapids with a solid bottom, which usually rise in coastal outcrops, while for successful fishing is quite short float rod. But these fish at high speed during no better caught in the wiring, so the most effective fishing on the feeder with severe trough, throwing tackle just a dozen and a half meters from the shore. Also it gives good results catching on «knock» on the rod tip — Donka is a short or end with a sliding sinker desired weight, where the length of line equal to the length of the rod.

In this case, for the success of fishing it is very important to use a long leash — sometimes up to one and a half meters long. It can be attached directly to the terminal or the sinker at a small distance above it (paternoster), as well as being an extension of the main line, connecting with it through swivel after sliding sinkers. In strong currents, besides the usual maggots and worms, large bream is often better to take on slices of unsalted pork fat, or generally on inedible balls foam or silicone balls with a diameter of 3 mm, carefully carved from «edible» spinning lures.

Several rivers in the otherwise behaves bream. This fish, especially large, tolerant to deterioration in the quality of life in the superheated water, but does not like strong currents. She remains in the deep portions of river with slow current and moderately silted bottom — bream here is plentiful pickings in the form of larvae and small shellfish. However, even at a decent bream depth does not tolerate an excess of light on sunny days, so in the middle of summer a lot of big fish manage to catch only at night, when it approaches the coast en masse, where food is always more. At night, white bream for the most effective bait in hot water turned cool millet porridge, cooked with the addition of various cakes, as well as the best bait is used often «corsage» from three to five large white maggots. Hook a volume corresponding to the nozzle is required to fish less often took vzaglot better pinpoint. For the convenience of registering bites when fishing in the wiring in the dark instead of the antenna is installed float glowing element, commonly called «Firefly» — it has long been familiar to many anglers.

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