The hunting season for game birds in Belarus opens March 9

In Belarus, March 9 opens the spring hunting season for game birds, the press secretary of the State inspection of protection of fauna and flora of the President of Belarus Olga Gromovich.

During this period, the hunters are allowed to produce geese (white-fronted, Bean, gray, Canada goose), males (drakes) wild ducks (Mallard, Teal, Garganey, red-headed ducks, tufted duck, shoveler, gray duck) and woodcock .

The inspection emphasized that hunting is organized in accordance with the applicable rules of game management and hunting.

For example, hunters should be aware that from March 9 to May 12, in the daytime, except for the period from 11 to 18 hours, allowed to rifle hunting migrating geese from ambush with podmanivaniem.

From April 6 to May 12, in the daytime during the hunting of duck with skradka podmanivaniem can be used as decoy ducks, stuffed animals and semolina. In the same period, only 18 to 22 hours is permitted hunting rifle ambush (in traction) on the male woodcock.

In the period from March 20 to April 30, from 3 to 9 hours can be hunted with a gun on the currents with the approach of the ambush on the male capercaillie, as well as currents in an ambush in the male grouse.

During the spring hunting of migrating geese, mallard drakes and woodcocks are allowed to use smooth-bore hunting weapons with cartridges, filled with lead shot. To help yourself to search for and supply bagged game hunters can take dogs terriers, dachshunds, pointers, spaniels, retrievers and water dogs.

In the production of the male capercaillie and black grouse in the spring season are allowed to use the cut hunting weapon with muzzle energy of a bullet over 400 joules and the smooth-bore hunting weapons with cartridges, filled with lead shot.

The state inspection noticed that the list of allowed for the extraction of species of birds, as well as the timing, methods, tools of hunting in the hunting grounds, provided for free use by the decision of the head of state is different from the above. This information is given in Annex 11 (1) the rules of game management and hunting.

As noted in the inspection, in case of changing weather conditions that may affect the status of the wild animal population, the Ministry of Forestry in agreement with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection may change the terms of hunting, without increasing the overall length of the season.

In some parts of the hunting grounds of the republic according to the decision of the Ministry of Environment before 1 January 2015 a ban on the spring hunting of white-fronted goose, goose, bean goose, gray goose, Canada goose and mallard. Learn specific hunting ground in whose territory the ban, on the site of the State Inspectorate of protection of fauna and flora.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has banned the spring hunting of white-fronted goose, bean goose, gray goose and Canada goose hunting areas in Belarus 19 to January 1, 2015.

According to the chief specialist of biological and landscape diversity Xenia Pantelei, the territory for a ban spring hunting experts chose the Institute of Bioresources of the National Academy of Sciences. At the same time the scientists took into account two factors: a large concentration of migratory waterbirds including species from the Red Book, and nesting places of gray goose. Currently, the gray goose in Belarus is not listed as endangered, but the population of this species is reduced, and experts in favor of strengthening its protection.

In accordance with the decree of the Ministry of Environment, spring hunting, in particular, it is prohibited in the Brest region in the Republican Biological Reserve «Sporovsky»; on the territory of the fish farm «Stradoch» JSC «Poultry Farm «Mednovskaya»; Ponds on limited liability companies «Dzik»; the territory of «Rybhoz «Dneprobugsky»; flooded depleted peatland «Shishova»; flooded depleted peatland «Kustovichi»; site reclamation system «Rakitno», Parts of the rivers Pripyat, Pina and Yaselda and adjacent territories. In the Vitebsk region in the spring hunting ban imposed on the territories of lakes Snudy, Drisvyaty, Potseh, Nedrovo, Goodies, Obsterno, Osveyskoye; Osintorfsky peat and adjacent territory; Yelnya bog and the surrounding area. In the Gomel region of the ban applies to the area of ​​the Pripyat River near the town of Turov and the surrounding area; in the Minsk region — Lots of rivers Berezina and Hayn and adjacent areas; in the Mogilev region — section of the Dnieper River and the surrounding area.

As noted Pantelei, the number of areas with the closing spring hunting extended compared to previous years, when the ban was imposed for 13 hunting grounds. In addition, if the Ministry of Natural Resources previously practiced the imposition of the ban on spring hunting for a year, but this year reached an agreement with the Ministry of Forestry to adopt a longer ban.

This will allow scientists to track how effective the ban on spring hunting as it will affect the recovery of waterfowl populations. In the future, the Ministry of Environment expects to achieve the complete abolition of the spring shooting waterfowl.

March 7, 2013 at 00:00

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