The main thing — not to harm the breed

Every year in Moscow and the region is carried out by various organizations canine events where estimated results of breeding work. Revealed interesting dog revalued existing producers in their age and dynamics when compared with other (including new) dogs.

The main thing - not to harm the breed

Photo by Yuri Loginov

Disagreements with the East Siberian huskies estimates exterior (AFL) erupt each year. This occurs many reasons, including due to the lack of the most authoritative leading breeder, determining values, and I apologize in of certain costs of the work of experts, when anyone of them only canine amateur and not a professional. Pursuing this question on a case by case, we sometimes forget about nuances and norms canine rule that generates «human factor».

Dear colleagues! I understand that a significant part of the experts, and beware to give unpopular rigorous assessment, given that Later they may not invite to judge. But first of all you must understand for yourself what is more important, popular with owners or participating in quality creating a breed those moments when it is your hands. We must respect the rules, despite the personal sympathy for owner.

In connection with let me remind you that some of the items «Standard». «Introduction to standards» and «Instructions» (provided excerpts of these documents).

«AFL: dog strong or strong dry type of constitution (that is, the type of constitution and eliminates the rough elements wet type).

Head: wedge-shaped profile of the muzzle, a little blunt. Parietal crest and occipital protuberance marked. Lips dry and moderately tight, and no dropped flews. Disadvantages: prominent forehead, overdeveloped eyebrows should be referred to deficiencies or defects in Depending on the severity, partial depigmentation of the nose, lips and century.

Vices: elongated head, massive, crude or heavy, short or pointed muzzle, turned up muzzle or pronounced hook-nosed, no express or presence of a sharp transition from forehead to muzzle. Neck: muscular, rounded or slightly oval in section on length approaching the length of the head and a little shorter. Hocks on neck towards the longitudinal axis of the body at an angle of 40–50°.

Disadvantages: vertically set, long, longer than the head, dropped below the throat, podbrudok (loaded neck).
Faults: the same deviations, but expressed in sharp degree.

And also: Disqualifications, if one of them on the dog exhibition or litter gets a grade above «satisfactorily»:

1. All departures from scissor bite, regardless of severity: Overshot, undershot (overshot), asymmetrical bite, pincer (direct) bite, set up Achievements dog six years of age.
2. Availability of spare cutters; the absence of one or several incisors or they are broken, preventing the definition of bite.

Disadvantages (for strong language in passing vices):

1. Slight variations on the type of the constitution of the standard.
5. No not more than four premolars.
7. Pincer bite (from the author: arose) after reaching the age of six dogs.

When evaluating «excellent» allowed only a few, mild deficiencies of addition, not affecting tribal use. When evaluating «very good» dog may have a few drawbacks, however, not turning into defects»…

As part of the frank confession can add above: for myself, I admits a regular re-evaluation of requirements dogs and rigor to the assessment manifestations of deficiencies. Seeing that rock mass becomes a small drawback, treat it stricter.

Not let myself trends «Fashion» from popular and ostroslovnyh experts and breeders influence the estimation, if it is in damage rules «Standard»Which is regularly re-read to «Fashion» not dragged in side. Although, of course, it is unpleasant to know that Edged languages ​​certainly will walk on all over the internet in If I’m in front of the ring not comin those who are already there to be used when other experts …

I forgive myself that sometimes I notice some of the shortcomings have dogs, but at the next show, despite the last year’s praise, noting unnoticed earlier, closer to its otodvinu tail ring. Yes, it happened, forget the hierarchy of some drawbacks: though re-read «Standard», but still not professional, working daily with these documents. I apologize for «human factor». For example, there was a moment when I overestimated partial depigmentation of the nose, although it is just a lack of (yet less by the lack of a pass to prohibit evaluation «excellent»).

I assume that you can go to the wake of the Public opinion, when it is not I see in nothing wrong with the breed and when the question may be raised for discussion in Change «Standard».

For example, in Irkutsk I have always said that white (pale yellow) color, which is like hunters, in rock has always been, and have voiced on conferences (seminars) Offers (1991), which is administered in this color Standard rules (according to the current standard and White Fawn is a disadvantage). «Excellent» It allows single mild deficiencies. A white color, as well as no tooth or touch the cutting surfaces of the upper and lower incisors (pincer bite in any degree of manifestation) — it looks like question «A little bit pregnant or what?»Then there are about ill-defined not say accounts.

There were cases where a magnificent dogs fawn I giving «excellent» (but never I missed the presence of «mite»). Nemotrya on fashion, not welcome delights about too massive and large dogs. I a statistician and because reading «Standard» and I listen to different opinions.

For example:

«…huge dog is better than walking on snow during the second half of the term fishing»;
«…huge dog on the strength of week will extend fishing»;
«…By accessing fishing, you need to drag a huge dog a lot of food, and average oshkurennyh enough protein to cook. Let citizens «elephants» on holiday Forest carry — fun»;
«…from large boar better dodge»;
«…large, by dodging wild boar, confused in and undergrowth come under attack, always sewn»;
«…at large Sobolevka bogged down in Crude areas where average passes easily»….

Given that 1993 m Irkutske we as at I wonder, looking at the stands out among all in the not ring only power, but and growth Tatarnikova Karajan, who had a growth of 64–65 cm, and the bulk of the rocks up and this exhibition after it was significantly less — With this in mind, I without enthusiasm treat modena overgrown, as future rate and scoring is reduced when they are identified. But Now some of this is forgiven.

Well, the breed has become more powerful, but at the same time we are close to the the threat of entry in her rudeness and features dampness that do not entail Only a brief performance (rather etching), but and a number of other traits linked (see. descriptions of the corresponding type of the constitution, with proven). I remind you that the muzzle bruskovidnost «vostochki» It is an unofficial breed characteristics and I can not give points, and on the contrary, its absence does not It can be a disadvantage, especially when you consider that the extreme value of the term is nowhere defined.

A variety of errors and Opinion I see at understanding other experts (ready to discuss, to argue, to give at about this, but on benevolent background). Unacceptable harm to the breed of matters of principle. it — the main thing.

Who will be judged on planned major exhibitions (MOOiR on «Like»), Who are entrusted with rings — our right to offer orgkomissiyam. A Selected experts beg to pay attention to our breed with Against this background.

Olga Manuylova24 February 2015 at 01:00

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