To the ice did not last …

To the ice did not last ...

Whatever frosty harsh nor it was winter, and what would be thick and solid ice formed on any of the reservoirs, even on fast rivers, still in the rapid development of spring events in the life of the ice cover begins to fade quickly. And above all, it will take place over the course of seats, in the area of ​​the confluence of the tributaries of the reservoir on the coastal areas. The most difficult and dangerous ice conditions created by the sudden warming, accompanied by rain and fog. Also fast «eat» spring ice constant warm winds that always blow away as if cold air over the ice surface.

There are quite a few anglers who do not like to catch in cold weather in winter, and therefore poorly oriented in the ice conditions of the current season in the waters of different types. And so, after waiting a period of strong frosts «on the couch»Now, on the last ice, they seek to catch up and massively attend various reservoirs where the hope for a great spring bite.

However, long-term practice shows that after a severe winter, even on large rivers and flowing reservoirs life under water part of the normal for a long time, so desperate nibble all the fish begins in a situation where the ice cover is at the stage of complete disintegration, and of different type reservoirs, this stage does not occur at the same time — somewhere very early, but somewhere much later.

But those fishermen who have had long-term «holiday» from fishing, can hardly imagine such distinctions clear. To do this, just need to be constantly in touch with the favorite places for fishing, to know where the ice is formed, though thick but loose, like a layer cake, where the fallen, or piled up a lot of snow that slowed the accretion of ice, which rapidly dropping water on the eve of the flood and this is It led to a reduction in the thickness and even washing ice, hidden until the snow crust. And these fishermen and they are the majority, more than others expose themselves to danger in the spring ice. Therefore, leaving the last ice, be careful not to mar the holiday fishing luck unexpected dip in the icy water, aiming to be fully informed about the upcoming fishing spot.

Going on a fishing trip in the spring, you should give yourself a report that now the ice even in areas without a very tricky, especially near the coast — reinforced night frost in the morning it allows you to go to him, but from the midday sun soften and back can not let go. And to protect him from the treachery is impossible, because the strength of ice because of its large thickness and «clay» consistency not check successfully, like the first, a young crust of ice. And it is not a warning crackling, hissing and suddenly disperse underfoot where an hour ago it was possible to safely walk.

And get loose on the ice is not easy if you do not create a large footprint. In addition, under the weight of ice fisherman breaks into crystals that are sharp like a razor and cut his hands in the blood got into a dangerous situation angler. Therefore, accidents on fishing is the most celebrated in the last period of ice.
Danger take a cold font is very likely for the reason that both the fish and fishermen flock just to those areas of reservoirs, where the ice cover most thinned and weakened solar heat and melt water: about banks and mouths of tributaries, carrying fresh water, as well as on the edge of the flooded river beds, which significantly enhanced over.

Meanwhile, security measures are very simple. If the coast the ice floated, then in any case it is impossible to advance on the edge, and for the approach should be to put a few boards. It is advisable to grab the ice inflatable boats, which can help save in trouble, or will revert to the shore when suddenly have wide open water in cracks or the water will rise dramatically and will remove the ice away from the shore.

By means of salvation should also include necessarily captured in the ice raises concerns long poles and strong rope length of 20 meters and a weight at the end, which will bring salvation as much as possible from a greater distance from the failure. You always have to get round the dark, as if saturated with water ice areas — most spring strong white ice. Move better by the old fishing trails, which after the snow stand on ice light strips. And most importantly, no matter how successfully pecked at some point, you should never gather here in large and dense crowds — Collective swimming often end tragically…

By the way, a sufficiently strong spring ice is not necessary «provoke» to falling through. Example of this is the behavior of fans of fishing on zherlitsy which are arranged zhivtsovye gear in one place, and themselves in a corner caught on jig. When «lights» Once the box, they run headlong to zherlitsy triggered, and often it happens roughly the same way, where the weakened heat and melt water ice cover may be a few runs much crack and once again break suddenly.

But the element of surprise it is most unpleasant and dangerous when the angler can dive into the water with her head, unable to stretch your hands and lean on the edge of the ice. Therefore, the last ice should behave very carefully, avoiding undue liberties.

And, of course, fishing in such circumstances is not compatible with alcohol use, when it becomes «reckless». Then the angler almost no control over their actions and they are often not adequate to the situation.

Anatoly Mailkov28 March 2014 at 00:00

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