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Two stories about hares

On the hunt for a long time or stored large fortune, or, conversely, unexplained failures. Do I remember two very successful hunt hares.

Two stories about hares

Photo: Vladimir Motkova


Frosty, but it turned out to be snow-free November. Land zadubela huddled on the roads and paths in the rock rolls. That’s when I invited friends to his dacha to drive birds. I must say that I have a cottage very close to Moscow, what some forty kilometers away, and there is not a lot of hares. But I really like that this time they will meet us.

We drove seven people, three of them – without guns, plus two pretty stupid huskies. Golden Autumn otshumela long time, nature is not only died, but had already been touched by corruption. On the ground, piles of fallen leaves, autumn winds dumped rotten branches, somewhere on decaying stumps blackened strange mushrooms. Graying morning we were already in the forest. Divided into two groups, we go around a small swamp, crashing through dry raspberry bushes. Suddenly my legs out from under a large cotton ball jumps.

Just do not understand that this is the hare, which in a moment trotted between the bumps. Shoot them there is no way – dog immediately hung over the hare, is granted by the bolder and husky with disappeared in the pine plantations. So, do not have time to enter into the forest! Hot to discuss the incident.

Concerned about the owner of the dog: «Now is not soon return». But then the dog falls out of the hoary frost of sedge to the ground with a protruding tongue. Screed chain and slowly entrance in the aspen grove. Gone hundred meters – doublet. Through the mesh of branches on the general gray background can be seen – guys are something big and pink. «Pig killed!» – seriously exclaims standing next to brother. I also think that the bear pig.

Friends come closer: in the hands of their hefty hare. It is faded and so spattered with blood that seems rosy. This is a matter we must have a smoke. In high spirits I explain it is now necessary to carry out the corral. Arrows are placed along the wide clearing. My place in a small nizinke. Beaters to go three hundred meters, not more. Immediately you can hear their voices.

From the dark pine needles with a nasty screaming jay flies, and followed her out of the low-growing spruce paws rabbit jumps out and rushes straight to my room. Shot under legs explode clods hare, hare runs up to me and starts to rush from side to side. With a few meters shoot a second time, resulting in a shot like a rabbit in a sense, it makes a huge leap and hiding behind my back. Yes, bad luck. From the pen of the dog jump and go on the trail. All gather around me. With all the rooms seen my shooting. Tableware, of order, nothing to do, went further.

In November the bare woods far seen. We see dogs swarming and flying in the wind light white fluff. Eliminated! I looked at the clock: gee – forty minutes – two hares. I propose to make another corral. But people happy hunting hare and wants to try. We return to the country. We heat the oven, prepare the birds. Then, a traditional feast and endless hunting calls. Among bezruzheynyh was a hunter-Siberian, who came to stay with one of us and asked to see the outskirts of Moscow hunting. At the table, he talked a lot about hunting in Siberia, striking us by its scale.

In the evening, falling asleep, I heard behind a wall like as a Siberian says to his friend: «And why in these sparse plantings hares?»

Three against three

«Storm yes snowstorms in February flew by» – This is not about national sign that year. In early February, the snow was ankle-deep. But in the morning morozische! Shotguns collected by several methods. You can not both get cool hand. The first pen. For some time I am waiting, waiting for the guys into place, and yet look around the forest. On the branches very fluffy frost. On the same mountain ash fluffed waxwings. It’s time.

With noise I go into the bushes. Hardly moving in frequent karandashnike. Ahead of a shot, screaming hare, another shot. I go out to the numbers. On snow – handsome hare. It is a good start. In the second room I pen. In front of me a wall of young spruce plantation, the pen began. I hear some hissing of the snow, and my feet rolling out a hare, miss him and beat in the hijacking, the hare immediately flops to one side, a breeze carries the crust of gray fluff.

Issued beater: «As someone shot?» – «Yes, in the crow …» – «Ah». – «Won Raven is four kilograms!» The third pen. I’m back on the most responsible place, that is in the pen. There is more land, and I go a little longer. I go, shouting, and I think to myself: «So, where’s the shot?» Used to have that in each paddock rabbit. Ahead of a clearing in the middle is the third member of this wonderful hunting and smiling, holding the paw hare.

Time to noon. As it happens at the end of the winter morning frost released. It begins to warm sun. It’s time to think about halt. Especially because in our backpacks barbecue and something else. So, enough for today paddocks. Most fire and all that.

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