Wild cats on ice

Wild cats on iceIn line 2013 the best power density has SKI-DOO EXPEDITION SE 1200 4-TEC (1 hp falls 2.4 kg versus 2.7 kg in other snowfields.

Murmansk during our meeting was gloomy and rainy, but I do not philosophically I began to attach importance to this: all our lives impermanent, everything changes, and in the end this should only rejoice.

In front of me waiting for a pleasant acquaintance with innovations in technology snowmobiles BRP model range in 2013. Authorized dealer «Rosan»Arranging a test drive with snow­moves, promised a lot of interesting and worthy of attention from the discharge «do not miss the past, and the regret».

So, we have to track. A that’s they snowmobiles novice. Four beautiful sweeping snow, fell down on the ground wide skis. What is the long-awaited meeting — Hello!


Snowmobiles are on this model armed with a number of Scandinavian countries, which speaks for itself. Their advantage is the track width of 61 cm located at its steel spikes, which help to move on snowmobile ice. At once there is a comparison with cat, and and then recall English lessons: Oh yeah! .. Lynx — it’s a trot!

AT Generally, a typical «Battle Cat», from a powerful two-stroke engine (115 hp), with Spiked-clawed and gusyankoy general, PPS, and rear suspension telescopic front. Plus ski Blade special construction in which the rack is not attached the centers of ski and shifted to the longitudinal axis of the machine. At the same time their entire length with the underside of the ski stamped edge height less than an inch. Skis can be easily interchanged, even in field.

This changes and the location of the edge. When it turns out, this facilitates movement along deep snow when inside — by mountainous terrain with steep slopes and endless descents and ups where needed better handling. Especially well these skis will behave when traverse mountain slopes.

The design of the front suspension is made in such a way that it does not clogged with snow and It does not cling to the branches of shrubs, trees and their roots are. In short, this snowmobile — convincing evidence that he is in all respects a perfect winter vehicle is not only army special forces Finns or Swedes, but and for peaceful hunters and anglers lovers lay their way on the road, forests, mountains and plains, where the ice, crust, the new-fallen «pow» or just deep snow or no approaching.

After visiting a couple of times on on spring hunting Bear on north-east of the country, where no such equipment can not simply move on area I sadly recalled the sufferings of Mountains on Still, let’s say, prepared by snowmobile and Technology He allowed himself to dream about the time when my friends will be able to check in actually these wonderful machines, and the storming of the hill passes and ridges Kamchatka Magadan region.

It is generally known that almost all cats like water, although swim. But our «cat» This love affair, although snowmobiles the definition does not intended for water. During the test, we moved on the frozen surface of the lake, powdered with snow. AND suddenly low speed my snowmobile began to fall through the ice — I hit the gully, which is simply not I remarked in the heat of excitement came over me. The natural reaction was to push up to yield throttle trigger.

Roaring engines, snowmobile jerked forward, stood at «heel»So that the front ski frozen in air, and then I went, swam forward, and breaking prodavlivaya spring ice in front of him, and yet at all left on GLIS­funding. Having advanced so meters one hundred and I felt under a solid ground — all occurred off the coast, — I I looked back. By the entire length of the track was a mess of snow sleet and under it, as he said later instructor, depth meter and a half.

Wild cats on ice

Already in the model name you can feel the spirit of the mountains. Safety cage as it spurs the driver: subject, do not be afraid, do not pereverneshsya. The ideal device for hunting wolves in the steppes of Russia, Kazakhstan and the high plateau of the Pamirs.

The ability of a snowmobile «to swim» I was very surprised — before this is me  I am seen only in the commercials. Later on, other models I often repeated this experiment, then pleased, but Wet back on base. I confess, swimming and winter Riding long after that very few people seem enjoyable, so prodelyvat such tricks no one I advise you, especially as for snowmobiles «walking on Water»As on the ice, yet not intended — tea without jet skis.

After the trip, I Murmansk returned home the belief that this unit combines a traditional reliability, quality and wayward character though wild-but well trainable (ie perfectly managed) beast. The main conclusion — owner of the snowmobile will feel at it confidently and calmly as in the faithful and society a trusted friend who is ready to share with him all the adventures and sorrows joy. In short, I exploration I would have gone only This.


It is comfortable with utilitarnik good taste snowmobile tourism that combines convenience, and patency functionality. AT the SE snowmobile is equipped with a rear pnevmoamortizatorom that allows you to adjust the position of a snowmobile Given his workload, the weight of the driver and passenger. Air in air suspension is pumped by a compressor. Front travel 21 cm, rear — 34 cm; It equipped with front shock absorbers twin levers. Caterpillar width 51 cm powerful lugs, four-stroke engine displacement of 1200 cm3 and capacity of 130 hp allow the driver does not thinking, and storm steep slopes, and deep drifts.

Modular seat, part of which is equipped with passenger backrest and with handles heated steering wheel four-Tilt, with heated and hand trigger gas, high windshield, suspension, skis Pilot 6.9 — All these are some solid pros, makes this model attractive to the consumer, and most importantly, true to its name — Expedition.

The model EXPEDITION SE 1200 4-TEC has a Scandinavian twin brother with similar characteristics. His name — LYNX ADVENTURE GT 1200 4-TEC. The only major difference — at design of the rear suspension.


And here the latest addition — Snowmobile LYNX ALPINE SWT 1200 4-TEC — real work «horse-Heavy»Somewhat different from those described in article «characters». It has a powerful engine (130 hp) wider track (61 cm), as well as a LYNX YETI 69 ARMY, reinforced spikes. However, He, the only one of the models, ass­NJ suspension is equipped with two dampers springs disposed almost horizontally.

This is very helpful when driving on wet snow, I think the owners of snowmobiles, who faced problem sticking snow suspension, will understand me.

Four-stroke engine allows not I think there will be enough supply of its power to tow sledges loaded or overcome impassable places. When driving on the same straight, sharply when you push the trigger gas, there are very different experiences. It seems that you’re saddled unbroken stallion, who is trying to get rid of you and It is making a rapid leap forward, so that the steering wheel is pulled out from the hands and front ski easy off the ground.

Like all-terrain truck, ALPINE SWT 12,000 submits the power and feeling of permissiveness maneuverability and then the same time gives a feeling of comfort and security.


In Murmansk test for comparison attended last year’s model SKI-DOO SCANDIC WT 550 F, equipped with two-stroke engine and caterpillar 51 cm wide. By price is the most affordable and the best-selling model in line BRP. Despite the fact that two-stroke engines noisier, less environmentally friendly and more expensive in Operating — of oil consumption (and gasoline, too) with more than enough for several four-stroke engines, — they are in steady demand.

All these drawbacks are compensated good «character» Model: unpretentious and ease operation, which is often a deciding factor in choosing a snowmobile. Especially if it is not about CFD and on the Siberia and the Far East.

Yes, duple-cycle is gradually losing ground, but is not It means that they cease to be used anywhere on the periphery fishers, hunters, fishermen, tourists. Fans and lovers of simplicity and Reliability is always there, especially where it is sometimes the only technique to in which long winter season you can get from point A at point B.

AND If logging in Rush legislature, the Duma suddenly attend to the problem of environmental pollution in the the vast expanse of the country and will not accept a law on Operating ban two-stroke engines, the they have We provide long and happy life.

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