We’ll get back to you, Moorman!

     In late August 2006 INGO "Hunters of the Kola North" together with the Leningrad regional society of hunters and fishermen held the first in the history of the Murmansk region competition Pointing Dogs.     As if he had not left. Fifteen hundred of kilometers flown by in an instant, in spite of a large caravan, dangling over the rear bumper all the way from St. Petersburg. I pass Murmansk, Misty village, and that's a welcome twist to the dam reservoir Serebryansky. Right foot gas pedal fulfills the last hundred meters, and, finally, at the water's edge showing tents and cars with Moscow, Read more [...]
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After the Holy Saviour

In that year, the opening of duck hunting, it was decided to meet on kobelevskih careers. In the evening there was sore for a narrow-gauge road embankment to careers that are widely spread on the entire left "hand" of the former "glands".There were all sorts of roads in the memory, but such that pulled us to kobelevskim careers first. In fact, this very road itself could not be called — rastaskannaya abandoned and the rails, with the remains sticking out of the ground «ribs» neukradennyh sleepers. And the culprit was Serge Razumov,  a man of about forty-five, long ago lost Read more [...]
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Hunting was

On the rare and almost unbelievable cases occurred in the hunt for the pen, the newspaper had published three short stories ("ROG» № 29, 2011). Photo Darya Shatov MOOSEIn 1970–1980 in hunting farms of different subordination license held shooting of wild ungulates – elk, deer and wild boar – for delivery of meat products produced state. Carcasses of animals surrendered taken at fixed prices and in public canteens, rest houses and health centers, children's homes, as well as in the trading network.In Moscow shops «Gifts of Nature» you could Read more [...]
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From the spring of life grouse

Grouse - Bird settled. In winter, usually held in schools, the size of which depends on the number of species in a given area. In places where a lot of grouse are found flocks of 50-100 birds; there were known cases of finding together 300 grouse.Tetereva winter mixed flocks consisting of males and females, but uncommon group of black males only. Purely «chicken» flocks are extremely rare. All winter grouse hold on a small area. AT frosty days grouse spend the night under the snow.Grouse are very sensitive to frost depth and the quality of the snow cover, Read more [...]
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I do not believe!

It was sometime in the magazine "Fishing and Hunting" column "Blue Fox on a branch", which published all sorts of biological incidents, mostly from various periodicals. I must say, this heading enjoyed success with readers' OiOh. " It should be noted that the various mistakes found in the pages of specialized publications, where the text should be viewed and edited by experts. I am confident that care should be taken not only to edit text (including biology, law, ethics and so on), but also pictures. Why do we have an abundance of photographs laid out game, when everyone knows that most of them Read more [...]
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Nile crocodile

There were crocodiles from ancient archosaurs pseudosuchian 200 million. Years ago.After the fish and insects reptile - the oldest creatures on earth, and we have from the time of their inception alienate hundreds of millions of years. It snakes, crocodiles, lizards, chameleons. All their appearance - long fusiform body covered with scales, glass eyes and majestic stillness us back in the time of dinosaurs. Looking into their eyes, I wonder what thoughts are moving under the skulls of these creatures living on Earth for all eternity? Is it possible to us to understand their world and their lives? Read more [...]
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Any problem on the shoulder

Those who started hunting or sport shooting in the last 15 years, it is absolutely certain that a reliable semi-automatic release only the two largest companies in the world - Browning and Beretta (including all brands of the holding), so great is their advantage (or have successfully conducted advertising companies to provide this advantage and detachment from others). Of course, there are others, including domestic manufacturers of hunting semiautomatic weapons, it and NBC, and IMZ and Vyatsko-Polyansky plant "Hammer" (I basically do not mention different models smoothbore "Saiga", because they Read more [...]
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Alexander III — life is not for show

"We all remember the time when Emperor Alexander III died in Yalta, and the next few months after that, when he suddenly felt the whole of Europe, which takes the force that kept his moral figure in Europe in a peaceful and quiet position ..." SY Witte. Memories. From the standpoint of the history of the Russian Emperor Alexander III, ascended the throne March 1, 1881 after the assassination of his father by terrorists Alexander II, – identity is ambiguous. True, our very history – the lady is very capricious and fickle. And in the memoirs of contemporaries lot of controversy, but thanks Read more [...]
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Pioneers Safari

Excerpts from the book Edward Foa "big game hunting in Central Africa".Hunting season is coming to an end, when we reached the village of Chiromo located on the River Shire, northern tributary of the mighty Zambezi River. It was the middle of September, and in November in Africa, the rainy season begins, with the onset of which the hunting season ends, so the time to take any serious hunting forays no longer had.Had «to prepare for winter»As they say the natives, — This expression means cessation of all activity and perezhidanie rainy season under the roofs of their homes.  Area Read more [...]
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Badger in the Krasnodar Territory

Badger (Meles meles L.) - a popular object of hunting license. We call him respectfully - "Uncle"In most parts of the area, he inhabitant of forests, mainly mixed, hilly, crossed by ravines and valleys of the rivers, where a lot of food and a wide holes. The badger is found in the zone of forests and mountains, and in the south settles in the steppes and semi-deserts.Badger is perfectly adapted to dig deep burrows, which spends much of his life. Most often, he arranges them in the forest slopes of ravines, river valleys and hills with dry sandy soil, and the camera has a socket under the protection Read more [...]
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Great rifle great designer

DO NOT LPO HN BYASHET, brother NACHYATI OLD TRUDNYH Tale of words ... NACHYATI SAME FOR CAMPING TY PSNI epics this moment, not is conspired dupe! No, dear reader, This, of course will not go on a hike Prince Igor, WE WILL NOT TELL AND ON THEIR battle with Polovtsy. This unexpected start a story about the great GUN BROWNING AUTO 5 is because it would create a very, very long time and, just as the "Lay", despite all the hardships and obstacles that have survived and continues to delight even the most experienced children and grandchildren of Scientific and Technical Progress brilliant simplicity Read more [...]
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Tula «Thirty»

TOZ-34 In the magazine "Hunting and Fishing - XXI Century" in 2010, published an article by the well-known hunting experts and experienced hunter V. Gurov, where he talks about his forty years he served IL-12 rifle. And he said with respect and love, although it would seem, and simple words. History of domestic hunting weapons knows a lot of samples that are in demand and popular among hunters. These are guns for hunting, and for trap shooting, made Izhevsk and Tula craftsmen.Among them in the model number dvuhstvolny "vertikalok" one after another appeared in two models: the IL-12 Read more [...]
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Spring hunting

     In the past, the choice of location for a trip to hunt in our company can be solved simply. They took a map and more relying on intuition than on geographic information, the method of "spear" determined landing point "landing".     That day it happened that the spring hunting my friend and I left, keeping the same principle. We left the train at the tiny station and fed through the well-trodden road tractor straight into the forest, the benefit of the entire station settlement could pass five minutes.     Spring, the sun is shining, the road and forest clearings thawed and spruce Read more [...]
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FATAL MISTAKEBelieve that a person can survive in the tangle CRUEL dramatic events, difficult. And nevertheless, he survived ... believe that a person can survive in the tangle CRUEL dramatic events, difficult. And nevertheless, he survived ...It was like a dream - I have a house on the geographical edge of the world. Vasily Mikhailovich Sands! For the millions of viewers of the time Sands - host of "In the animal world" for millions of readers of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" is the author of fascinating material category "Window to Nature", he has written several interesting books awarded at various Read more [...]
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Match huskies squirrel zone of Siberia

Minusinsk district of Krasnoyarsk Territory from 10 to 15 September 2010 was "Interregional open person-team competition huskies squirrel zone of Siberia."Photo: Marina Kuzina Minusinsk district of Krasnoyarsk Territory from 10 to 15 September 2010 was «Interregional open person-team competition huskies squirrel zone of Siberia».The venue of the competition was chosen Krivinsky pine forest near the resort of the same name. A source close to Minusinsk mineral water and salt lake Tagarskoe – natural monuments of regional significance. Base and place of quartering Read more [...]
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Fankenlyust — Castle falcon comfort

     The enthusiasm with representatives of the Wittelsbach dynasty for centuries, it seems, no capital changes have happened. Hobbies, these are not distinguished by great diversity, at least in the XVIII century: the fine arts, hunting and beautiful floor. On the other hand, such recruitment is not so bad. In the end, modern European culture through the efforts and passions of princes, kings and their wives and mistresses enriched truly outstanding architectural monuments. First famous Charles VII, who created an extraordinary palace and park ensemble Nymphenburg. In his footsteps and went Read more [...]
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The reasons for some late-maturing males zverovyh huskies

Hunters-laychatnikam practicing fishing for big game, such a phenomenon known as the late maturing males.Photo: Alexey Obolensky Most often it is observed among the Western Siberian huskies since the geography of their distribution in Russia is very wide.The fact is noteworthy for the reason that females zverovyh huskies often mature earlier. And it is well known that some dogs to about two years of no interest and anger to the big game. But at the age of «hunting maturity» dogs are very well accepted to work on it. Among hunters and some experts there is the hypothesis Read more [...]
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The refinement of luxury: Holland & amp; Holland Sporting

ONE OF A KIND      Sometimes the fate of jokes with the man, and sometimes jokes. Suddenly you tear the jackpot in the lottery ticket kopek which you have been given instead of surrender. Knowing that quickly come "crazy" money is going as fast as they came, you decide to buy a new shotgun for trap shooting, which would correspond to your present position. It remains only to choose your favorite model. But the rich, it turns out, also cry, because the choice is not easy to do, but not because of the abundance of offers, but rather because of its absence.How objected most knowledgeable and savvy Read more [...]
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Crown of Franconia

      Coburg is famous, first of all, outstanding personalities at different times to create its long history. The first evidence relates to the development of Coburg in 1075: in the preservation of the documents referred to the chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul, posed by the monks of the Benedictine monastery on the fortified hill, and gradually become overgrown with formidable fortifications.      In the middle of the XIII century in a fortress settled Graf von Hennenberg; in 1353 it passed into the hands of the rulers of Saxony and Thuringia Wettin, turning it into one of his residences.     Read more [...]
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Geese Limpopo River

Among the hunters there are those who from the variety of types of hunting are most attracted to only one. The only ...Trophies Crocodile rivers - the Nile, and clawed geese. Photo: Alexander Zabolotniy Some people prefer to sit every weekend for days on storage shed. How to and this time the weather how to evil man its surrounding cloud of mosquitoes, it is for them only a secondary importance. Others do not They recognize no other hunting, except with setter «trivia», and a few snipe extracted foggy morning kurtshaar favorite, Read more [...]
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