Reflections on the rules

2006 published 4th edition R.F.Gerngrossa "Field tests a sporting Pointing Dogs and judging them""In order not to lose the quality of the field of sport cops because of a defective selection of manufacturers under the current rules the test, you must return to Vsekohotsoyuza Regulation (Regulation 1925), brilliantly justified in the years after the revolution."2006 published 4th edition R.F.Gerngrossa "Field tests a sporting Pointing Dogs and judging them." Self publishing is very useful: once again to recall the origins of Russian rule test, and for someone and get to know them for the first time Read more [...]
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Dick-dick big-eyed baby

Early morning in Nakuru National Park in Kenya. The entire territory of the lodge (a cross between the base and the rest of the hotel), consisting of lawns, surrounded by huge trees, ponds, streams, gurgling softly towards the lake, immersed in a dream and mistAround the wall is a tropical forest, and there hear faint voices of birds. And in the distance, in the valley, brightens Lake Nakuru with flocks of pink flamingos, who quietly gogochut at dawn. Nature is still sleeping and everything is dormant, only wisps of fog spreads over the meadows ...Suddenly, in a clearing showing two small shadows. Read more [...]
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Hunting cormorants: pest control or production trophy?

In some regions of Russia in 2009-2010. cormorant attributed to huntingPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov Announced the hunt for the cormorant in the Saratov, Volgograd, Astrakhan and some other areas. On the necessity of the destruction of cormorant hunt through a lot of talk in the Ukraine, Poland and Estonia.So what is this evil is – cormorant? And whether or not it is necessary to destroy all available methods: the destruction of nests and nesting, moulting birds fishing nets, the annual hunting?Great Cormorant size of a goose. It reaches a weight of three kilograms. Vote – Read more [...]
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Selection of fractions

In the autumn of last year, when the pages of "horn" and the magazine "R & R" has not turned a hot debate on the prospects of hunting of non-toxic shot types, my friends and I went for a week in the Volga delta on the huntThe event in general, ordinary, such travel take a lot of Russian hunters. It is better to have a week to shoot plenty than every weekend to go to the nearest body of water, to sit there in a desperate anticipation of the birds at a distance of slaughter shot and come back each time for lack of prey, and without firing a single shot to the house with philosophical calmness and Read more [...]
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Forgotten spoon

Standing at the gate, my grandfather was holding in one hand and a bag of fish and the other "forgotten spoon"Photo: Vladimir Shumakov Once again, searched his pockets, Volodya looked into the bag.– That's bad luck, spoons forgotten! What is now going to slurp soup?– Well,–First, we have not caught fish, just arrived, – I answer to his friend, – and in–Secondly, for hire until the evening, you can have someone in the village–some ask. Yes, there, at least one resident of ...On the way to our side it was large, even by the standards of Read more [...]
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Wolf hunting in the desert

Inclement harsh steppe autumn is coming to an endInclement harsh steppe autumn is coming to an end. Dry, yellowed reeds steppe solonetz lakes and pools. It has long been lost and willow bushes dzhizgana his summer, green clothing; buroyu, shaggy coats are seen on the gentle slopes of the rare thickets of thorns and tumbleweed. Morning frost squeezed to lower the salt - from a distance, like snow, silver bottom once large lakes, stamping sharply on its surface traces of steppe animals, all living traces that only touches them.Cold, icy northeast wind, "dzhamandzhil" in the local, long ago, if unrestrained, Read more [...]
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Drama on the ice

Every year in Kazakhstan and Kalmykia have saiga antelopes-migration season beginsPhoto: Vladimir Bologov The so-called Siberian antelopes move south and Turkmenistan. Others migrate to the western regions, and go to meet them, herds of the east. At the meetings, they never mix, but just sifted through the herd and the herd continues to move in the chosen direction.Some herds bravely make multi-kilometer forced marches through the Balkhash. And if the ice is covered with snow, the wolf packs of attack they are not afraid, because the saiga a big advantage in speed. But woe to the Read more [...]
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In the style of aristocrats

It would seem that special to expect from hunting in Europe, our compatriots, annually producing trophies both at home and in Poland, Hungary, Spain, Slovakia, Latvia, Finland ... Everywhere where hunting is organized only. PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM In the British Isles boast a variety of types of hunting difficult. But It has its hunting tradition. Everyone knows the horse hunting with foxes using a huge pack of hounds (recently this hunting is forbidden). A because almost many specialized for hunting foxes and Badgers breed of hunting dogs bred in it United Read more [...]
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Forgive me, Kara!

Continuous streams of rain flooded the windshield so that even the "wipers" are struggling to cope with the flow of water pouring from above. It was getting dark very quicklyWe were worn with a friend in a car along the road from one village to another. Stopping in front of the entrance, do not turn off the engine, they went out into the rain and listened into the darkness. But nothing but the sound of rain so the village dogs barking, not heard.Get in the room and through the open window of the car again tried to hear the voice of my Karajan, who was looking for a few hours. I took the pioneer Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

Something a lot of anomalies began to occur in nature and weatherPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov Just the past summer that was worth it. So last week a vast territory, including the capital and the region, covered with strange and very warm cyclones, which led to a record for this time of year the heat, when it should be snow, and then the trees began to bud burst. Some plants bloom. The strangeness of the cyclone was the fact that they had a low altitude, but a huge area, the circulation of air in them was very small, so, going to the east, they are not pumped into place cold arctic air Read more [...]
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Off Road, goose and duck loyalty

Spring this year, the issuing country. In the second half of April, it was still covered with snow, in a hollow on the field it was still up to his waist, the blue - above the knee, and the opening of hunting frustrated ...165 cm wingspan can reach the white-fronted goose.In gray goose this value may be equal to 180 cm. Let's quickly get out and I have to pull out, and then Dad will be back, tumbled us first number! — Torop­Livo, Lombardy said Serge.I sighed: the fate of no leave. The second spring in a row we are Hedgehog (Serezhkin alias particularly Read more [...]
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Myths and signs is not obliged to believe

Part 1Photo: Anatoly Mailkov The EGR №42 (846) published an article by Anatoly Mailkova “Fishing myths and reality”. Author subtly and carefully outlined the problem. My position, not a corporate person, the administrative framework is not limited, a more favorable… I continue to difficult subject, relying solely on the personal life and professional experience and long-standing practice of fishing.[mkref = 756]The main fishing myth, in my opinion, is a myth to tighten legislation on the control and regulation of recreational fishing. This sweet soul of any Read more [...]
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Covenants Cape Ryty

Which of Russian reserves, sanctuaries and national parks has the longest history? It seems everything is clear - the Barguzin reserve, formed in 1916.Violent squalls, probably It caused much filled with awe attitude to Ryty cape. AND he certainly deserves the title first. But on Indeed the formation of protected areas (PAs) has begun much earlier.Sayan reserve liquidated in early in the second half of the twentieth century, appeared before the Barguzin. Part of its territory and is now under special protection, it is the Federal Reserve «Tofalar». Read more [...]
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Riddles snipe

Snipe - coveted prey for the hunter with gun dog. In August, especially its first half - the best time for hunting snipe. Hunters noticed that if the opening of the summer-autumn hunting delayed until end of the month, has rarely meet a grouse. ABOUT Some unique features of biology and Migration of the sandpiper and I would like to tell our readers. Many birds during migration, adhere to the tactic of short shots from stops in Great location for feeding, resting, and shelter from predators. AND Only a few species of birds immediately make long, non-stop flights. Read more [...]
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In the autumn on the Volga

Volzhskaya different from tihovodnoy fishing lake and pondPhoto: Alexander Tokarev There are no here and nostalgically warm and modest experience of fishing on the small river of your childhood. Coming storm winds pick up on the Volga wave almost akin to the sea, especially if the wind goes along the river. Fierce winds from the grid of cold rain-morosyaka frequent in autumn. Widespread clouds fall seems to be on the top of the best high hills of the right bank. Grey water hisses from the dismal rain. Incessant string are steep waves with whitecaps penyaschimimsya monotone beats Read more [...]
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Hunting — School War

Life on the southern borders of the Russian Empire has always been filled with various events. This was especially true of the Caucasus, where military operations were conducted virtually continuously. Lifestyle Caucasus did Cossack experienced rangers taught excellent weapon possession any conditions. The population of this region has been forced to adapt to harsh conditions, and full of uncertainties hazards.The most important fisheries of our Cossacks, who actually provided security to the mighty Empire Caucasus, was hunting. Such hunting troubled Read more [...]
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Canned fish

There are many ways to cook food in a home of our "simple" river and lake fishPhoto: Alexander Tokarev – As the catch? – I asked an elderly fisherwoman, dozing on a fishing rod.– On sharuyu yushku typed, – he grinned.– What kind of soup is this?– And such – He fumbled, fumbled on the SADC and lay down to sleep.Here the conversation broke a neighbor throws his gear together.Uh, do not tell me, friend. Fish shallow – ear and sweet and all sorts of delicacies can be bungled. The same canned. Just not in the bank. And on a silver platter. Read more [...]
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Annals of Russian hunting books

In the mid-1890s. hunting in the literature were first pamphlets and books of famous ascetics of the Russian hunting case: dog handlers sobakozavodchikov GD Rosen and Prince AA Shirinsky-Shikhmatov, oruzhieveda AP Ivashentsova, companion LP Sabaneev of Publishing NV Turkin, writers AS Vysheslavtseva, DA Vilinskaya and YM Smelnitsogo, ornithologist MA Marmot. Many of them are the authors were from sabaneevskogo "nest" - the magazine "Nature and Hunting".In the mid-1890s. hunting in the literature were first pamphlets and books of famous ascetics of the Russian hunting case: dog handlers sobakozavodchikov Read more [...]
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One day

In the vast space stretched to the horizon in all directions monotone picture moss bog without a least something perceptible landmarkPhoto: Alexander Kuznetsov In the morning, I climbed into the cranberry bog moss five kilometers. This place has shown a year ago, local guys my friend, to keep me company while on a trip to hunt. He did not hunt, and enthusiastically engaged in harvesting mushrooms and berries.CRANBERRYCranberries are everywhere here, as a solid ground for tens of kilometers, to the Lake Onega, which is less than the swamps. Only berry that year was monetized – Read more [...]
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Feel Falcon

Instructive stories not only our teachers but also their relationship to the birds of preyOne attachment to the feathered enough, it is important to feel responsible for the life of the pet.Experienced Juma yeah he taught young hunters not only the secrets of education of winged predators, but also the ability, as he said, "feel the bird," what he himself was a great connoisseur. I recall such a case. I was at the Juma yeah young falcon. It is beautiful and recklessly hunted - a seven-month Saker mined times a day for three or four hares tolai. However, the owner of the bird on the success of your Read more [...]
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