A few days of life

Hunting for sable with a good husky is not comparable with any other. She even with nothing comparable. Individual fragments, and the overall picture it looks like music: the march and a hymn and the ode and the cantata.

A few days of lifeStaff was and still is a great teaching tool for dogs. In his presence, they become softer, flexible and seems much smarter.

Morning, Irkutsk airport, I was met by a future mate Sobolevka, game manager Shelekhov District­tion Society Sergey Ten. Who’ll take the weapons and — at way. I as recently I lunging at hunt sable!
And then, finally, we have advanced to the next staging post on our way up Hard labor. Not no to hard labor, and to penal servitude — stream, which is one of the main wintering our second companion — Sergei too, but And Vadimovich Bogatov, who with all cargo and with food went a couple of weeks ago to catch up We saw through trails but to establish winter quarters.

After spending the night in district center, in the morning, still dark, we moved in the last village on our route, which met the gray, gloomy dawn, though displeased with our appearance. We call on one of the hunters, San Titov, which I was scheduled to be taiga, but left on a couple of days to find his center-dog, to arrange a extraordinary spree.
Once again feeding the front of the road, dumped at home our current news — there is little snow, the temperature stays around –10, which for this time, and Places lukewarm, a little sable, he jumps out of the dogs easy runs, so it is not easy to obtain, but in spite of the heat, he had «came out»…

Sanya went outside to see us. As he sighed!
— But where will you go ?! After twenty-six kilometers away, and all in Mountain! After all, even the backpack! Well you do not then week get up! Yes, even a gun! Oh, how will you get ?!
Eventually, not Sergei has endured:
— Yeah we come somehow, what do you… — But Sanya was not I heard.
— You are sure to spend the night Ritz! (Riza — round, as a tablet, lake, approximately half way, there is a residential cabin). Firewood is there, too, some products no … Oh, well, how …
We have tried to get away as quickly as possible to avoid to panic.
— I so it never saw, –muttered stunned by such mourning mood Serge.

A few days of life

Experienced confident Huskies are on the trail of a sable, cutting nabrody, and quickly drive the animal to a tree.

But despite an emotional farewell, the road was relatively easy. Only once have caused a good climb I sigh, but it was still the beginning of the path, and we quickly reached «Kurgan tower»From which to wintering on Ritz was a kilometer and a half in side. A drunk on halt half a pot of black coffee, I included a general Sergei afterburner, and I time not I was thinking of fatigue, and clouded our mood just what a couple of hours after leaving the village of his dog, Achan, had disappeared.

The second dog, too «vostochnitsa», Darza was all the time field of view, so that her sudden absences do not worry necessary.
In prison, we arrived before dark and barely had time to light the fire and put the kettle as a distant wintering that kilometers forty of hard labor on creek Kolyhtey arrived V. — the Buryat hitromordom ridge and fuses four dogs, which are worth a fraction of the attention given to them.

Since its arrival in Irkutsk region, soon thirty years ago, Sergei always kept Easterners, and was It is highly respected in the this breed, but It so happened that the last few years almost no He went on fishing, and It means having a potentially good dogs did not I imagine one of them on that fit in this moment. For example, Novik, a five-year male superior exterior in last year awarded by our friend Vlada very unflattering definitions: «The dog, good, of course, but Done-ee-eeenno the dummy!» AND Vlad need to know to imagine how he could say it. A it’s after that Novik has proved itself excellent safecracker. Two bitches and Umka Tag and syak manifest themselves sable past and the year before, but called their work is not outstanding No one could, though, and Tag It becomes sufficiently stable sobolyatnitsey.

And there was another West Siberian dog RECEIVED Depending on the situation, various errands: «Katerina». «Katka». «Catherine Vladislavovna» or «Catastrophe». «According to his passport» she was called «Katun». I brought her in here a result of last year’s agreement with Sergei the same friend-friend, so unflattering determined the Novick and exchange dogs — one on Urals held «Westerners», a other, respectively, «Easterners» at Baikal.

That’s it was that Sable Easterner, from arrival at Ural renamed Irkut, chasing elk — by At least we are at the moment it is hoped, and zapadnitsu exiled to Katun Hard labor that Balyhty headwaters.
The draw still she accepted stoically as blue-blooded aristocrat fitting, and with calm dignity participated in of life and Easterners work, standing out from the company’s strong and bony bitches Izzy males unearthly­munity. Exterior it was delicious. This dramatically skew cut eyelid, a graceful, if chiseled head, a light and then However, with the ideal In terms of functionality pads I still do not see necessary.
And with all these aristocratic elegance with Katerina punctually creates small and large dirty tricks: dragged from table neglected pieces guzzled protein, dragging her still warm, right from under the nose is not believe in a reality «vostochek», and even the attempt on sables.

Staff it almost battered. AND Vlad asked to It is softer and she herself was — at than just the soul powers, but a couple of times even the patience came to an end me, how much restrained Sergei, the main method of training dogs to recognize this useful accessory taiga, not I have a clue.
That’s the composition of the evening of 23 October, we and gathered in cabin that the upper reaches of hard labor. I — without a dog, for my not quite yet old male sent to retirement health and Both Sergei, one with four dogs and one with … well, we had hoped that Achan, too, will soon honor us with their presence.

A forty kilometers from the prison, assuming road, another stream — Kolyhtee soboleval Now Seregin teammate Artem. AND every night we did not It passed without a sigh:
— A Tiomka tOrkat now! Oo-oh-oh, torkat! — saving the last vowel, he complained.
And the better and We dropped out interesting daily output, the harder it was sighs and long stories about how is there now on Kolyhtee… some snow, a forest, what Temko excellent dogs and, of course, how Tiomka Now sobolyuet vengeance …

— Not then what we — Rest yourself here! — he concludes his tirade, hanging in air feeling of something else coming, big, difficult and right …
Late morning, eight hours, or even nine. Desyatov rises, floods oven, puts on She makers and yesterday’s soup cabbage — One of the constant attributes wintering Bogatov, then falls in waiting, when hut heat and overflow tickling appetite smell. TO this time wakes Bogatov, long tossing and turning, looking out of the window lazily pulls: «And then, maybe yes lyagem eat?» Then, after some preparations, welling first bowl of soup and a grouchy «Well naparnichki got — Yes eat sleep!» pushes pridremavshego earrings.

TO common breakfast when dogs have crept out from under the bunk, going all three, are used for soup plate, glass — other tea «balyabochkami» — crackers, cookies, candies … in Generally, with something sweet and We begin to gather. Desyatov — at its side, and we are in a. It just so happened.
So we are going and o’clock eleven out on trail. Such a late entry due not laziness, and in that the Project Seregi sable, exit to feeding, it was necessary to allow time heritage.
Slowly we are Sergey went to toward the base. They passed Mityukovskogo wintering — still good, arranged, but this year, non-residential — and went lower profile. After some time, gone see him and Sledkov almost immediately ran into dog paw prints. Judging by bleeding front right, it was a mark. AND She drove sable.

Analyzing a trace, we listened, constantly stopping to Pending huskies. And, of course, waited — zablazhila knot so that it seemed, and holds It does not leave a whole brood of sables. She podlaivala Umka. AND Katerina even weave in the duo a rare but clean and persistent note.
Hearing this call, we rushed to the all possible speed — three kilometers in Ahead of an hour … rate hovered fir undergrowth and further, we know proceeded grassy, ​​overgrown track which hazel. We walked on voice, but he is staying in the same gambling subside, although husky manner not it seemed that the dog go. Reflecting on this oddity, I Wade followed Serega
through two-three-meter thickets fluffy pihtochek.

But suddenly the undergrowth ended and We literally stunned canine emotions. All three sat knots under the thin dry pihtushkoy height 5-6 meters and completely naked. On its apex, clinging with all four feet, swaying and sobolek madly staring at dogs.
Later, back part of Next, we realized that the animal apparently local and who knew the neighborhood, tried on the dog ulepetyvaya mahah, to take refuge in lomovnike have stream, but I did not, did not I was able to break away from the Huskies, «davivshey» him to high speed, and took refuge on short, it is not suitable for this Sushina, literally few meters from saving plant.
Uh-Eeeh not kotishka lasted …

So we went to the first half of daylight, getting (or sometimes not mining) sable, shot a couple of squirrels and chaevat arranged. Sergei chose a large dry vyskor without land and chop with her dry chips, arranged a fire. In we dried the fire.

— That’s why the peasant staff! — didactically sentenced Serge fancifully hanging on thrust in land a staff «Cloth jacket». But He was cunning … Strong, thin, flexible rowan staff a lot of which were good for us in addition to the drying jackets. Go, even shallow snow, balance and rely on He jumps at the time of windfall — all without the staff it would have been much more difficult. A even remove embarrassing hung over the fire pot, and even knock Kukhta branches, and much more… And, of course, and the staff was It is a great educational tool for dogs. AT his presence, they become softer and flexible It seems much smarter.
After drinking tea and balyabochkami bite, finally dried on Me and sweaters trousers, fed dog squirrel carcasses and half going.
— Taa-a-UACA! Fraction … wads … pistons … dog they will come — I checked on Lastly, Sergei and with renewed vigor, we went to new trails.

A few days of life

Sometimes young dogs have no interest in Sable, but with proper nataske grow from them excellent workers.

Go back to the evening, but often still light. Gathered together, exchanged news — who is that both got what he saw and I heard. Together, they cooked on Dinner Soup cabbage — Bogatov officiated here, allowing us only as laborers and masterly use all the features of the stove.

Generally, if here us was any constant, something immutable, lasting in time, these were: soup cabbage, stewed fruit, perfectly quenches thirst, nightly bath and diaries.
Diaries were Each residential cabin. Here, in Kolyhtee have Artem on Willow at Desyatov have Bychkova. Were they a longer residential winter huts, but Now there were only intangible form impressions of life on walls and ceilings huts, frozen up the time when will come again their boss, put on a new table with notebook ridiculous jaguars or expressive girl on cover and He writes, bringing to the first piece of uncertain inscription: «New notebook. Launched in 2003. Good old people doused with kerosene». AND start with these lines are not a new book, and a new segment of life where human and animal fates are intertwined and interwoven, leave each friend once invisible, but indelible imprints. A there is now life was, these notebooks, among other things, served as mailboxes, letters and destinations combined.

AND When you touch it becomes palpably clear that life is not that tsedyat us through the filter of TV, magazines, the Internet, kitchen and gossip contrived troubles. A It is in such here, and discreet touches Seconds contact.

And the evening dragged on, merging into one endless — under the yellowish light kerosene — «eka I pilikalochku something established, as well?»As a child happy Vadimych — and talk radio.
And Serge morning rose, blared the oven doors, with thud fell beside her wood crackled bark, curling in thin tube and … the world was born anew. AND It was unique.
Unique features of work dogs, animal behavior, getting to know the terrain, its intimate features: profiles, trails, Putikov and not open immediately, and gradually Pone­Many people, though evaluating whether to trust a stranger, a man came …

To be continued.

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