All through the barrel

Today in Russia there was a legal framework unprecedented: at the official level permitted turnover of copies and replicas of ancient weapons dulnozaryadnogo without compulsory licensing authorities of the Ministry of Interior. And I decided, without bureaucratic red tape to buy a gun and so feel the charm of hunting right.

All through the barrel

Buy a real antique ancient weapons comes from the XIX century is not like. First, it is significant money, and secondly, shoot it dangerous — These guns are designed to weak ancient gunpowder and no metal fatigue repealed. And the legality of such a «action» It is extremely doubtful. Another thing — modern and up Replica «dulnozaryada»: High-quality steel, robust mechanisms but most importantly, the new Weapons Act expressly states that use them can be anyone who has an official smoothbore gun. By price of 600 euro per European sites you can buy a variety of guns and fitting, and carbines rifle. Very pleased with the opportunity to have a decent hypothetical rifle, not waiting for the end of the five years of ownership smooth gun.

I began to search for the seller. AND it seemed to me that Each gun shop should appear dulnozaryadnye system. Unlicensed sale, especially in year anniversary of the Battle of Borodino, not guaranteed just a steady demand them — they had to disperse like hot cakes. Hunters, collectors, re-enactors would buy it all.
But then I expect the first disappointment. FROM a certain amount of guile could be said that no in a good two dozen shops, which I called around, and copies Replica not detect managed. Talk about any likeness of European diversity would be unwise. But Why share of guile? AT Moscow the same weapons such weapons was still, but price He had repeatedly inflated and at times exceeded the European one. AND importantly, these copies and replica sold at licenses. And overpay «to spend» The free license is not like.

All through the barrel

Modern sights to the «level» and weight adjustments for accurate shooting at dulnozaryadnom weapons — what can be contrasting ?!

Once on annual exhibition at the armory Gostiny Dvor, I I come to final disheartening. Europeans and Americans did not seeking to enter Market dulnozaryadnogo weapons. The only stand with it was at Italian company Davide Pedersoli & C. Weapons of Pedersoli famous for its quality and variety, and perhaps this is one of the few companies that supplies weapons to Russia. That copies of old systems and exorbitant prices lay in the aforementioned distribution network.

At the stand of the Italians I still managed to take in These hands «mysterious» system. The desire to acquire them only intensified. Of course, most impressed threaded system. I not I see the point of buying for yourself shotguns — replica army weapons. Reconstruction of not fond, as go to hunting with heaviest very long musket native to example, from 1777, have to which Moreover, there is no restriction choke, I’m not interested. Use for bullet shooting? Of course you can, but uncomfortable, and Why, when there is a superb threaded system.
Replicas threaded fittings under heavy lead bullet were great. It is difficult to imagine such a purpose, which was not they in the teeth, — such devices with a caliber of 15 20 mm are universal «stoppers». FROM it would be a weapon, but on hunting! Like anything unreal in this. The only serious drawback of such weapons — slow loading. What It is actually possible to carry out only one sure shot. Is it critical? A good hunter is enough «once», a layman is not from hunting be enough 10-round magazine. Well the animal must also have a chance: still hunting — is an art, not shooting bioresources.

By the way, Is it so difficult and long charge dulnozaryadnoe weapons? Now separate loading seems to be something archaic and probably so complex. On actually everything is different. Charge the shotgun can be as fast as the change in the chuck single-barrel «perelomke». We must take the cartridge — yes it is a cartridge with weapons dulnozaryadnoe The XVI century already being used cartridges — fill its contents trunk (paper sleeve plays a role wad), earnings «the whole thing» ramrod. Then you need to cock and to put a cap on seed bar. AND all.

All through the barrel

Tough test and process stamps on a very beautiful arms hurt the eyes.

How to «perelomke»? Pull the lever, open the gun, remove the spent case, insert the cartridge, close the gun. By the time difference is small. AT the capsule in case of quiescent dulnozaryadnom not need to change the cartridge, you need to change only the capsule. If the gun with flintlock, the The charging cycle is, of course, will increase by Open shelves and filling in the her seed powder.

Loading the same sliced «dulnozaryada» It was really time consuming, but only when used spherical bullets. They wrap themselves in patch and They were driven mallet trunk. FROM advent bullet expansion system and with loading the rifled everything became easier: bullet «were filled up» at trunk and He nailed as in a sleek gun. So at a certain skill recharges quickly dulnozaryadnoe weapons is possible.

But back to the our copies and and replicas to the question about their availability Russia today. On exhibition I had to talk to current head of the Italian firm — Pedersoli family representative. I I asked him when it will be possible to buy a fitting their production Russia, how much it will cost and who they will sell. The answer was unpleasant: a new law He gave nothing to facilitate the sale of copies, dulnozaryadnogo replica weapons; Customs and emvedeshnye no obstacles unchanged; have to wait for the time when anything in Russia will change better throughout the complex weapons legislation; a while you can buy Italian weapons only for mad money and license or… admire it on the exhibition stands.

All through the barrel

Schneller at dulnozaryadnom weapon — the thing is not superfluous. Each shot must be precise, and all the complications trigger for this justified.

Well, this is the Russian reality. A What about «they», Abroad? TO example, in France, all dulnozaryadnoe weapons, copies and replicas Originals are the free market, and it does not It is required to declare in police. Such weapons can be sold in the all shops and free sent by mail.

In Germany, turnover and the old capsule singly dulnozaryadnogo flint weapons and copies not replicas regulated and It is also in free sale for those over 18 years old. A dulnozaryadnoe weapon of modern design already requires mandatory licensing police. Germany even in the toughest Arms term European country. But such is the fate of the state, lost the second world war: this fact determines the characteristics of the German legislation.

All through the barrel

Fitting with the impact flintlock. And heavy-caliber bullet What can be better for zverovoy hunting ?!

Odnozayaryadnoe dulnozaryadnoe weapon in Czech Republic is in the free market, and modern repeating dulnozaryadnoe already requires a license. 
In Italy, single-shot weapons dulnozaryadnoe considered subjects with a limited degree of hazard and sold to citizens over 18 years old. The limited degree of danger is not determined the possibility of firing and difficulty wearing and loading. The buyer does not must notify the police of buying, but the seller is obliged to record the data from the identity of the buyer. Such systems are sold only in gun shops. Modern repeating dulnozaryadnoe weapons already regulated by the general rules of arms trafficking.
Weapons in the capsule Austria can be sold to anyone who turned 18 and more years mandatory registration in ledger weapons. Flint weapons, including pistols, freely sold to persons over 18 years.

In Hungary all «dulnozaryad» refers to «museum» arms. It can be freely bought, sold, imported, used for shooting without a license on weapon. AT other countries around the same rules, the general premise is: ancient antique weapons, and a copy of its monovalent replica sold freely. Multiply copies and replica require licensing.

All through the barrel

Diopter sight is rigidly connected via a shaft to the barrel breech. This makes it possible to obtain very precise and, importantly, stable repeatable shooting.

And the most important thing — all of this can legally shoot.
When I I talked to employees of the Russian Interior Ministry the possibility of hunting copy threaded fitting of the XIX century, the faced with very strange conclusions. It turns out that if there is a copy of the purchased without a license Ministry of Internal Affairs, the shoot out of it is impossible. Being with such weapons on Hunting is possible only with the permission of the Interior Ministry, that is, registered weapons. It turns out, it can be stored without registration and hunt there. You can not buy and black powder. In order to take full advantage of on hunting a fitting on He needs all the usual «blue paper» Series POX. A to get it, you need a 5-year experience of owning a smooth shotgun. Furthermore, no in all regions of Russia may be even such experience to get a license to the purchase of rifles. As always, the domestic law is absurd and It declares that on practice impossible. I wonder, will introduce you to our «lawmakers» responsible for writing such «rules of life»Which is impossible to fulfill?

All through the barrel

Shock capsule system first emerged from the hunters, only then it is a good solution migrated into the army.

As a result of all these disturbances, it became clear that it is necessary to wait for the expiry of 5 years of service «gladkostvolschika»Spending license carabiner and good forget «dulnozaryade» at Russia. Now there is a group of enthusiastic reenactors, who, rumored to be concluded with the Italians Agreement and some tricky ways piece arranged the importation of copies and replicas Russia. You have to be really fan «black powder»To pass through the wall of bureaucratic paperwork for import of weapons to go to Italy for its purchases, to certify each «trunk» at Russia and etc.

When I learned that the documents on the Ministry of Internal Affairs import of weapons can only be obtained one spot Russia, I finally I realized about Self-buying weapons from Manufacturer’s normal price can not think. So now it is impossible to say whether realized someday my dream of hunting with dulnozaryadom.

Roman Dubankov12 March 2013 at 00:00

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