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Article Two: modern problems of hunting and possible solutions

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Hunters are no longer engaged in an organized harvesting of furs. This was mainly due to the fact that the demand for furs fell drastically, no points of its reception, lost the continuity of generations pushnikov.

Today, many began to shoot beavers «right and left»Without any rules and regulations, it is completely unaware that undermine the strength of any kind can be in a few years. But her recovery may take decades and a considerable investment of energy and resources.

With the construction of new roads and a significant increase in personal vehicles (including off-road) land became more accessible. Where before there were only walking now drive cars, scooters, ATVs and snowmobiles. Increased anxiety factor for the animals, and their deaths on the roads (elk, wild boars, deer, foxes, beavers, martens, and others.). Every year on the roads of the Vladimir region killed at least 25 elk (Annual Report, edited by AA Migacheva. Vladimir, 2009), which is about 10% of the total limit withdrawal elk (Resolution of the Governor of the Vladimir region on 29.07.2010. №870 «On approval limit production of hunting resources in the Vladimir region for the period until 1 August 2011). Theoretically downed elk (and other animals) can be attributed to the loss of profits to the state of at least 37.5 thousand. Rubles (fee for the use of fauna 1500 rubles) and for hunting users in 875–1250 thous. Rubles (in the organization of hunting moose $ 35–50 thousand. Rubles). For the general nature of these losses are priceless! Usually all collisions with wild animals take place in the same places. To resolve this problem in places other than under the Rules of the road sign warning installing huge panels (such as advertising) for drivers information about a possible collision with wild animals. It would also be nice to have a road atlas in such areas were allocated a special warning color.

A few words about poaching. For them, should provide special penalties. I agree with N. Polkovnikovo, author of the article «The Wild Hunt is to go into the past» («HORN» Number 40, 2010), that historically in Russia turned out that a rather condescending attitude poachers and sets them «Soft» punishment. In the current situation should make the punishment for malicious poaching tougher. For example, for the production of duck hunting dates is to deprive the rights of hunting for a year (or freedom for the same period) and fined 25 thousand rubles, beaver – for three years and 100 thousand rubles, elk or any Red Book – at 10 years and 500 thousand rubles. Then, perhaps, many thoughtful…

About our favorite and darling – about dogs. I think part of the readers (dog owners or their friends) was faced with a situation where they are completely incomprehensible assessment dog trainers (judges-experts). And all because of the fact that most of the show (at least on the competitions or tests) hunting dogs biased judges assign grades. Then to allow these dogs mating. And if need be, put them in artificial implants (cryptorchid male dogs). And it «Rabid» prices of almost any breed puppies! And it acquired a puppy still need to grow and to coach (and not turn it into a sofa dog) to receive future of hunting with him a pleasure. If spaniel possible to coach for 7-8 months, then drathaar takes at least two years! Besides that drathaar train much harder, in my opinion, because of the peculiar nature of these dogs. My Spaniel in seven months actively filed downed ducks. A year and a half has received the diploma of the second degree in the regional trials for exhaust duck. I bought it at the beginning 2000 in the Kirov region for only 150 rubles. In the future puppies from him as from the working dog successfully sold. I also would like to see hunters were able to choose the puppies and their coach. And then take the hunter husky, she begins to actively work on proteins and other furs, and the owner is trying to wean her, forcing to work on the hoof.

I do not understand those who are opposed to the land have been the boss! It must be one or the other. If earlier «master» was alone – Hunters Society (RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz), now a lot of them. However, many of them, unfortunately, have no idea what hunting and how to behave. For example, those for whom hunting area begins with the creation of infrastructure, aimed primarily at stopping their leisure hunters. This is the construction of baths, billiard, arbors, etc.

State hunting management should provide a choice for the hunter: hunting alone in public lands or go to the organized sector. Let everyone chooses. Therefore, the private sector can and should be diverse (depending on the type of hunting grounds), and not just pig farms. But there «Specialists» breeding boars on former peat extraction where a large number of nesting waterfowl. After all, in the 70-ies of the last century, scientists have found that the economic use of forest resources must be guided by the maximum output of all kinds of biological production per unit area, and not primarily to any one type of product to the detriment of others.

The main problem of the majority of owners of private hunting economies is that they just want to profit from the game management, while doing nothing. They have no interest in traditional forms and methods of hunting, hunters for them a kind of burden. The work of rangers often consists of:

– issuance of hunting permits and permits (contracts) from 1000 to 5000 p. for each permit mass types (when the penalty for violation of hunting regulations from 1 to 2 thousand. rub.);

– Built towers and feeding grounds for wild boars and their protection.

With this approach, the data ohothozjajstva probably not last. For the conduct of modern hunting economy needs investment specialists and game wardens for competent investment of borrowed funds and the organization of work in the grounds. Not the least role in this issue and trust plays a hunting inspectors, as it often happens that their opinion does not coincide with the opinion of the head (the sponsor). What if they were trained for five years in the Kirov and Irkutsk? To then sold in stores or put plastic windows!

Currently, in accordance with the laws of land assigned to OOiR are the same private lands. The only difference is that hunters who are in the community, get permission to hunt at a lower price than those in this society is not a member (it is the hunters with hunting and fishing membership tickets from other areas, military tickets society of hunters and «Dynamo», Hunting license the state standard). This occurs in a part of land where seasonal give permission. In another part of the land (commercial) usually only issued a single permit. Hunting is carried out in such grounds unless accompanied by rangers. And the cost of the daily permits often exceeds the price of seasonal non-commercial grounds. This was done apparently to hunters with their presence did not bother prey on forage areas and maturation.

Private traders will remain private traders with their problems. But what prevents us, the true hunters, their efforts to do so in public lands vodilas and bred game and hunting was more diverse and dobychlivoy than in private hunting grounds? To do this, take an active civil position in terms of submitting proposals to the draft federal laws and orders and engaged in biotechnology activities. And do not scream at all angles, all that bad! After all, if everyone will do little for the good land (or possibly a reservoir, where it hunts for life), the WHO has already budge! A hunting supervision should help us in terms of punishment of poachers. After all, the major powers of any of the regional protection of wildlife are:

— state control and supervision over the observance of legislation on protection and use of wildlife and their habitats in the region;

— State hunting control and supervision in the region.

But not hunting management. Though many, suggest that hunting grounds are mostly public, workers and the protection of wildlife hunting area must lead there. At the same time employees of hunting supervision provided decent wages perfectly cope with this task. The animal world is the property of Russia and every citizen. Maintain and increase its – our common task.

And finally, legislation. The most burnoobsuzhdaemym document in the past year and a half among hunters became undoubtedly the law «On the hunt …». He even stole the show «Denying rules». According to the majority, it’s not perfect, and turned from the simple hunters to private business. This is the reality of market relations, and now we live on it and hunt. I hope that the changes in the legislation at all levels will be able to smooth out the contradictions that exist today.

Thus, no matter how developed the hunt and hunting, you must be an optimist, be yourself and hope for positive change.

P. S. I express my deep appreciation to Vladimir Kurganov, my companion on a hunting wanderings, for their help in preparing this article.

Article 1. "Russian newspaper for hunters" Number 852

Ilya Komarov, Vladimir30 of November 2010 at 16:02

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