As King

Hunting big game in Europe has always been considered a royal fun. But today, in Spain, anyone can visit this royal hunt after spending two days as in the past, they carried out the Habsburgs and Bourbons — monarchs predecessors still alive Juan Carlos I.

As King

Every year this attracts hunting all the more Russian hunters. The article, which is offered to your attention, written largely inspired by the stories of our compatriots. Of course, every trip abroad requires certain physical abilities of a person. But Even if you, dear readers, do not plan to future continue to hunt outside their home area, firstly, do not to ignore knowledge traditional hunting, existing at other nations. It’s always interesting. And secondly, why would not dream! ..

  Monterey, about I I want to tell, hunting in compliance with all the rules of the European Middle Ages. Let its current members other weapons, the main thing her — spirit and traditions. They hold sacred organizers «royal hunt». AND her «gishpansky spirit»As it turns out, very nicely captures the soul of every hunter. AT including Our slavic. So, go ahead — on hunting Spanish kings!  

Monterey — hunting with many rituals. And all the accompanying hunting ceremonial actions are perceived by its participants is absolutely natural. By Compared with Spanish hunting way of all that our hunters could see in the first Eastern Europe, it begins to seem somewhat artificial and borrowed.

The simplest and habitual today is a comparison of a phenomenon or product with one way or another car brand. Why we did not remember, what are the machines. If you try to compare the level of hunting in different countries cars, average paddock hunting our homeland can be called the domestic carburetor «Lada», a hunting any Eastern European country «Skoda». On their background Spanish Monterey — it certainly «Bentley»!  

The rituals begin with the already breakfast — «Regal» and unhurried. Then follow the same as Royal breakfast, a leisurely charges. During the morning meal and after the upcoming hunting party is forced to look at a few times clock — well, why everything is so slow ?! Hunting heart anticipation of the imminent departure beats faster, and organizers somehow as if out of spite, playing for time.

But! It is this natural and maybe Artificial slowness harbors Statement unique taste of all that occurs in Currently around Hunter. AT including she It allows a person has ever been here, even after many years to forget these days.  

Well, finally, it seems, everything is ready! It’s time to leave. But no excitement Hunter leaves. After all, the outset, even before the draw ceremony, as a beginner meets posted on prominent location map of the area with affixed to it points — places for archers have He unwittingly appears slight bewilderment. A whether it was to come here? AND Whether this will generally hunt? After all, there is no chain of numbers! It seems that the place where the arrow will be located, selected completely spontaneously and haphazardly. On first glance, the plan looks upcoming hunting even chaotic…  

Should wait a bit. AND hope to of an unknown director and subtle psychologist who centuries ago wrote an action that has already begun. A Hunter, whether he wants it or not, already takes attend.  

Monterey — mountain hunting. All doubts dissipate when the shooter takes his place. Before numbers he got, of course, not foot and at the individual and jeep can now how to look around. Specially equipped room for the hunters are placed so that the arrow never seen neighbor. A It means you can shoot perfectly safe, which is often most want to the collective responsibility of the owner hunts mountain caliber. But not only «accident prevention»Carefully thought out by the organizers, then make the hunter in mind these days.

The two-day royal hunting collect multinational team members. Our countrymen, mostly members of the Moscow hunting club «Safari»Until the turn on in which minority, but never indulge in the pleasure to communicate with other hunters. Of course, discussed and weapons, sights. Interestingly, participants from different countries prefer to take in Spain different types of weapons.

So, the French often bring «Blazers» at caliber 300 win mag. Belgians like to shoot from the unions. Europeans found themselves on the not a hunt first, advance to Small place in comfortable sportswear. Usually they are going out on Breakfast breeches and go to to them place the upcoming hunt. AND there, directly on room, changing shoes boots, ready for shooting. Then and our countrymen were convinced that no have no camouflage necessary. Its function is performed by an easy decoration of the branches around the small space.  

In the room can comfortably sitting on seat put the gun so that it is always at hand. Accompanying hunter huntsman fully fit in royal hunting scenario. He is calm, unobtrusive and attentive professional. It’s more of a squire and secretary who helps around the hunter reloads his rifle and counts trophies.

For some, perhaps, conditions of stay Hunter Small place seem exceeding the level of comfort. For these readers, I I will be forced to repeat itself recalled that, at hunting, we are talking about, all connected by a single concept, one system. Well, not I put here a hunter dressed in camouflage, crawl to the beast through the mud. Monterey — it’s a different genre. And 5:00 withstand continuous state can not every young person.  

Thus, all on rooms, air hung waiting. AT This time when the pen has not initiated, y every hunter there is a feeling that soon, very soon, he must become as a spectator only, and not even a party hunting and some grand ones­atralnogo action. The feeling that you are now stage amplified amphitheater slopes and rugged valley-stalls. Review wonderful.  

Premonitions are not cheating — action that begins to unfold, is dedicated only to you! Beaters as such on This is not hunting. Also shooters protagonists — dogs. AT hunting them involved a few hundred. Dogs and make the Monterey! Scenarios each of the two hunting days are like. Beasts first «wring» to with the center the periphery of the huge corral, and then most mid-throw his dogs.

Zverogony running will be leading diagonal pass all the land. Externally, the same type, white color dogs only manage the voice commands, and host his whistle. These hunting dogs, as discussed earlier in the Russia, perfectly «Arriving». Debugged in their actions sometimes leads many, who saw for the first time, how they work, remember robots.

If the dog understands what is driving where there is no hunter, she stops to chase the beast. Amazingly obedience to the great white dogs that combine qualities like hounds, and etching dogs. Dogs heavy mining lands are riding on the beast five hours. It lasts only so much in That day the paddock.  

Content packs for these specially bred hunting dog breeds — This kind of business locals. Hosts Kennels hunting organizers in advance to cause held in leased lands pens. Naturally, the owners of dogs to work good pay — otherwise it would be the Spanish Monterey. TO hunting place in the four-legged helpers transported Special trailers, trailers, where three or four tiers of cells are placed. AND at each of the fifty hounds in This hostel on RV has its own cell.

After the end of the pen never You see how the dog running around underfoot, asking for handouts or squabbling among themselves, — the owner immediately drives them trailer and takes away. On each carrying a trailer, and a phone number written e-mail address of the owner. Call or write if you want to call it for work or You will have strong desire to buy a puppy belonging to him from the excellent hunting dogs!  

Owners kennels as support staff invites firm specializing in for hunting. But the land does not belong to Monterey the company, and farmers who donate them to the rent local like We say, «ohopolzovatelyam». It is possible that some of the readers have a question, and not Whether cages, albeit large, can be to shoot a number of game?

No. Hunting is carried out in the large unfenced area. AT wild. Hunters surrounded by a beautiful landscape of the midlands. Slopes decorate redkorastuschie Iberian black oaks — Trees in a mushrooming of all breadwinners abundant beast. Even in adulthood, these oaks are not high. Externally, with its leaves and simple irregular-shaped crown, they resemble more olive trees than the familiar Russian eye huge oaks sorcerers.

Under each such at our concepts, not tree, and little tree is a thick layer of autumn acorns. They and It sustains life in District: wild boar and domestic pigs, deer, sheep and poultry. Animal savages compete with livestock. For these reasons, the local farmers like wild boars and They rejoice when they fall within the shot.  

You can shoot wild pigs deer (in Some places also allowed to hunt deer and mouflon). Big Game is so much that is not without a shot It is no One of the arrows. Worst result, only a couple of harvested animals, is usually only in one of the two dozen hunters. Russian hunters have proven to be Spain as a sharp shooter.

Each of them to implement the provisions «norm» — more than a dozen animals. Sometimes among the captured animals caught trophy items such as a deer horns on 6.5–8 kilograms (it should be remembered that the Spanish variety of the smallest deer).  

If you think that the tradition of excellence at those who provide support for the hunt, ending with the last shots were fired, the deeply mistaken. Each shooter is required to see what wonders skill shows brigade Burke captured animals. On Each deer have local professionals usually takes from 50 seconds to one and a half minutes! A already butchered carcasses quickly thrown in riding up the refrigerator. Brilliant work not basic and ancillary services alone a real show. Such mastery in I want to applaud the work!  

After hunting all the participants gather at the joint meal. After lunch comes a ceremony laying caught animals. This ritual includes itself not Only providing public recognition to those who proved most adept at shooting, but and saluting honor all animal mined today. Bearer of ancient traditions, Monterey is also a place of acceptance in hunting fraternity of very young people.  

Thirteen Spaniard managed by his father to get his first deer. Back way not It was — the boy had to undergo public rituals of initiation. Tying «newborn» to trophies, of course, is to show how much is now inseparable bond between a young hunter and wild animals.

Maybe someone from the readers head and the face of a teenager, «decorated» beaten eggs, seem «relic of the past»Who would call what happened a mockery of the young soul, a kind «hunting hazing». But Photo dispassionate. Look how the light of the the boy’s eyes! That is what happiness!  

Initiation growing — a ritual initiation in the adolescent Adults values ​​to knowledge, personal characteristics, and ability of a mature man. AT archaic cultures and Now teenagers undergoing the ritual, and subjected to severe torture privations. But after that no will pass to become flush with the last his father and older brothers to be adults!

An introduction to hunting in many societies considered as communion to adulthood, because hunters — it is a certain clan, a group with its internal and foundations distsip­Lina. Very often, hunters and Warriors — they are the the same people. AND to become «same»Young people have to go through certain tests.  

In conclusion, I would like to say that our countrymen visiting in Spain Armory shop, make sure the royal hunting in the country is publicly available. Classifieds It can be seen in Each hunting shop. The amount you want to get the organizers of Monterey, «the lift» for every working citizen of Spain.

But what is surprising: the money for such a hunt, produced by the Spanish organizers, were quite comparable with those who want to get upcoming season our domestic ohothozjajstva… just one moose with decent horns. So it is not clear that It will soon be better for our fans hunts big game — sniff inside the cold room «Lada» or spread out on ass­it cozy couch «Bentley»… 

And finally on a topic that is considered to be the closest and soul The heart of any Russian person, not Only the hunter. ABOUT weather. It turned out that the Spanish tradition hunting rituals able to destroy any element. Even heavy snowfall that «bring» at Spanish Mountain Russian hunters, not influence the centuries-old way of just what is happening in pen and after him. Hunting has always goes on proper script. A means anyone who will go on Monterey her party or just a aim to observe how the hunted a few centuries ago the Spanish kings, should know: «the game will take place in any weather»!

Spanish king

Juan Carlos I de Borbon (Spanish. Juan Carlos I de Borbon y Borbon-Dos Sicilias, was born on January 5, 1938 in Rome) — King of Spain on 22 November 1975, the Spanish head of state and supreme commander of the armed forces of the country. In 1947, Francisco Franco declared Spain a monarchy.

AT 1969 Franco appointed heir to the Spanish throne 31-year-old Juan Carlos, the eldest son of the Count of Barcelona, ​​against the wishes of his father. Juan Carlos was to take the throne not immediately, and only after the death of Franco, which It happened November 22, 1975. He is fond of hunting and sailing.

5000 dogs included pack yourself ruler of Milan Bernabo Visconti for hunting deer wild boar.

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