Hunting season can be divided into direct and fishing activities for dushi.Mne always liked nataska young dog alone, when in store already furs and close up the performance of the contract.


You can train and hiking, in the course of the hunt, but then taken over by adults of their working methods, their vices and without flaws, unfortunately, dogs do not exist. After all, each new puppy teenager waiting for something special, outstanding, which was not at all your previous pets.

We are together and taiga. Excellent equipment, comfortable, well-dried shoes, delicious hearty breakfast with Sliced ​​capercaillie breast, body sings of health and strength, and in front of a light day of wandering about unexplored area. What lies behind this Grivko belomoshnikovogo boron? And for the marsh? ..

Bear was in the forest while collecting cranberries at the age of 10 months, for the first time, «raised his head.» And in the «upper world» on the low Pine sat looking surprised and angry red squirrel. What happened! The dog chased it up until fell exhausted.

In October, it began fishing and «Top of the world» for the Bears appeared even more diverse. It turned out there live kvohchuschie Kosachev glossy balls grouse, grouse elastic flying, leaving the snow-sweet alluring smell. And all this can be enthusiastic barking. Wait thunder shot, which lay for a moment, ears, and after the fall of the birds to plunge nose and teeth quivering hot carcass, flatten it and keep it up. And to understand — it is a joint production. Then look into the eyes of his beloved master and see in them the praise and approval. And, finally, a willingness to get out of the skin when the adorable host pat on the shoulder and say something in an incomprehensible, but so thrilling human language.
Hunting! What could be more beautiful than in this sublunary world! The other shore is always beckons and there is no urine wait lasting ice. You can dump inclined birch and navtykat along the bottom of the barrel in the river poles, erecting a likeness of the railing. And one day it will become a bridge crossing of lop-eared, enthusiastic childhood in taiga harsh realism.

Under the «bridge» roll rinse branches knocking icicles, and a whirlpool under the ice below. Bear slipped hind legs from the trunk and hung over the stream, hugging birch front. Zakamenel, realizing, perhaps, that at the slightest movement, he will fail. I approached cautiously, crouched, holding the pole, grabbed Misha the withers and began gently to lift up. Bear on bent legs, trembling, stood on the bank, did not move, then he leaned forward, as if to understand — ready to go. Ferried over. Bear walked to the hut, head down, not looking back and not running back in the side. This minute was enough to grow more mature …
Hunger, malnutrition — a trouble young dogs in the forest, the enormous load, helping small and sometimes you have to eat three times — on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Bear has managed to steal from the roof of the winter hut bag with feathers and guts and is not particularly sorting out, get drunk all mixed up. By night it start to become swollen belly swollen like a drum. Poured into his mouth and made of vegetable oil massage, and then back and forth half the night running around the track. By morning, all eaten with stench and crackling, it was to go wherever necessary. A portion of Bear increased and got the result. Within two weeks of hunting — 127 protein. He managed to find them in a completely unimaginable places.
Once on birch bark, examined every twig, every branch on every side and fired a shotgun at the top, more in frustration and resentment for a dog and fell into the snow-gray platinum flying squirrel. Where did it come in the Siberian taiga?
Protein is necessary to have time to catch at Mishkin mouth. Once in a jump he bumped into the butt and filled shiner. Eyes swollen, and Bear was given the nickname «Admiral Nelson». The stock is significantly dampened his desire to miss the protein after the shot.
The mission of Bears in the forest was, of course, sable. Nataska began after the flood plain of the river and Grivko wooden assembled protein dispersed grouse. And paired with an experienced dog acquainted with sable.
Weather in the Krasnoyarsk Territory is always full of surprises, capturing the north-eastern edge of the Tomsk region. November 18 in the morning was warm rain, and in the evening — frost. Formed crust. Dogs failed, injured paw. They waited for the thaw or perenovy.
It has been an incredible amount of tea drunk after spending all sides, cottage cleaned to the last pellet, memorize the song «Mayak». Patience already burst when the wind started riding, it began to snow and covered crust, hunting continued.
Nataska in Sable is as follows: on the heels without the distraction of a squirrel and a bird, you need to go to the result. Bear day nataski bark furiously 18 protein. Time after time, the owner adorable nasty repeated the phrase: «It’s not that» — and returned to the track. Bear looked into his eyes, trying to understand why not? Yesterday was. By dusk in the direction of travel there was the barking animal, some too quiet — from one place. Heart torknulo: Really? Stealing. I saw a large red sable at the bottom a spreading pine bough, and under it sat Bear chord and in a low voice, almost whispering barked. He took careful aim and fired «tozovki» on the front foot.
Bear, seeing the adorable host shoots from a distance, no fuss, no shouting hateful «throw», opened its mouth and waited for the fall «more protein».
Full-grown cat dove and three paws, teeth and grabbed the nose Bears. Screech, howling, blood blisters. Bear tried to pull the animal, rubbing his muzzle on snow. All in vain, sable grabbed a stranglehold. I chose the deck nearby, brushed the snow from her, put mittens, set beside a shotgun and melkashku, he took off his backpack and sat down, assuming that the fight will be long. Hardship, teddy bear, sable pressed forepaws sharply jerked his head up, and sniffing, nipped it. From animal ears «hissed ‘brains. Bear snapped, whipping, throwing, passing along the spine, and when Sable died down, poked his nose, checking whether vrazhina not move. Sable replaced the capercaillie wing as a reward for completing a reflex — crunching, crackling feathers in different directions. Having finished with the wing, Bear grabbed the backpack and revelation tarp teeth stings its enemy.
Nataska in Sable was completed. Bear lost interest in protein and poultry, he stubbornly poking his nose into every track sable, noisy nyuhtel, trying to catch the scent, and if it was possible — a large green pupil and drifting snow over the tail as fast he flew on the trail. Over the next three days we will hunt together produced three sables. Much Mishkin unfortunately, and I, too, came to an end holiday and had to return to the affairs of the city.

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