Bear Fever in the Wild North

Wild coast of the White Sea — a good place for hunting: people a little, but a lot of abandoned villages. In one of these and I happened to be with my friends.

Bear Fever in the Wild North

When falls raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, cloudberries, Bear is switched on dairy ovsy.Nablyudatelnye hunters argue that it is not each variety of oats bear will eat.

All the days we spent in hunting geese and for an evening of fun by going to the hut.

One evening to We arrived fishermen who lived in Forest hut right on beach, kilometers six of us. It turned out that the guys there plaguing the bear that terrorized the poor fellows with their raids. Break the dressing room at home, he destroyed almost all the catch and supplies now bear comes on nights continues to break into the house search uneaten. Such neighborhood unarmed fishermen did not like or noise or Toptygina not cry scare, only the sound of chainsaws wound up forced to bear for long retreat, but 2–3:00, he again returned. Local hunters have confirmed that indeed because of the hot summer This year, the marshes have dried up and Bear was nothing to eat, they are now hungry for reeling County not less than a dozen.

On the bear hunt to persuade us not I had to. On Next day we (Stas, Lech, and Max I engaged in PhotoHunt mostly) went to ATV fishermen, it was UAZ put some craftsmen at Wheel reduced pressure. To bear no expectation seem tedious, it was decided to take a little «Antidepressant», but since for more convenient transportation vodka has long been transfused in 5-liter capacity, slightly «Antidepressant» not take managed. This factor, further adversely affected a result of hunting. In addition to alcohol and took fairing to bear. Lure on he was to come, was made from the remains of rotten game and fish by approval of the local coast-dwellers, «most bearish vkusnyatka».
Location bear raids impressive, tore planks, broken glass, claw marks on wood. On street at entrance lay miraculously survived Bank of stew, though surviving it could be called a stretch — Bear badly chewed it.

«Yes, if not clumsy will be able to fill up at once, horror is fierce» — Stas noticed, looking at Bear lawlessness. Remembering wild horror, we decided to do an ambush on trees, only two-meter Max decided to leave on ground. AT dressing room for him clearing the board with views of the With tuhlyak … dusk Lech also refused to seat pine, deciding to cope with «fierce horror» on a place prepared for Max. On Once I moved position Stas. Together we climbed on a pine tree. It was decided that if there will be quite dark, I will highlight bear a powerful flashlight, and Stas Lekha open fire.

It got dark very quickly. Sitting on tree in darkness and cold, trying to Stas poke heel eye without to drop his rifle and lamp — is not easy, in addition, I began to visit the idea of poor bear. AT imagination got up pictures of his terrible death: agony, bear rolls his eyes pairs of toothed jaws. Horror atmosphere added a night forest, every rustle of wind to give to heart, crackling branches made shivers run along back.

«Bear!!! Bear!!!» — Stas whispered.

The heart beat more often. I shine, silence, no one. We continued to sit. Body strongly numb on no branches many options to diversify pose. While the desire not to kill the bear was, I I came only good snapshots, humanism on towards Bear fell to minimum, anxious to fill up and rascal get off here already. So we sat for 3 hours–4, until the lodge someone I came out, shining a flashlight in all directions. «They tell us all the bears scare». — He hissed angrily Stas. Poke a beam of light different directions, the man disappeared into the house.
«Hopefully, it will not repeat». — I heard dissatisfied bubnezh below. But After a while it will repeat from the beginning perio­every x five to ten minutes. Finally, enraged, we got off the tree to rein in those who hinder our hunt. Going into dressing room, it was discovered that Alexei already gone, instead, it lays lone gun. Going further into house, we saw the funny faces, good-naturedly, we were delighted, in spite of the our hostility. After a little furious lecture about Stanislaus how we it hard, and they then have fun, everyone was ashamed guys sincerely apologized and and promised to sleep no more make noise. We went to take a position on This time dressing room. In vain we trust the promises of fraternity fairly be far from good, a little breath, the fun began with new force.

Finally completely ostervenev Stas flew into hut with shouts: «… What’s going on here?» Max came to insult Stas in war of words and finally declared that he no longer I want to stay here. On that in Stas unparliamentary expressions wished him good road. Max left. Behind the wall began to bedtime. After some time the door creaked, and in the dressing room, I stumbled, rolled out one of the fishermen, and apologizing regrets for the inconvenience brought, he complained that need not Lawless and he needs to street.

Since the bear and not chainsaw scared, we continued to hope for his appearance. However, the saga the release of He needs to gain momentum, returning to hut, each considered it his duty to declare solemnly: «Hush you here! There’s men hunted».

Finally, behind the wall there was a friendly snoring, but, Unfortunately, with it came to the sunrise. «Amba! Keen not will be!» — Stas waved his hand. We went out on street. Bait was not touched, but meters 10 from the house, we found fresh bear tracks. It was clear that the beast will return again, it is necessary to take away the merry company and come back to sunset.
On the basis of in Waiting for the evening time dragged on endlessly. I I decided to take a metal detector, and to give them a call at an abandoned village search for antiques. Long did not wander failed battery detector quickly sat down. I I have found a couple of coins and yamschitsky bell, the search does not stop like. I had to run home to change the battery. Pausing a minute to a maximum of house 3–4, joyful in I’m waiting for new discoveries I jumped on porch…

What is it?! Near porch stir some brown bunch; hear me, she lifted her head and a bunch He looked me straight in the eyes. «Oh… Oh-e-her… It’s a bear!» — finally came to me. Looking at me askance and uttering sounds «puff-puff», It looked like a bear angry cat, only once in 300 (!!!) more.
Shouting: «Bear!!!» I hid behind the door zipper.

The house was quiet. Max slept with Sergey and did not budge, Anton, peel potatoes, ironically looked at me. «Bear! Bear!» — voice I not his voice. I do not believe immediately, but when it became clear that I I’m not lying, started a commotion: zabryatsali guns, began frantic quest for ammunition … Since I this Potapych Michael was already a bit familiar, then «experienced» Hunters decided to release me from the first a photo­apparatus, they themselves were behind him, peering over my back. Bear was already in meters 30 from us. Hearing recovery in porch, he turned around, looked at us a few jumps disappeared on hills covered with pine trees, juniper. Serge, the rubble for his life more than a dozen bears, authoritatively said that this is one of the healthiest, which bring him to see. Indeed, and it seemed to me that the width of the backside could argue with a bear vehicle type «Mathis». The thought that the battery sit minutes Five later between me and the house could be a wild animal, forced to run through the chill my back. Returning Stas upset that the incident passed without him, but Serge reassured him, explaining that Medvedev did not shot, and he is not frightened, would return to the feast our garbage.

We decided to organize an ambush on attic. On etoraz we settled with comfort, taking and a sleeping pillows. AT The roof was made a small loophole, and in the courtyard at location convenient for aiming, was expanded tuhlyak to bear.

Exhausted last night, we have the and then immersed in nap. Tricky bear came closer to morning. At first we heard it something appetizing at hrumkal the bench, right below us, not Ignoring carefully collected for him tuhlyak. Shoot at an angle so it was impossible to bear and seen-it was only a corner of his eye. It became clear that a bear will not flunk just. The gun had to completely put in loophole, but Butt caught at the board, and weapons of bryaknuv piece of wood, almost collapsed right on bear. Realizing that he was caught, to start his Bruin familiar hill. In order to open fire, had to urgently return to the gun initial position. Second, that on it needed, seemed stretched for an eternity. Bear removed, no longer hope for Stas luck discharged him after his pyatizaryadku …

Pursue the beast is not the night of fools found. Stas felt sad, but neo bears, his skin on he unrolled his lip.
There was still an option to skin, the ford at Fishermen house. TO evening me and Stas brought to tracked vehicles GTS. Good thing we brought with a new bait, because the previous one was already eaten. «Well, we do not miss,» — Stas rubbed his hands. Tightly supper, we sat down in ambush already familiar dressing room. FROM nightfall drew the bear, having learned from the experience of the previous night, we waited for him to come to bait and come on the line of fire. Bear fumbled on District fumbled on garbage, clanking tin cans, once came so close that we could hear the footsteps of his legs and heavy puffing right behind the boards, but It was a loophole on the other hand.

And without going direct fire, the bear came to us seven times per night. Tired of waiting, and when we ‘s get the bear went away completely. FROM dawn dreams bearskin melted. On evening was scheduled to return mainland. While waiting for the tide, was shot five geese, and when the water subsided, we plodded on marine shallows. Six-kilometer cross with weapon, backpack, warm clothes and Bog was gave us a great price, three sleepless nights, too, reminded Statement from cardiac arrhythmia. News of the that Seregin’s brother, coming out at night poverty and prudently taking his gun, he slammed into another his life bear, definitively undermined us.

Travel to The Russian North has come to end. «Be sure to return to the next year». — I thought, shivering in GTSke. Passing by one of the coastal headlands, it seemed to me that I I see a bear, rubbing his sick ass; when he saw us, he shook his paw and I hobbled in taiga.

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