Fidelity Huskies

An unexpected meeting with an old friend Oleg on the All-Russia exhibition dedicated to hunting and fishing, held in Moscow at the Exhibition Center, remembered one interesting story. He told me the story, thanks to which became the proud owner of a dog breed difficult, unusual for the district of Krasnodar region.

Fidelity Huskies

Photo randihausken / (CC BY-SA 2.0)

That’s how he began his story: «My friend Andrew brought Far East Siberian Husky breed dog on named Greta. Beautiful, gorgeous exterior; thick, smooth, shiny coat; and the deep blue Everyone understands the eye; proud profile; independent character. All this aggregate and mesmerizing attracts this beauty.
Emigration of the city with and other his dog gave me the opportunity to explore this interesting and an unusual breed.

So: genetically Siberian Huskies — dog, hardened by the wind, used to heavy loads in low temperatures. These qualities have They have long been educated thanks to the constant work harness. There they learned to make their own decisions, so temper independent and modern Huskies masterful. If education is necessary to treat the pet him as a other, and not to raise Only direct submission, but and show respect for the dog. If in the period of trainings as a puppy, and adult dogs get weak load, this spoils the character, and the owner runs the risk of hyperactivity, intractable, harmful and stubborn pet. It must be remembered that the the manifestation of the negative qualities of character to blame only the owner of the dog. With regard to good dog will reciprocate, especially smart Husky, which requires simply attention, serious study. An integral element of the training are long walks, running, middle distance, which should reach 10 kilometers. TO eg, running for riding on bike with the owner short breaks. A if Siberian Husky gets insufficient load, the dog will always find an interesting way of spending power — frolic, because it is very ingenious. Huskies love to dig, jump high, and can overcome the high barriers. A yet there is one feature: a dog of this breed is very clean and little It emits an unpleasant smell skunk.

The character of this dog I He is seen on one of the hunts. He invited me as a friend to go to the autumn Azov smoothly on duck hunting, taking a dog. In I immediately wondered what the Huskies did not hunting dog, and Sled and why is it on duck need? Sensing the unspoken question, one began to tell that the majority of owners underestimate the hunting skills of the Siberian Husky. These dogs have a distinct hunting instinct, but no game bring. By stories of sled dogs were fed on the person only working hours, when required power and patience, but in Severe winter weather. FROM the onset of the thaw dog dispensed on free bread and to provide food late autumn. So hunters are still the ones just need to train them childhood. So, I brought it already one year old, a bit late, but I think that it is not All is not lost, I learn little by little. We are her friends, she was very devoted. A on duck it took is to frolic, faded away, perhaps to bring game teach.

So we We rode up Slavyansk-na-Kubani, discussing the merits of this breed. When we arrived at the the place is located in the Waiting for signal the beginning of the hunt. Andrew took up his dog. They spoke, Greta executes the command master, sometimes something is requested; In short, watching them was interesting, and to time beginning flight Duck goes unnoticed. We are located at body of water, and behind We had thick reeds. High in soared sky rocket, signaling about the beginning of the hunt. Already nearby heard the first shots began. Andrei Greta placed near me They were clearly visible. Suddenly, he heard some strange rustling and I turned I saw to glade, where a friend of mine came out of the reeds with a pig seven kids. Mother, do not down with ferocious grunt, rushed for towards Andrew. He turned in when Greta came between wild boar and master. The dog took a fatal blow to yourself, Andrew managed to jump in on the side safe distance.

Greta died from wounds received in the location. The hunt ended sadly …

I’m all the way back, as well as friend, thinking about dog. It amazed me to depth of soul that saved the owner the cost of his life. This loyalty and devotion to four-legged friend deserves respect. Not always, even in our human community, this happens.

Even at home I often recalled Greta and act realized that falling in love with this interesting breed of dog — Siberian Husky and I want to make it yourself.

I realized that to keep apartment a dog when it is not have opportunities every day to give her time to, a crime. Therefore, the purchase of a dog of your dreams, I postponed to indefinitely. AND at a time when the construction of a private house of my coming to close, it is time to make this wayward and together with the smart, friendly and faithful dog. A I nicknamed the dog I give — Greta!»

This is such an interesting story about Siberian Husky told me my old friend. After listening to it, we continue to walk together on the Exhibition in looking for interesting and new hunting things.

Alex Dzyubchuk22 May 2015 at 00:00

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