Fun hunting with a gun

What did not happen in the hunt, especially when the hunter is not one, and next to him his true eared friend.

Fun hunting with a gun

Photo: Mikhail Semin

Almost like Baron Munchausen

Tula region, Venevsky area. Early morning. Mainly cloudy. September delicate drizzling rain. Relatively warm. Works dogs follow one another. Mostly corncrake and quail. After another nine-rack kurtshaar Nora team «pil» It raises the wing of a thick, beefy quail that with great reluctance flies in a straight line directly toward the rising sun.

Should one shot after the other, and covered the stone falls into the tall grass. Immediately take off from this place not less than bold corncrake and long legs dangling safely flies to quail before the intended direction. I stand with amazement as he watched the corncrake, which this morning incredibly lucky.

Orekhovo-Zuyevo district, Moscow region. Three Hunters: Stas, Alex and I and Nora. Go back to the car after the successful opening of the hunting of waterfowl. Nora chelnochit twenty meters ahead. At the regular parallels the dog stops in a rack. At the approach to the dog takes off with the sound of a duck, which somehow appeared in the middle of a huge field of tall grass. Almost immediately I heard three shots, and duck fall into the grass. From this place with the noise takes off black and white black grouse, leaving hunters bewildered surprise.

Fun hunting with a gun

Photo: Vyacheslav Runova

Kashira district, Moscow region. Go hunting for grouse. We are three: Ruslan, Yura and I am Nora. Not far from the noise of Jura single partridge flies, and after a successful doublet falls next to him. Almost from the same place jumps up and runs toward Ruslan huge hare, until the last moment to Hidden prone. We Yura Ruslan shout that he was running hare, and in response, – silence. Even after some time, it sounds a single shot. As it turned out, Ruslan stood and waited for a hare run up closer to him. The shot was fired just 5–6 meters.

A new way of hunting with a gun

Bell, bell or beeper for a long time and are widely used by owners of Pointing Dogs on the hunt. Especially their use becomes relevant in the tall grass where the dog can not see, and its location can be determined by the sound of a bell. If the bell was silent, then the dog began. Beeper, on the contrary, the hunter begins to beep when the dog stops. Somehow it happened that I often wore bell dog hunting in open spaces, but in the forest do not have.

Ryazan region, Spassky district. Young birch trees in the upper tier of the forest, willow bushes – at the bottom. Dog unravels Tetraonidae nabrody fifty meters from me. Suddenly I hear that in fifty meters from the dog grouse takes off and then sits on a tree, curiously eyeing the dog, makes strange sounds for her.

All the attention is directed at the dog grouse. Almost no hiding, went up to a distance of a true shot and shoot from a branch curious bird. Nora puzzled looks at falling on her from above grouse, then succumbing to the hours worked reflex takes the bird and carries me uncertainly.

Fun hunting with a gun

The usual sequence of events is broken, but the game has a game and it is necessary to bring the host. Over the past year I have seen a similar phenomenon as many as four times. In all cases, the black grouse do not fly away, and curiously trying to examine an unusual source. I think that these cases are partly reminiscent of hunting upland game with the Huskies. Only instead of huskies kurtshaar with a bell around his neck.

Greed to the game

The case occurred in August this season while hunting grouse in the meadows of Orekhovo-Zuyevo district, Moscow region. Hunt was already in full swing. The sun had long gone out of the horizon and begins to warm up without the treachery of the last day of the heated air. Rosa has almost disappeared, and looking at the dog, I am increasingly aware that it is time to go home. On the side of his game bag nice shoulder delayed – five thick snipe hung on the belt, a pack of yellow fat surface of the bag.

Nora will melt in the next rack. Promise. Rise grouse. Shot. Innings. Everything is as usual. Nora, holding in his mouth grouse, jogging runs to me and suddenly, with a twist, holding snipe mouth, arc rises on a new bird. New message. Shot.

Fun hunting with a gun

At this time a miss. This I have not seen. What is it – greed for game or unusual sense of smell? Rather, we are not all aware of the possibilities of our assistants and the possibility of much wider than we can currently imagine.

Two frightened, not counting the dogs

Mid-July. Sunday. Time for about fifteen hours. I go out to walk with Nora on a field near his dacha. Nora making «their affairs», With interest starting to delve into the bushes, narrow island jutting out into the wheat field.

Quite unexpectedly for me from the bushes hear a dog barking, which I then did not communicate with his dog. Owners kontitentalnyh cops know how rare they are barking dogs. This usually occurs only at a meeting with the beast: wild boar, badger or a cat. Wild boar and badger mostly we previously found only on tests and competitions. Cats in the city of Nora not touch, but on the nature of barking drives at the trees.

Fun hunting with a gun

Photo: Mikhail Semin

My thoughts about a possible meeting with the cat broke that jumped out of the bushes and a huge hare, almost knocking me off my feet, raced at high speed in the field. In just a few seconds it seemed Mink and bad barking, passing a scream, ran after the hare. A few minutes passed, and there was a dog hanging from a fast running and walking, tongue up and down sides. Her eyes are easy to read a sense of accomplishment.

«Malicious» landrail

Beginning of September. Hunting on the swampy meadow game in the Moscow region in full swing. Dog combs isolated islands of marsh vegetation that are left in the field after all the grass mowed and wet areas not touched. In such places often found snipe and corncrake. I see that Nora stops at the front. I went over, sending the dog and waiting for take-off birds. It is not flies while periodically makes sounds not like the familiar cry of the corncrake.

The dog quickly start, I do too. The island is not big – no more than ten square meters. Crake is running in the grass, making strange noises. I feel a little more and the dog will start vzlaivat and malicious corncrake continues to run and yell a heart-rending voice. At some point Nork manage to catch fanatic and punched several times. On examination, the corncrake was a young bird of the year. Long hunt, but to the corncrake ran under the dog and shouted for the first time watch.

Three large to one small

It was in Spassky district of Ryazan region. We my friend Yura and Nora hunted quail. Quail were many. Works dog followed one after another.

Nora once again stuck in the front near the small, no more than one square meter, islet tansy. After sending the quail he did not take off, but rather lie low and play hide and seek with us. On top it was clearly visible as it runs from the dog, and she tries to grab his teeth and paws. To capture the villain and we joined with Yura.

Fun hunting with a gun

Photo: Mikhail Semin

Quail was incredibly nimble and after a five-minute fight with two big uncles and the dog was captured with his hands and solemnly released as a fully deserved it.

Valdshnepiny ram

It happened during the spring valdshnepinoy traction in Orekhovo-Zuyevo district, Moscow region. Having produced two birds, I was about to leave home, as I have almost complete darkness from somewhere almost crashed into the side of a woodcock.

He, apparently, it was my least discouraged by surprise and occurred just sat a foot away from me. After several repetitions of loud phrases «shoo birds», Tossed up a candle and disappeared into the blue of the outgoing PM.

There are also animals their pribambahi. It soothes one that I too was not like thrown a fur hat, mimicking the female woodcocks.

Grouse suicide

We sat once with a friend Stas in an ambush in the span spring goose. Gus did not want to fly, and we were about to leave home. It was very cold, and our profiles are stuck in the ground so frozen into the ground, we could barely pull them.

Pulling the last profile, Stas said that from the opposite side of the field, which is not less than a kilometer to fly us to the bottom of any large bird. When placing the profiles in the bag, we have peripheral vision watched her. It has become evident that this black grouse in their bright spring outfit. We are in the middle of the field openly and persistently continues to grouse to fly directly to us. When to it twenty meters left, a shot rang Stas, interrupted flight of this brooding, or rather much in love and had forgotten all about the black grouse.

Well, on the very expensive quail

Many legashatniki after several field seasons begin much better to shoot a bird in theft than to the side. Practice is the practice, nothing can be done. Typically, swampy meadow game of ten shots I have six or seven are effective, then there is, why there is no explanation.

Fun hunting with a gun

Photo: Mikhail Semin

Nora on a good run prihvatyvaet smell quail and steer quickly stopped without any potyazhki. I run, sending the dog forward command «pil» doublet and smear on the soaring bird. Quail flies no more than a hundred meters, and sits in a not very tall grass. I navozhu dog for bird migration, and everything is repeated again – takeoff, shot, miss.

This procedure I had done as much as five times as terrified quail disappeared behind a nearby fishing line. Produced later calculations showed that if I still managed to get this armored quail, its cost would exceed the cost of, for example, ten loaves of bread. Well, I got a very valuable specimen. And it happens in the hunt.

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