Haste to the first — the second to be late

Haste to the first - the second to be late

One frosty winter days working in her yard, I noticed just tired, no longer young hunter, heavy gait was returning from the fields. Suddenly, he stopped suddenly, looking down at his feet, stood little changed direction and began to move quickly and intently, sometimes carefully glancing around.

Then he quickly climbed to the covered with snow big pile of earth, I looked around, suddenly raised his shotgun in the air thundered two hasty shots. Bursting with curiosity and envy (that day to go on the hunt failed), I climbed the stairs and immediately saw a leaping hare in my direction.

Thirty meters from me hare stopped, sat down near the wire fence, looked around, saw a man, and assessing the situation, leisurely jumps left in the saving deep into bushes. Hunter also  hurriedly walked down the cleft trail, but an hour later came back  All the same weary gait.

Judging by his appearance and dull empty backpack, production at this time gone…
Do not restrain himself, I went to see the place failed shooting. What I saw is called one, but a very succinct and well-known in hunting circles, the word – «obzadil». It’s a shame, because a hare rose just ten meters from the hunter, and the fraction is well laid on the trail.

Haste to the first - the second to be late

I tried to imagine what happened. That flashed through the thick weeds suddenly raise hare, vskidku guns hasty leash with anticipation, because the aim set aside short-lived moments, two hasty shots –  and  unhurt animal is rapidly disappearing in the snow-covered bush… The situation is familiar to many, especially for beginners. It is painfully familiar to me.

I think that every self-respecting hunter before his very first access to the grounds, read a lot of hunting literature and theory is quite versed in matters of the proper selection of weapons and methods vskidku shooting rapidly moving target. But embarrassing blunders  to some extent, unfortunately, familiar to every hunter and has just begun. Often smeared me, especially at first, so  Eventually, I began to find their way to a successful shot.

The reasons for the failure of shooting written a lot, and I try to present his vision of the problem, however, from the standpoint of the layman. And, based on its fifteen years of experience, I want to touch the principal, in my opinion, factors affecting the failures and mistakes in the hunt.

Haste to the first - the second to be late

First –  a type of nervous system, mental and emotional state of the arrow. Excessive fervor at the time the game is the strongest passion and unnecessary haste, sometimes nervousness. A man in such moments  He forgets everything. Some simply can not cope with it at the time of the unexpected rise of the beast or bird.

The very often  I feel excessively strong emotion. Yes, sometimes it is difficult to keep yourself in hand, when from under the feet with shrill cries and flapping wings crash «exploding» a flock of partridges or grouse. Even in the northern regions, where many birds. The next two hasty, often fruitless shots and long intently gaze, accompanied by rapidly departing birds. «Pyatizaryadku to now!» – carried by one and the same idea is quite deceptive.

Yes, it is obvious that the more cold-blooded shooter is more likely, it is also vital to zverovoy hunting. A remedy for this, I think, one – often pick up a gun and go hunting, better moves. Never stand or theory can not replace the practical shooting. Slow the same reaction, on the other hand, often leads to a late shot.

    Second, and most important. Beast sometimes leaves a few moments for the shot. And whether it will be taken, or will take, it depends primarily on the training of the hunter. And it is first and foremost training «without scoring a point» in the absence of the stand, which many Russian hunters, unfortunately, has never been and is unlikely to visit.

Haste to the first - the second to be late

To many it is simply not affordable. Also  training on the stand do not give a full guarantee of successful shots on the hunt. Here, in my opinion, is crucial to a regular home exercise, that is correct, multiple vskidku rifle with aiming at a specific point on a leash and with further simulated shots. As with the right and left shoulder. As long as you are able to correctly perform the exercise.

And certainly in clothes designed for hunting. After all, game leaves no time for careful targeting. Over time, it produced the desired automatism and a sense of their weapons. A similar method, by the way, is used in the preparation of Chinese police. First-time training does not aim at shooting. Sometimes I throw up at flying birds in the yard of his house, and I think it is a very useful exercise.

And the greatest effect, as shown by my practice, training vskidku guns when entering the field, the forest, etc. Hunter is in the outfit and the actual conditions in which it is possible, and will shoot. It can be both deep snow and slush, highly rugged terrain (ravine slope), wind, rain, trees and dense vegetation, frost and heat, so much more that can be. And all this will have a significant impact on its results of shooting.

Haste to the first - the second to be late

In addition, the acquired skills for a short break between hunting still goes significantly. Experience has shown that when  do not neglect such a workout, then running quail hunting quail and corncrake interrupt their flight usually with the first shot.

I think this training – it is not a panacea, but recently, at the next entry in the bushes, I was not lazy and work on vskidku. The reward I was well-fed autumn woodcock shoot which also had a triple. Although mining woodcock without a dog – it is rather an exception, but I warmed up, «corrected sight» and managed to fit in those short-lived moments that are given for the shooting of a quiet and mysterious forest hermit. Hunters, especially legashatniki, knows how this snipe flies silently and immediately leaves for plexus branches. A good test of shooting skills.

Haste to the first - the second to be late

Third – Clothing and ammunition. Repeatedly urged, tight jacket and a heavy backpack – the enemies of the shot. How many times has the stock went wrong in the shoulder at fast vskidku? A fault has been overloaded backpack equipment, which delayed his shoulders, restrict movement and pulled the clothes in the chest, making it difficult to correct and instantaneous vskidku gun.

Fourth – improper or lack of anticipation, a stop at the end of leashes trunks and shot. Here, sometimes I just feel the need to physically workout on the bench under the guidance of an experienced marksman. No, no, yes happens to shoot at the hare, forgetting or failing to overtake his trunks to the desired value.

Haste to the first - the second to be late

Going on a hunt in the distance far, beat the clock plowing feet and hare takes pity because of this oversight, leaving the bitter disappointment and ditching long mood. It seemed that the whole theory of fire has long been studied, and its pre-emption has long generated considerable practice, but nonetheless an error that I regularly do. And then for a long time engaged in a self-suggestion, I have been saying the mantra that without overtaking and lead, with a stop in the barrel when a shot can not shoot. Yes, a little help, and the best remedy for this disease is still the same hard training and practice on the hunt.

Fifth – having a dog. If the line of fire was the haunting animal or bird dog, it is better to throw up trunks up. Do not try that at whatever cost to shoot and miss, or injure another. Quail much beloved dog alone!

Sixth – prohibitive distance. Gun – not Howitzer, its limited resources and a long distance shot shot is useless, and even harmful, it is well known, but nonetheless…  Better to let the hare go away unscathed, without grains under the skin.

Seventh – the physical condition of the hunter. Exhausted man at the end of the running hunting is unlikely to make a sighting shot on the rapidly moving target. Hands cotton, back tired legs could hardly wander stumbling, going, «holding up his gun», I do not to fire back would go out, and then scythe gleamed in the weeds… And in this case is not superfluous, I believe the recommendations of the old hunting books, the Council regularly pick up a dumbbell. Checked helps.

Eighth — way to gear cartridge. Hard to get short-circuited in a fast-flying bird factory cartridge with buckshot in the container. How confident you feel, the charge cartridges with Broadcast «eight» or «nine» own equipment! Each requires its own hunting cartridge, so try to think about it in advance, and not to think in the fields.

Haste to the first - the second to be late

 Finally, the gun barrel with the choke constriction. As an example, my TOZ 87M, which will not allow to relax when shooting close range. I recall a recent hunt. How many times repeated to myself, sweating and had forced his way through an hour gnarled branches and weeds old garden, that was not, and there is no hare as here it is, so long awaited, and the rapid rise of the animal is always a surprise.

Quick reversal, precise vskidku leash, hollow booming shot, the other (do not have time) – and then a hare instantly disappears into the dense thickets of grass. «Hit or not ?!» – frantically knocks on the head, is the place to wade arrow. Hectic search, but the skew is nowhere in sight – no hairs, bloodless. Ah, again slip… Tremors in the hands and easy breakdown until the next day.

Strong choke when firing flashing hare or woodcock close range in the bush, the forest, the forest belt or old orchards requires mastery of a gun, and yet is one of the main reasons for errors. Here, too, or cylinders, or «Onward to conquer the peaks of small skill!».

Haste to the first - the second to be late

Although there is no limit to perfection, but, read in a magazine «Hunting and fishing 21st Century» Number 3 in 2009 an article on gun Becassier, with a broad and sprawling fight circuit, mentally inclined to acquire in the future a similar snub shotgun modification, since my rabbit hunting, but at the same time annoying lapses to occur most often in the thickets and undergrowth.

On successful mastery of fire sometimes takes years. It takes more than one season running hunts, but the development will be much easier if you train hard and bring to the automaticity level reflex known and simple rules at the time vskidku butt to his shoulder. And once the inevitable slip – it is an occasion for further work on yourself. A training vskidku believe the same necessary element of fees for hunting, as well as laying a backpack.

Sergei Chukhleb, Belgorod oblast25 October 2012 at 00:00

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