Hunting dog: unsupervised property of the people

REPORT OF EL Cavour at the 3rd All-Russian scientific-practical conference «Modern Problems of hunting dog breeding» GNU them. PROF.B.M. Zhitkova, Kirov, 21-23.05.2014

Hunting dog: unsupervised property of the people

What’s going on in the hunting dog breeding, can be compared only with the Zaporizhzhya Cossack outlaws wisely liquidated by Empress Catherine the Great. Photo: Mikhail Semin

First of all, I thank the conference organizers for the very fact of it. Especially since the event is organized by the country’s only specialized public as an authoritative research institutes. Up to date and time of the conference on such a difficult issue the running as a hunting dog breeding — when hunting Russia, part of which he is, is run by institutions whose activities raise questions rather than the feeling of an adequate management of Russian hunting.

 And these questions are as follows:

— Why or why such structures exist in principle?

— Whose interests they represent and defend — but not declarative, but in reality?

The current state of the hunting dog is a logical outcome of all that has happened and is happening now with a Russian hunting. Therefore, it is hardly expedient to consider it in isolation from the general problem of the status of hunting in Russia. Today, I see no objective prerequisites for improving the situation in the hunting dog breeding even partially – without a radical change in the entire modern system of organization and management of the hunting economy of the Russian Federation, carried out at the appropriate governmental level.

However, that is no reason for the passive or standby inspired miracles from God — the prospect of extinction because of the hunting dog, as an entity, or go into forms, where it will be unrecognizable even to the hunters become the harsh reality. I think we’ve been standing on the threshold of it.

State completely abandoned hunting dog – «sub-sector» Hunting (even as a source of much greater than it is now, budget revenues), and most importantly — from the most hunting dogs, like the evolutionary achievements of mankind, and, speaking of Russia, — the pearl of our national heritage and cultural heritage.

Hunting dog breeding, originally a former whole ethno-historical layers of life of the people has been given in the undivided and, unfortunately, absolutely uncontrolled vladenieobschestvennyh organizations, one of which is also foreign. As a result, Russia has lost hunting dog breeding, it is as a single, coherent and clear system. But those to whom it had fallen as the unexpected grace, received unlimited possibilities, including acting in its sole discretion.

Principle: «Do whatever you want» He became their unofficial motto — in an artificially maintained, and a comfortable, nepodnadzornoy confusion. Why not get up to mischief — if not, no hint of the fact that the system state regulation of the hunting dog (excluding narrowly focused place in the context of regulations relevant legislation recently blew up Wednesday Kennel — changes in Claim 46 of the Rules of hunting), and even signs of at least some attention the question of the state.

Having familiarized with the regulations of hunting dog breeding period of 1951. I was impressed with its clarity, simplicity, thoroughness and consistency and competence. Probably, in the second year after the war, Stalin’s government was much less of a problem than the present, and it is to find time for such «trivia» — However instructing their public authority – Glavohote RSFSR… «Hunter Calendar»1951 – I recommend.

The same is happening in the hunting dog breeding now, can be compared only with the Zaporizhzhya Cossack outlaws, by the way, it is wise liquidated by Empress Catherine the Great.

Department of state policy and regulation in the field of hunting and wildlife Ministry of Natural Resources… The very name of this body makes to think about the device sverkreativnym thinking of who wrote such a miracle, and those who approved.

Can a normal person is to remember «slovozapletenie»Not to mention the understanding of the essence of what the agency under the name of a marvelous sim – rather it indicates that it is not all right in our hunting kingdom. In his opinion on the language of the current officials, especially hunting, I’m not alone, and more than once expressed in his publications.

Language in fact expresses the idea and nature of its owner. The desirability of gaining a sense of the Russian language, referring to the head of this department A. Bersenёvu mentions and D.Sc. prof. B. Kuzyakin in article «No need to dirty my name!» (EGR number 18, 2014.). Moreover, the reason for this change is the treatment served to claim 46 of the Rules of hunting that is symptomatic…

Speaking of the state body «policies… etc.»That I find it easier to call «Ohotdepom», We can confidently say: a hunting dog breeding, he has nothing to do voobsche.V its structure there is division in charge of hunting dog breeding.

That is well understood: the very lead agency – MNR – It created not for hunting. And he has the unconditional Ohotdep investigation and, no doubt, the next, not the last stage of successive opportunistic political and economic «exercises» States with hunting, carried them to the supply of various lobbyists, but certainly not in the interests of ordinary hunters.

Hunting dog: unsupervised property of the people

The director of the Kirov VNIIOZ Igor Dome. Photo by the author

So, what sort of dogs – When the problem completely different! After the disappearance of the Soviet Union, the rest of the territory it ruled for a long time «Curators» from the United States and their servants from «democratic Europe». How it will end for a number of countries, and certainly will end in Ukraine – flourishing Soviet republic known. Fortunately, with our country the situation has changed for the better. But as a result «Democratic» reform Russia destroyed hunting and hunting dog breeding has become a moribund disabled person who, if alive until then solely due to individual enthusiasts and ordinary canine hunter-breeders.

It is they who, in spite of, not because of the structures, so to speak, «taxiing» dog breeding, cultivated individual dogs and hunt with them in Russia. Although the post-Yeltsin Russian leadership has focused more on Russian values, poisonous spores pathological activity of Western liberalism, killed at the end of the twentieth century, entire sectors of our economy, yet steadfastly pervade many government agencies. And Ohotdep MNR, in my opinion, are among the leaders.

Hunting dogs, as I said, it «not about him». Accordingly, to speak about this agency in line with our main theme is meaningless. On the possible politicization of rebuke in my speech, I will answer: Hunting in Russia, including with a dog – million deal, and a hunting dog – our national heritage, which can be lost forever. So really not here to get away from politics?

Now, about those who, so to speak, «headed» hunting dog breeding vast country. It Association POPC and FCI (RKF).

Association POPC. All past achievements, power and greatness of this purely social organization, were far in the past — when she had almost state status and ministerial authority. This is probably consistent with the requirements of the early 50-ies of XX century (but in 80 years the problem of growing avalanche).

During a recent historical transformation of the Association of POPC POPC (hereinafter — the Association), the structure is conceptually smenilasvoyu conceptual and legal entity. She became the only association of legal entities, where the key figure of the previous ordinary hunter simply disappeared, and no impact on the activities of the Association no longer has – except intact membership fees (a beneficial effect on the financial condition of the Association and its functionaries).

But in hard and fast changing economic, legal and social conditions, the Association has become a kind of bizarre and incomprehensible phenomenon like social organization, and is almost a public function — holds enormous land, sells federal property – hunting animals (or, as it is now accepted – «hunting resources»)…

A non-profit organization and business activities — in full swing! Positioning your social status and promote the interests of the hunters association openly engaged in commerce, including in the part of the hunting dog, what I say below. «…Today, our budget is clear. Its components – economic and commercial activities» (this is the president of the Association in an interview with T. Aramileva EGR №13, 26.03-01.04.2013).

This means that a purely public and non-profit organization into the commercial. I suppose it is not linked with the rules of paragraph 5 of Chapter 4 «Nonprofits» Civil Code, st.117 — «Social and religious organizations (associations)».

Meanwhile, Acc. POPC – it’s the same thing, for example, the Union of Russian bakeries, workers’ organizations, ritual, or the Association of teachers of driving schools… But, unlike Ass. POPC, these and similar organizations in any state (or similar to that), the authority did not have a close.

Ass.RORS same, using the inertia of the past, and in the absence of proper attention of the state, still ably presents itself as a government agency – not being a part of it even. Absurd!

It is clear that in the hunting dog breeding ARORS also claims to be the rule of statehood and (secretly competing with RKF). Obviously, considering himself the heir of the great Soviet POPC – almost ministry ARORS simulates rough activity. Moreover, being a holder VPKOS – the only legacy of the great Soviet Glavohoty, give it some public stigma. And like a joke, has remained in «Testimony to the hunting dog» entry «protection of state hunting dog breed»… This trump card – VPKOS — pretty fake, considering that about the same document have FCI.

Hunting dog: unsupervised property of the people

Opening of the Conference was unusual. Director of the Institute of Igor Dome, opening the conference, during the welcoming speech awards owners of huskies winning competitions on a stool bear licenses for bear and moose. Photo by the author

The most «touchable» activities of the department are POPC dog exhibitions, competitions and testing of dogs – is not the most complicated in terms of their organization aspect. Moreover, in many respects it is lightweight enthusiastic breeders themselves, their devotion to their four-legged companions, the activity of individual clubs affiliated with Ass.RORS.

These activities are the most profitable and financially. But they cause often temperamental criticism, and even extreme dissatisfaction with the Kennel (judging organization, the cost of participation in activities). Suffice it to recall the National Dog Show in Tula (2012.), Where amateurism organizers and incompetent appeared clearly.

In addition, even the high-profile announcement at the opening ceremony turned out to be a daunting task for the organizing committee… Please faulty landline speaker brought a megaphone, but he did not work… So can such a structure to address global issues of domestic dog? Of course not.

As for the cost of the measures, there is the so-called public and official non-profit organization ARORS not hesitate in the methods did not differ from the owner of stalls in the market or station. It has even come to discrimination ARORS members within the Association.

For example, MOOiR, whose chairman V. Kiryakulov is also the Deputy President of ARORS, introduced order in which the price pritravki or testing ITS MOOiR for owners ohotbileta ARORS but not MOOIRovskogo, twice as high as for the members MOOiR…Why not both profits and coerced into MOOiR that also increase profits?

With regard to the charging of different categories of dog owners in the events held ARORS, you can talk long and emotional, but not worth it. However, it should be said that all payments under the same ITS made in cash without issuing payment documents, which is a direct violation of the laws of the Russian Federation. This proves once again that ARORS here has been operating as a private shop, and all of its claims to certain departmental significance, ridiculous.

But the negative effect is great: Many breeders have ceased to happen on ITS – for various reasons, among them the protest, the principal, and often financial. Thereby promising the dog falls out of sight of fellow hunters and dog handlers, therefore, from the perspective of their breeding.

All the rest of the activities ARORS in dog breeding can be described as follows: «About anything».

On the lower level departments ARORS dog actually has no effect and can not be by definition. So inherent in the very essence of the organizational-legal ARORS: it is only a voluntary association of independent legal entities – legal entities. Therefore, every canine ohotobschestva in the area or region free to act at its discretion in any matter – to command them ARORS department dog can not install it can be only advisory in nature – Vertical some power there.

Hunting dog: unsupervised property of the people

And that cost, for example, all that arrogance renaming CFLs in KL? In addition to the confusion and stormy foam in a vacuum of this venture POPC failed. Could this happen in Soviet times? Of course not. As a result, some owners karelok remained puzzled amazement, the other warning in advance and got a second set of documents RKF, where CFLs illegally renamed FSH, and depending on the situation, placing the documents on the events in the CFL, then Photoshop – an innocent prostitution… Third – I do not give a damn on the problem itself, and paperwork. ARORS as it does not affect. As with everything else.

No active measures in relation to RCF and its president A. Inshakova, say, at least, arbitrariness and abuse of authority by signing an agreement with the Finnish Kennel Clube to rename the CFL in Photoshop (2006.). But there ought to apply to the court. And indeed: its clear position on the RKF ARORS not mean, from which I conclude that the status quo is acceptable for her. (But my friends Karelia, simple hunters said they do not want to even hear about any Photoshop – Only CFLs! And it inspires me).

Applications, announced in a letter to Aramilёvoy in response to «Riot dog breeders» (initiated by L. Gibet), cause a big smile. Especially in a place where it is strongly blasphemes FCI, patriotic rejecting «western values»… In fact, everything is exactly the opposite.

I left section of CFLs (CL) MOOiR precisely because it proved in vain L. Gibet specifically about the incompatibility of interests, goals and objectives of the Russian hunting dog and the FCI, and the need to complete distancing from the show and exhibition of a foreign organization. But LA actively trying to infiltrate and gain a foothold in the organization — under the slogan «the salvation of our breed by recognizing it in FCI»By participating in a section of its exhibitions FCI, collecting signatures and agitating for «assimilation» in FCI (but, in fact, what difference we recognize, we do not recognize?).

Then, however, received a goal FCI turn, it has already started talking publicly about «unnecessary Western values»… So if it is so alien, what it really had to strain? Especially since the real hunting the same karelkoy hunters mere existence FCI profoundly indifferent?

I think that here it is not about high ideals and a completely different. The fact karelki aesthetic appeal, convenience of its content and, therefore, in the demand for it is not even a hunter. Facts purchase karelok as decorative dogs are known to me personally – how karelochniku.

Breeding. Under a thick veil slogans ARORS individual representatives of the alleged conduct of its exemplary and exemplary organization, clearly visible picture of empty space. No signs of organization and management of the work from the CPU ARORS not observed at all.

The uniform database of dogs otstvuet – All statements reverse evil. Each region lives its own separate life, varyas in its own juice. The local breeders, part mating contact, at best, with dog breeders in neighboring regions.

Updating the dog’s blood, so almost no. Several times a year visiting the hunting expeditions in different parts of Russia and dealing with hunters, dog breeders, it can assert. Some owners of working dogs in the regions have no idea about how things work in dog breeding, though interested, others know a lot, but have long ceased to be interested in the question – precisely because of the knowledge of the situation – and just hunt with their dogs.

But MOOiR about the same locked-in – when Moscow and the region on one of the other dogs already know nothing. Inter-regional links, in order to improve the breed, as part of the system works, no. And if there is, it is only at the personal initiative of the owners. Basically knitted continuously the same dog.

However, many owners over the years do not get binding for their dogs without being approximate head breed sections. But «close to the body» Regular knit their dogs (often with dogs of the same section of the manual). Of course, at events held by POPC, these dogs and their offspring always a leader – often even in the presence of defects, excluding, for example, exhibition participation.

Known mated females under the age of 11 years. And everything is fine! Inbreeding has become commonplace, it is pointless to deny: scanned images of documents Internet is teeming. In short, the situation is this: if you want to breed your dog, hope for myself. Personally, I and my associates and reported. In the center and the regions, many hunters, having individual dogs, does not even think about their documentation – as long as the dog is working.

If you lose a dog give birth to another, buying a puppy from reputable manufacturers – also without documents, but proven to work. No doubt many of us hunting in areas repeatedly observed excellent work «paperless» dogs. From the official breeding turnover, thus avoiding a significant amount of valuable producers.

Of course, it always took place, but on a different scale. Division Kennel POPC and this is clearly not interested. It is easier (and satisfying) to produce captive-decoy heroes on ITS… And then they also stand as indicators of breeding achievements.

A separate theme – keeping breeding documentation. Moreover, in the absence of a unified database of hunting dogs of the Russian Federation. This work is done randomly, haphazardly, in general, by gravity. Blunders in the certificate of origin of the dog – The usual thing. When they leave the last remaining breeding sector specialists sections – Most elderly people – the situation becomes critical. The owners are often faced with great difficulties in the design of the same VPKOS.

Of course, against this background, countless different breed clubs whose purpose is only to profit from trading puppies and breeding there is poor. This loudly declare some figures MOOiR constantly emphasizing that it was «private» «clubs and «klubiki»Thereby exposing themselves public system, with the adjusted mechanism of conducting dog… The truth is there is no system for a long time, but the receptions of profit (often from scratch) and the subtleties of these persons from commerce MOOiR teach and old Rothschild.

So what MOOiR different from any private club? I think absolutely nothing. Besides, I know the clubs, where almost all the dog work and sense of responsibility of owners of the club, their integrity and commitment immeasurably higher. And these clubs charge a fee equal to the participants, regardless of their belonging ohotbileta.

Competitions and freestyle tests on animal species. In many ways they are organized department Kennel POPC unsatisfactory — a minimum of effort, without proper reconnaissance land, and sometimes even without it. However, then the Internet or in the press reports are all cheerful (whatever they say, great!) – against the backdrop of a radically different views of ordinary members.

Speaking of dogs closest to me – husky — it should be noted that of 62 huskies races scheduled ARORS in 2014, freestyle forms only 11-Th (slightly more than 17%). This is not surprising for such a commercialized «Public» organizations like Ass.RORS — money from captive notices much more: after all there and Vanity Fair, and just pure intentions – In any case, the participants do not find it.

Hunting dog: unsupervised property of the people

In a break. Photo by the author

Many owners put several dogs, and even across the triad «bear, wild boar, badger» simultaneously. Organizing such events is immeasurably easier than the competition for the same protein, where a one-time payment, and the process is time consuming; and the judges, as a rule, the commission – naughty rated complicated. But we know cases when tests for protein such licenses simply draw – most offered.

Preparing expert dog trainers — a big problem. Here, the absolute monopoly of POPC. Except it does not prepare one expert. Even oversee the process of preparing the students and their examinations nobody – Yet their circles. And, therefore, you can do whatever you want: to assign skill, form at their discretion training programs, etc. Report not to anyone. Can this be acceptable? I am convinced that there is. However, in 2014. training courses were not able to recruit the necessary number of students, which is partly evidenced by the attitude of people in the institution exclusively trained dog handlers ARORS.

This is only a drastic problem. Such «little things» how biased or incompetent judging and evaluation of judges at the exhibitions and competitions of their own dogs, fictitious diplomomah on tests, squeezing money from the owners of individual dogs RORSovskih ITS by the systematic underestimation of the work is good working dog — in order to encourage the owner again and again to visit the ITS for certification or increasing its extent is likely to need to talk separately. But be sure!

So I think the obvious inadequacy and incapacity ARORS on the issue of hunting dog breeding in Russia. I emphasize in particular: the point here is not in the personalities. Just it should be recognized that in the changing and ever-changing present conditions, first of all, the legal and legal, ARORS simply unable to conduct this work at an appropriate level, by definition. It is logical that you can not endlessly «go» the old heritage, besides pretty shabby decades of change and chaos.

Therefore, treatment of a large group of well-known expert dog trainers and breeders of hunting to President T. Aramilёvoy POPC, about the discontent of the department ARORS dog, no more than touchingly naive shot into the air. For him, the answer, of course, did not follow and is not followed. And the responsibility for ignoring how this and other appeals, the target will not suffer. Since it is not a state agency or local authority, and is not official — but only for those categories Federal Law number 59 of the Federal Law of May 6, 2006. «On the order of work with citizens of the Russian Federation» It provides for the obligation to respond to citizens within 30 days, on any appeal.

So, good luck, colleagues, and appealing in future on other matters to the President Ass. POPC, which you do not even obliged to answer. But this situation is further illustrated as is the case in hunting dog breeding, the lack of any leverage «baseman» on «tops». About a revolutionary situation we are not talking – rather, the silence of the marsh and hopelessness Ass.RORS as a serious subject in a hunting dog breeding.

RKF (FCI). The second major «player» Hunting dog in the field and more successful competitor ARORS. MLA show exhibition, purely commercial interests. What is the relationship with the Russian hunting dog breeding? No. But in the sovereign territory of Russia — a huge impact on dog breeding in general and on hunting in particular. This is an organization whose headquarters is in Brussels…

It is symbolic that in the same place and the headquarters of NATO …

In accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, to 2013. each foreign non-profit organization operating in the territory of the Russian Federation, is required to officially declare himself as a foreign agent. The law applies to Helsinki Group, not to mention the FCI. This requirement does not comply with the law FCI. And what? And then: the foreign agent representing the interests of a foreign entity are long bend under him an impressive part of the hunting dog breeders of Russia, from Moscow to the suburbs. What, of course, contributed to the event of change of epochs, but, I think, to a large extent — selfish and ambitious thoughts of many of our ordinary dog ​​breeders, dog functionaries, experts, dog handlers then POPC, yet alone rulivshim question.

Hunting dog: unsupervised property of the people

On the morning of May 22 (the second day) work started — without delay, strictly 10 hours. First performed VG Osipov of the Yakut State Agricultural Academy — on the formation of the nucleus of a new breed group «Yakut Laika hunting.» Photo by the author

If in the early 90’s someone excitedly proud that their exhibition (decorative dogs) will be judged «present» Swede or an Englishman (Oh, to bring happiness to visit Russia!), then very soon and quietly all domestic dog breeding danced to the accompaniment of FCI – if we never had any official culture or hunting dogs.

That Russia, with its centuries-old tradition of hunting with dogs, breeds its own, unique natural and climatic conditions, and with nothing comparable spaces, found himself on the outskirts of civilization, world of dog breeding. And should listen to the instructions of the guru overseas, including of the countries, which on the map is not found immediately, with much shorter history than any central Russian town.

However, a number of hunting dog handlers quickly assessed the situation on: money more than the then POPC; Expert titles again a bit fancier nashenskih – the Latin abbreviation and the prefix «international»; the price is more expensive puppies — Documents from the FCI, the possibility of their sales abroad, the smell of the coveted West dreams (often unfounded) participation in international events on the road, etc. We assess and quickly pulled a hunting dog breeding in FCI, proclaiming it in every way and the great avant-garde.

This happened and is happening at the inactivity and passivity ARORS, in his lack of any position on this issue. Moreover, part of the dog handlers are already experts, both through ARORS and in the FCI at the same time (but from ARORS, however, are in no hurry to come off).

At RKF-FCI is and its real trump card in the form of, in fact, state functions: it only endorses monopoly right to export the dogs of the Russian border. I wonder why?! And why is it applied to hunting dogs — which show exhibition FCI has nothing to do? We have that – «zwei varieties»?

But Ass.RORS and do not care. Nothing against FCI, at the same time, do not test. Want owners Chow, bobtail or mekikanskih naked dogs live by the rules of FCI — their right. But when it is about a hunting dog, not even domestic breed, but has long been a partner Russian hunter, my personal opinion is categorical: no FCI and like her on our hunting field should not be.

An unprecedented act of the President RKF Inshakova renaming of autocratic Russian pride — CFLs in Photoshop, I have already mentioned. This situation is not in itself – and with the complicity of some cunning and connivance RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz other figures, and in particular, MOOiR.

Some today keep quiet in a rag, while others scream about patriotism and pernicious Western values… And no response and volitional action by the CPU of the Association since 2006… Against this background, some of the figures from the FCI– including infinitely distant from hunting, but his grip — deploying business karelkah puppy, they call them FS, and have claimed, you see, on the «own vision of the breed»By expanding the branch network in Russia for his club; CFLs are buying puppies and restructure their documents in Photoshop, and then resell expensive, including abroad.

But unlike some representatives MOOiR, FCI does not hide its commercial nature. I believe that the activities of FCI in Russia even more aggravated domestic hunting dog breeding, already breathing its last. What breed take, all the conflict and irreconcilable differences — often due to collision of our supporters and Western views.

Take the same German cops, for example, which has long spears pop. Why do we need other people’s concepts? And generally speaking – Name at least one positive result and understandable to citizens of Russia’s participation in any international organizations, where it pulled in a quarter century. Speaking of the most close to us topics remember humane traps or perspective strenuously lobbied grantososami Russia’s accession to AEWA. The same fully applies to the FCI – Russia and here in the role of the peasant durakovatogo, reverently looking into the mouth rogue overseas.

Thus, we examined the main tandem «players». One of his party – structure with quasi-governmental functions, impotence, without politics and the concept of a coherent organization hopeless because of their organizational and legal form. Another one – rich foreign federation, clearly organized, with its real state functions (sight export dogs overseas). Between themselves, they are not related officially, but unofficially – very broadly, at all levels, from ordinary dog ​​breeders and finishing experts. And as a result of both – deep damage to the hunting dog breeding.

All this speaks of the futility and the continued existence of such a deadlock situation. Without the active intervention of the state and the resumption of public management principles hunting dog breeding, the latter does not keep. But the MPR Ohotdep this does not fit – as well as for hunting management in principle – despite some positive achievements, such as the introduction of OBEFO (though how did it badly).

As evidence of his allegations cite just one example – the present state and the professional approach of hunting dogs. Now such a thing is impossible… …To attend to the problem of reducing the amount of waste NLB and purity of the breed in the Tyumen region, identified from the beginning of the 40s of the twentieth century, Glavohota RSFSR adopted a decision to hold a 1962-64g.g. canine expeditions to identify the state of the hunting dog.

Hunting dog: unsupervised property of the people

Hunting dog breeding has become a moribund disabled person who, if alive until then solely due to individual enthusiasts and ordinary canine hunter-breeders. Photo: Anton Zhuravkova

In 1962, during the first expedition (they this year was three!) Experts visited 32 villages and fishing camps along the river. Ob River. Nazim, examined 800 (!) Dogs, huskies are 512 (!). Ratings «Exc.» 3 dogs received, «och.hor.»- 12, «chorus.» — 66, «Satisfactory.» -177. Revealed with huskies, reindeer herding dog mestizo – 100 hybrids with sheepdogs – 21 stray dogs –164.

It was determined the ratio of males and females in all localities, found that females worse esktereru; identified the individual characteristics of exterior huskies in different villages (!). During the second and third expeditions on the Ob and Nazim viewed 411 dogs, including huskies — 223; Irtysh – 369 dogs, huskies – 274. diplomas: Obi and Nazim 105, on the Irtysh 143. Laek-puppies up to 10 months. Obi and Nazim was 26, on the Irtysh – 42. Metis laikas was respectively 71 and 54, mongrel dogs 117 and 41. The assessment «Exc.»Receive 1 dog «och.hor.» — 4, «chorus.»-25 «Satisfactory.» — 75. At the Irtysh 2 «Exc.», 8 «och.hor.»41 «chorus.» and 102 «Satisfactory.». That is the level!

Try – repeat «Chiefs» Kennel – Even with computers, car navigation and satellite communications. So those who think that ruptured in the field of professional management of hunting dog breeding and stupid philistines do not understand it, it would be better to keep silent.

I offer my vision to solve the problem:

— First of all, we need a united and independent Federal Center, self-administering all, without exception, the issues of hunting and hunting in Russia on the basis of the uniformity – by type Glavohoty USSR (conditionally – «Glavrosohota»), Which should take the whole learning experience by applying it to the conditions of modern realities.

This body is completely independent, is not included in any of the executive branch. Participation in the so-called «public-private partnership» not provided. Submission: President of the Russian Federation, direct and immediate. This body is endowed with the fullness of power and competence in the field of amateur and professional hunting and recreational fishing.

He is the only managerial and scientific-methodical center whose orders, directions and recommendations are binding on all individuals and legal entities engaged in hunting and artisanal fishing in the territory of the Russian Federation — irrespective of the nationality of natural persons, their property, social position and status, and regardless of country of the legal person.

Structure. General Administration — is stationed in Irkutsk, perhaps in the city of Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, and Moscow. It has territorial control in the capital of subjects of the Russian Federation, and the grassroots units (regional / inter-regional). Submission strictly vertical. No addictions of all levels «Glavrosohoty» from local authorities, including the management of entities is not provided.

Goals and objectives, an exemplary funding mechanism, the formation of personnel, maintenance of the inspector-Jaeger composition sotsgaranii for its employees, and other matters proposed by me in the publication «Path Russian hunting (subjective vision)». It is the Internet, including Online Hunters. py, and the horn (though there zamglavredaktora, contrary to the agreements published only entry, deliberately stating that the full text on site – namely, there was all the specifics – which is understandable: the chief editor of the policy aimed at pecking Ohotdepa, while exalting the role of the Asse. POPC – and the publication contains a negative assessment of how Ohotdepa and POPC).

— Full competence in hunting dog breeding in Russia entrust «Glavrosohotu»Which should become the sole managerial, organizational and methodological and scientific-practical center of the Federal hunting dog.

It carries out control and supervision of breeding, hunting using hunting dogs breeding work, the book leads VPKOS; It provides the most favorable conditions for hunting with dogs – huskies, beagles, Norn, greyhounds, cops and Spaniels – as the most used by Russian hunters, fully contributes to the development and preservation of domestic breeds of hunting dogs.

«Glavrosohota» conducts international cooperation in matters of hunting dog breeding, control the import and use of hunting dogs from abroad – in order to avoid the negative effects of hereditary genetic and physiological nature of working in the domestic breeds of hunting dogs, adverse effect on the quality of their work, gives permission for the export of Russian hunting dogs abroad.

In it are run by specialized nurseries like Irkutsk, Kirov VNIOZ the Soviet period, which is necessary to create, at the same time returning to the hunting dog breeding kennel – instead the club has not justified itself.

Club dog breeding remains. but operates under the full control «Glavrosohoty». Delegation «Glavrosohotoy» powers for the hunting dog in any non-governmental organizations, such as RKF (FCI), POPC – RWC, MOOiR, etc., is excluded, in whole or in part – except when the organization (assistance in the organization, participation in the equity) of certain activities that clearly limited by the types of exhibitions, competitions or tests. At the same time the organization of refereeing and the procedure for such actions are a prerogative of unconditional «Glavohoty».

— Organization «Glavrosohotoy» in federal districts of the network of nurseries hunting dogs of various breeds, taking into account geographical distribution and preferential use of hunting of certain breeds of dogs, with its own veterinary service at nurseries.

— Mandatory reporting of the owner of the dog from the nursery to nursery of her work use, participation in exhibitions, competitions and trials – during the entire active life of the dog.

— Adding to the list of hunting dog breeding animals indicated in the Federal Law on livestock breeding (chicken, cow and pig made and a hunting dog – no). Keeping the classic Russian hunting with a dog (husky, hound, greyhound) from the onslaught of commercial «pig» and the organization of hunting elk.

— It should be at the state level to avoid any attempts by international canine organizations or individuals to discredit the domestic breeds of hunting dogs, both in the world and in Russia itself, unauthorized renaming of domestic breeds of these organizations and their agents, acting on the territory of the Russian Federation (foreign agents), conducting policy rejection and denial in Russia and beyond its borders domestic breeds and denial of their Russian origin, as is the case with the Karelian-Finnish (Karelian) husky – This breed is in the foreign agent — RKF (FCI) is called «Finnish Spitz»And the absolute priority of Finland in the creation of this breed is presented as an axiom. You should also exclude unauthorized rename rocks, as was the case in MOOiR in 2010. against Karelian Bear Dog, renamed «Karelian».

— Creating public and private (under control «Glavrosohoty») Centers for training and improvement of professional skill of experts canine hunting dog.

I’m not naive and I understand perfectly well that the hope for a Glavrosohoty, public attention to the hunting dog breeding in the near future is unlikely. But because the conference is invited to consider the issue of transfer of management functions Kirov VNIIOZ hunting dog breeding as the state specialized institutions whose orders and recommendations will be mandatory for all public and private entities in the field of hunting dog, for each of the registered owner of a hunting dog. I think that only specialists of this institution, besides having a kennel Huskies with 70 years of history, will be able to establish order in a hunting dog breeding in Russia, putting it on a clear scientific and practical basis. On this issue is referred to the President and the Prime Minister on behalf of the Conference.

Eugene Cavour, an ordinary hunter breeder

Moscow. May 2014.

Date of Report: 21.05.14g.


RESOLUTION III All-Russian scientific-practical conference «Modern problems of hunting dog breeding»Held in the city of Kirov (VNIIOZ) 20-23 May 2014

RESOLUTION Download in PDF format HERE (150Kb)

Hunting dog: unsupervised property of the people

Hunting dog: unsupervised property of the people

Eugene Kavura6 June 2014 at 00:00

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