Hunting with Laika on small weasel

Finely kunimi traditionally called several species of fur-bearing animals, belonging to the same family. In the European part of Russia is the ermine, dark, or forest, polecat, European and American mink. In the southern part of the region added to them light polecat, the habitat of which comes to the desert zone. Behind the Ural Mountains up to the Far East and the borders with China and Mongolia — columns and Solongo. And in some regions of Primorye column reaches high numbers, hunting him with husky do not disdain even the fishers. A day with a working dog can get 8-10 column.

Hunting with Laika on small weasel

Photo: Mikhail Semin

Most members of the weasel family is dense, with a fairly high degree of wearability fur and skins THEIR valued quite high. Small marten are no exception, even of the smallest – weasels – produced the royal mantle. The fur from animals of this group in its own unique and can satisfy any fashionista. It varies from the snow-white – ermine, red – columns to dark brown – mink.

     Most of the catch of small weasel conducted using various samolovov, but even commercial hunters mined their passing with huskies, if hunting it is not time-consuming. In the past, a large number of small marten pelts were reported in the blanks on the hunter-contract workers, or as they are called, seasonal. This is a completely isolated group of hunter-laechnikov, they just kept working dogs, and from one year to use them in the fishery furs.

Thus, residents of Moscow and Moscow went in sparsely populated areas to the north, north-east of the capital, even traveled to the Urals. Climbs into the wilderness, lived with friends of hunters in abandoned villages, wagons, abandoned loggers, using vacation. And enthusiastically indulged in his favorite hunting with huskies for furs. Many were seasonal and rural areas of European Russia, most of them hunted with huskies and knew the value of a working dog. Working in the Kostroma region, I was familiar with the old hunters, who, combining hunting with Laika with a trap fishery, mined only civets to twenty pieces for the season.

     The fishing areas of the contract concluded at a rally of hunters, which is held every year before the start of the fur trade. Procuring organizations with whom to contract, hunters supplied weapons, ammunition, traps, cheap food. And all of these products are dispensed with discounts up to 40%. Good land is assigned to the best hunters, handed over state more furs. This will undoubtedly stimulate fishing took less fur on the black market, allowing to restore at least some order in the fur trade.

     Fishing for small weasel hunter requires more equipment, more time spent on animal production and a long-term presence in certain lands. It can not afford full-time hunters who are primarily interested in the financial side of the fishery. Before falling out of deep snow, he trades with his dog massive and expensive types of fur – squirrel, sable or marten. Therefore, the appearance of huskies, working together with other types of small kunim merit is seasonal.

     Most of the representatives of small marten living in the forest and taiga zone, gravitate to the boundaries of wetlands and riparian forest lands. This is likely due to the fact that such places have a rich food base. The main habitat of these animals – Origins and floodplains, lake, oxbow lakes and a variety of man-made bodies of water, from ponds to large reservoirs.

     Stacee habitat of various kinds may overlap, but they will never live in peace and harmony – This food rivals. Larger and more powerful members of this group displaced from their hunting grounds Viable and weaknesses. So, introduced to the south of Sakhalin American mink completely destroyed inhabited the floodplains of the Japanese column – itatsi, imported to the Japanese in their time. On the territory of Central Russia, it also displaces the European mink, it is considerably inferior in size to the land unsuitable for habitation.

     In principle, the name “Small marten” not quite true if we are talking about relative sizes of sable or marten. I had to extract forest polecat, surpassing the size of the average marten and mink long without a tail more than half. This size or marten, sable or can not reach. But we will not deviate from the approved the rules, especially since we are talking about hunting with huskies on small weasel.

     As a rule, especially in small weasel huskies do not train just during other hunting dog is the animal itself and starts working. All martens have a peculiar, bright scent that attracts dogs, and eventually leads them into a frenzy. However, if the hunter is not interested in working for small dogs kunim, she begins to work selectively, for the game that the hunter shoots.

Hunting with Laika on small weasel

Photo: Mikhail Semin

     The animals, the dog caught by surprise, could take refuge in a tree; I had to produce mink with a large tree, which stands on the banks of the river. The trees can be saved by the advancing Hori dog, ermine, columns, much less a mink, always trying to go into the water. Dogs all members of the weasel family are afraid of panic and flee from them as best can be: in the water hole, or on the tree. But who had taken refuge in the crown of the tree of the number of small animal weasel is the exception rather than the rule, mink trying to get to the water, and others prefer land of asylum. Therefore, when hunting for small weasel hunter requires additional equipment, the use of which increases the likelihood of a successful hunt.

     Also ax required for any hunting for furs with a husky, you need to take the easy hunting Sapper shovel, probe and obmet. All these devices are unlikely to charge you, but the skillful use of their chances to sneak the animal will be kept to a minimum. Probe – This stalistoy wire rod about a meter long. For convenience, one end thereof is folded to form the handle. With its help define the boundaries and size of basal voids or holes, in which the animal took shelter, and kicked him out. Obmet – a lightweight, woven from thin thread, mesh width of 1-1.5 m with a cell 20-35mm.

When hunting marten and sable obmet make up to 50 meters, in small enough weasel 10-15 meters. Obmetom not necessarily entangle the entire dam or a large pile of firewood, which had taken refuge under the animal. The grid is set in a half-moon with the alleged release the animal, the hunter is located in front and expels it with a long pole. Kicked out of the animal shelter becomes entangled in the net. If the hunt is on for the mink, the obmet set by the pond. After the discovery of animal husky usually tied, and only then install obmet. If hunting is carried out in the presence of snow cover, snow around animal shelters obtaptyvayut.

     Experienced Laika – irreplaceable helper on the hunt for small weasel. With its unique hearing, it is closely following the movements of the animal shelter in any ground, helping the hunter orientation. If the animal leaves the shelter, it instantly catches and crushes it. Laika is not afraid of a painful bite animals. With the acquisition of some experience allows less promashek. The hunter and the dog gradually begin to understand each other, working as a single coherent mechanism. The loss of such a dog is experienced hunter no less than the loss of a loved one.

     Of all small weasel least likely to specifically hunt husky with a weasel, and get it in the presence of a small cell obmeta quite real. Young husky running on the small animal with the same fervor as in other members of this group. Small, agile like mercury animal can escape from the dog in a little water rat hole, and even drive them out of the dam is almost impossible. If ermine and in the hands of the hunter as a trophy, then it is a merit huskies that will surely crush unwary animal caught in the vicinity of the dogs. Shoot the ermine can only demented hunter.

     Shooting skins standard tube is made, that is, lips and muzzle the conservation fur head and tail. The tabs are removed from the claws, which requires high precision and special tools. Making pravilki strictly size animal is also not a simple matter. If you do not meet all these requirements and poorly conserve raw skin nothing will cost.

So the price of a small reception hunter effort can pay only when a decent amount of animals and the availability of free time, which does not happen in the way hunting with Laika. A large percentage have been reported in the blanks ermine skins fishers have been mined in the winter, when hunting with huskies ended. On its vast areas they set traps hundreds of different designs, which the frosty period can not check every day, and whiled away the long winter evenings for the treatment of furs.

     Inexperienced novice hunter with a young husky can produce from small weasel rather dark, or forest, polecat.

     Also dark polecat in the southern areas inhabited by light, or steppe polecat and ferret polecat. Of course, these animals can also be extracted using the Huskies, but the first inhabits steppe, steppe, desert and semi-desert zone of Russia, from the western to the eastern borders, where huskies tend to not hunt. A polecat polecat is listed in the Red Book. Therefore laechnikov interest may be the only ferret.

     It inhabits the animal throughout the forest zone of Russia and east to penetrate the Siberian slope of the Middle Urals. In connection with the development of human northern forest area is expanding the range of this predator. He masters the Karelia, Komi, Arkhangelsk region, and the southern part of the range of forest polecat coincides with the area of ​​the steppe.

     Forest polecat can occur in a variety of hunting grounds – from swampy floodplains to copses and meadows. He avoids large forest areas, as well as farmland. Most settled in close proximity to man: the barn, barnyard, barns and even in the underground and in the attics of houses. As an animal shelter using natural cover: a heap of firewood, wood masonry, sometimes abandoned fox and badger burrows. The number of ferrets is in direct proportion to the number of rodents – basics of the diet – and it varies considerably from year to year.

     Unfortunately, the majority of hunters engaged in fishing fur with huskies, pay little attention to this animal. They mistakenly believe that the true purpose of huskies working on furs, – protein and marten. Of course, the hunt for protein-rich lands and exciting dobychliva, and marten, of course, is an enviable trophy, and fur products out of it worthy of a queen.

All hunting husky so original and exciting that can shine as the facets of the crystal. While I firmly believe that the universal nothing happens, no guns, no knives, no dogs, husky from all breeds of hunting dogs closest to fit this definition. And I am ready to worship at the feet of a man, well-mannered dog that works perfectly on Horyu, and indirectly for other types of fur. Of all my huskies, and in addition to this breed, I did not keep other dogs, a specialist in forest West Siberian Laika was Horyu Haze – breeder late Yu.A.Grischenko from the Moscow region.

     With this dog I have five years of hunting in the forest-rich horem Kostroma region. Polecat In addition, it works well for the squirrel and marten, and when it got me into the forest, was the great work of Sobolev.

     The most dobychlivoy and nehlopotlivoy hunting on Horyu will hunt through the fields around the villages abandoned by peasants. As a rule, in the villages after the departure of the owners remain dilapidated buildings. Cost-conscious farmer takes to a new home almost all things, environment, domestic animals, but happy to leave in an old house rodents. “Disadvantaged” mice and rats, and are attracted to the places of the forest polecat. The number of rodents in the big house dereveskom innumerable, and no, even the most agile and voracious cat can not cope with the hordes.

     One year, from autumn to deep snow, I hunted furs, using as a base wintering well-preserved house in an abandoned village. And everything was fine, but the ubiquitous mouse did not give life. Port products, climbed on the table and sank into a pot of soup and a bucket of water, and after a mouse was bitten by night my ear, patience came to an end. We partner declared war on them, using for this purpose several mousetraps.

Traps clicked day and night. During the evening, constantly reloading mousetrap, managed to catch up to a hundred mice. The defeated army carried into the cold aisle and ritually piled in a heap. For a month, this bunch of rodents reached the size of a large anthill, and the number of mice markedly not diminished. In such places, Horyu live satisfying, so it requires careful degreasing skins.

     Hunting for abandoned villages carried out as follows. The dog must be at least familiar with the beast, even better if it previously hunted polecat and she crushed or even patted the dead animal. For pre nataski quite possible to use animal caught in a trap or zhivolovushku. For the hunter who is familiar with samolovnym fishery produce such animal is not too difficult.

Hunting with Laika on small weasel

Photo: Mikhail Semin

     It can be used for hunting polecat paired with husky dogs and burrowing, but it should be remembered that burrow dog on short legs tire quickly. Since the skin is completely polecat matures in pozdneosenny and rannezimny period and the weather is cold this time of year, the Norns dog dressed worse huskies, some time should be worn in a backpack. Due to its small size burrowing dog can easily penetrate into the abandoned badger, fox and beaver burrows underground in abandoned villages radical emptiness. All these seekers can use the polecat, expel it from there is very difficult, and sometimes impossible.

     Goes hunting is necessary so as to be in place before dawn, even at dusk or in the evening before dark. It was during these hours polecat most active and goes hunting. Bright same time of day is conducted in the forests in the fishery squirrels and martens.

     That might look like just a process of hunting, if all goes according to plan, and your dog is familiar with horem. Working in the Kostroma region with the opening of hunting for furs to the loss of deep snow, I actively hunted with huskies. I had to leave the house before dawn to dawn to be in place. Before we get into a good land, I had to go through two abandoned villages, which had a few dilapidated houses with empty eye sockets of window openings.

Snow has not dropped, but, in these industrial lands for years, I knew that these places are loved horem. The dog repeatedly pounded animals under the remains of houses, but to get them out there was no way. I withdrew husky, and we went earn one protein. But one morning, when the dog was far ahead of me, I heard vzlaivanie at some distance from buildings. Taking off from the shoulder a gun, I rushed to the dog.

Coming closer, I saw this picture. On the field, a column, in a defensive posture was a ferret. Between him and the remains of buildings and a half meters away from the animal, the dog froze stress. Laika was well aware, of what this brave creature, – on the face of her lack of scars from the bites of the small members of the family Mustelidae. Khor also knew that if he tried to escape, then substitute a death grip dog withers. The distance between me and the frozen enemies declined.

Seeing me in a terrible danger, he could not stand the first polecat. He desperately tried to break through to saving buildings. The next moment a dog shakes his head, and in the teeth of her dangling lifeless carcass of the animal. Similarly, we have extracted the dog eight ferrets. The only difference was that the more I took away the dog is already dead animals, not watching the final match of the two mortal enemies.

     To find polecat in the hunting grounds, it is necessary to avoid continuous forest areas where it is practically impossible to meet the polecat. Move follows the edges of the forest, small copses on the banks of various reservoirs, where, along with horem can detect and mink. Often animal enjoy visiting the old forest logging, which looks at all the pile of firewood, examine hollow hollow trees.

The greatest interest of this animal are cluttered plot on which the loggers worked. For polecat pile of logs, piles of twigs, fallen trees and piled – The most attractive places. Your husky will undoubtedly find the animal and in the rubble, but get it unlikely. In these areas (if they can be called) will not help obmet and animal, even if it will be possible to drive most likely will go unnoticed.

     Moving along the banks of forest streams, the hunter is closely monitoring the behavior of the dog. If your husky interested in something and she began to explore a place, you should stop and by encouraging the dog teams, to ensure that it will continue the search. If you walk past the dog, too, will soon give up the search and catch up with you. In such places, a young husky may be interested in any odor, and the inhabitants here is enough. This may be a water vole, muskrat, polecat, weasel, mink, otter, beaver. Only when the hunter and the dog will learn to work together, to understand each other, the hunt will be successful. Laika will use its unique flair, hearing and sight, the hunter – arms ax blade together to get the animal.

     Determine for whom it is currently running your dog, it is difficult even experienced hunter may instead get polecat or a mink ermine. As recently as last year, I was hunting with a partner on the mink. With us there were three dogs, two huskies and Norn, we have to simultaneously check the foxholes. It was in late November, earth sheltered small layer of fluffy snow, which allows you to read tracks and less time searching for the animal, to arrange for the day. We moved deep ravine, at the bottom of which flowed a small river and the slopes were covered with pine forest.

     Laiki rushed in front of us, working from time to time on the protein firs on the slope of the ravine. Terrier trotted next to us, to find the burrow did not succeed.

     Huskies are interested in rather large mound on the banks of the creek, which grew alder. They rushed excitedly sniffing and digging the ground. When we got to the Norn dog, she also became, whining, running around the hill. Feel the ground around the tree, we found that basal emptiness beneath one and a half meters in diameter. Obmeta we were not with him, so we were afraid that the animal when the opportunity is sure to pop up out of the shelter and hidden under the icing in the river. After examining more closely the place, we have expanded the hole from the side of the river and launched the radical emptiness of Norns.

Dog under vzvizgivaniya happy huskies began to squeeze into the hole. When the surface was visible only hind legs, she had stopped their advance and oddly still. Not realizing what had happened, we waited a little bit and started to pull the dog’s legs. On the nose it has hung tightly clinging polecat. My partner immediately realized what was happening, and grabbed the polecat, like a snake near the head itself so that it could not bite him. Polecat let the nose of the dog only when he began to choke. The backpack is absolutely happened to be canvas bag, where he was imprisoned. So instead of the expected mink we produced forest polecat, who has long lived in a cage.

     With the acquisition of experience in environment and behavior Huskies almost infallibly hunter can determine which small animal running dog that will properly install obmet.

     At present, almost the entire territory of European Russia was settled beaver. This type of settlements in their place burrows in length, depending on the nature of the coastline, can reach 5-7 meters. Some burrow nest chamber end – This volume, up to a meter in diameter, the void below ground. Nora can have multiple outputs into water, arranged vertically one above the other, they otter uses, depending on the river water level. With the depletion of food resources beavers move to another location.

Abandoned beaver burrows partially crumbling vault are perfect havens not only for small weasel, they are willing to use even otters. Get out of such facilities polecat or mink is very problematic. Here again it can gain Norn dog that runs in a hole, digging her arch closer to the water. Residential impossible to dig holes – it is punishable by law, but in the animal, and it is unlikely to climb.

Hunting with Laika on small weasel

Photo: Mikhail Semin

     In principle, the description of techniques of hunting polecat with husky and could finish as the hunt for the remaining representatives of small weasel is almost the same, except for the animal habitats. But this group with someone’s light hand hit European and American mink. This semi-aquatic typical representatives of the vast weasel family, they are so plastic that, apart from near-water space, and have mastered the watery element, which feel almost like a fish. Mink has a swimming webbed limbs and wedge-shaped body, which improves its movement in the water.

Along with the fact that the animal feeds as well as other representatives of small weasel, rodents, mink diet supplemented aquatic insects, molluscs, crabs, frogs. She deftly catching fish, occasionally attacking waterfowl. Mink fur cover at a low, smooth and very dense, with a dense underfur. In its commercial quality is not inferior to the marten fur, and on his superior wearability, making mink enviable trophy for any hunter.

     American mink major European, has a dark and thick hair coat and a long tail. The main distinguishing feature – white spot, holding the American mink only lower lip and chin, the European – exciting and upper lip. Acclimatization of this species in the wild was launched in the USSR in 1933. Before that it bred on fur farms.

The American mink was released and successfully acclimatized in the majority of regions of Russia, including Siberia and the Far East. Stacee habitat and food of both species mink are basically the same. The American mink is better than European, is developing fast mountain rivers. In the field of living together European and American mink latter displaces native species, causes a reduction in their numbers.

     Hunting with Laika hole harder than other types of small weasel. At every opportunity, she tries to escape the water. If the shelter, which hid the dog mink, due to the water, the animal most likely will go unnoticed. According to my observations, the European mink moves on to his hunting grounds along the shore, as if moving away from saving water, then very close.

Hunt it expedient to hold on very small streams, rising from the mouth to the sources. In such places, Husky can easily take the animal in shallow water, mink understands this and is saved by a dog in a small coastal and root cavities. In order not to go into another small animal shelter after you hardly expel him from the first, it is necessary to apply obmet.

In small forest streams may be your prey, both European and American mink. One year I was hunting to deep snow in the watershed of two small rivers. I did not need to change their place – lands were rich. Of the six extracted with dog burrows were four American and two Europeans. This confirms the above, that these animals can live in the neighborhood. The same thing I’ve heard from hunters Tver, Vologda and Kostroma regions.

     American mink, as well as European, adheres reservoirs, but on the bank feels bolder, more often than European, preys on rodents. It may depart from the shores of 20-30 meters, caught off a husky, take refuge in burrows atypical for shelter, such as a pile of firewood or a tree. Therefore, in areas inhabited by a large American mink, she often falls prey laechnikov.

     When hunting mink forest rivers with sufficient depth to small animal to escape from persecution, obmet must be installed at the exit hole for water or water. It is in this direction mink will leave.

     Hunting for small weasel with husky virtually useless in areas with rock streams and rivers, whose shores are littered fin and snags. There will always find a shelter animal, produce from which it can not.

     Any hunter, fascinated by hunting with Laika on small weasel, the number of which is quite high even close to the major population centers, Enjoy your work huskies. And a dog that people have not had time to disfigure to such an extent that it can not be used in hunting, will be grateful to you. Laika, which does not work on the furs, that’s almost husky. All other objects of hunting can get with other breeds of hunting dogs.

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