In the autumn on the Volga

Volzhskaya different from tihovodnoy fishing lake and pond

In the autumn on the VolgaPhoto: Alexander Tokarev

There are no here and nostalgically warm and modest experience of fishing on the small river of your childhood. Coming storm winds pick up on the Volga wave almost akin to the sea, especially if the wind goes along the river. Fierce winds from the grid of cold rain-morosyaka frequent in autumn. Widespread clouds fall seems to be on the top of the best high hills of the right bank. Grey water hisses from the dismal rain. Incessant string are steep waves with whitecaps penyaschimimsya monotone beats the shore heavy surf. And then the great river resembles a sleepy sullen man.

But suddenly the wind will change, scattered along the sides tuchevuyu duds and opens a bright clear sky with sun-washed. And now, suddenly sullen man smiled kindly smile… The river is very different. In the misty haze beach where crimson and golden groves fly gossamer Indian summer. It smells of warm water and fish. Quiet… Only tapped ships engines and slaps in a sleepy beach oncoming wave.

In those days we we start the engine and cut diagonally Volga wave, bobbing like on potholes.

We get up from the fairway on the anchor. Unravel «koltsovki», Fills the trough porridge and forward bite. Trembles at the lodge during bells, swaying wave, but suddenly – blow! .. Bell, bryaknuv, filled with bustling jingle, and cock already oppression stubbornly down… Then he seemed to fall off, rising up, and already beats strong shocks. It’s time… Hooking! The elastic arm felt heavy, not wanting to break away from the bottom. Carefully lift the live weight, and has been left out in the green water of the Volga vysverknul old gold heavy fall bream… Carefully take it and Fishing Nets – in the tank. Initially sluggish, as if sleepy, in the cage, he beats violently, covered with ruby ​​drops like Kljukvin.

On a cool autumn semolina can take close-ide. And then hold on, «koltsovka»! The violent throwing fishes only one goal – break, crush gear! And that happens often, especially if ide took the farthest hook-admitting undergrowth. The silver spray takes yaz- red pen his frenzied dance, and suddenly weakens monofilament… A heart is a sweet melancholy and shaking hands… But to be more bite boundless beautiful fishes! .. Day ahead.

In these places, near the village of Kokshaysk in the Volga flows into the two Kokshaga – Big and Small. At the mouth of Big Kokshaga autumn we catch perch spinning. Classic Dummy-spinners use rarely. In the fall of humpback groupers happens, just refuse to take on the classic turntables, poppers and other artificial lures. Probably, prickly, well notice the deception in a transparent, vystuzhennoy water. And then in the course are seemingly very stupid bait. And only some: the tip of the fishing line tied to any junk oscillating blesenku rather for weight and tie up his short povodochki hook. Often these Squirting above hooks almost naked. Is that a red strand of wool fluttering in the brilliant hooks…

It was necessary for the sake of such a snap to thin out your red and black scarf Swedish, pulling from it a thread… That does not make for the sake of fishing? .. Or even easier. On hooks strung pieces of the white insulation on electrical wires. That’s the whole tackle. It is sometimes called «Herringbone». And surprisingly, if the bass did not interest Spoons kastmaster or at the end of the fishing line, when «herringbone» assembly, perch and often eagerly grabbed the race leader – trolling. Here, apparently, is the effect of the chase. Predator is seen that the smaller competitor chasing a flock of fry… This is just for those same hooks to segments isolation or with red thread. And baubles, before too bright, in the heat is not so openly false… Not withstanding a strange kind of hunting, especially smaller predator, a large humpback grabs him and… Come on Kukan…

When absolutely otyazheleet from Volga rains, Iniesta, and matinees happen early first snow, at the confluence of the Volga and Kokshaga above can catch night moustached predator burbot. In the Volga, we had to catch it only from the ice. Just not trying to deal with this in the autumn fishing. There is probably a strange fish… The colder, the better burbot. He waits all summer very nasty weather to brighten the water and become icy as under the ice. Dark nights out burbot in the shallows on the border wells. Small fry guards languid already flowing into the half sleep-suspended animation. And here he expanse! .. Here it and catch zakidushka-Donk, baited beam worms, live bait fish or sliced.

Here’s a she Volga fishing in the fall, although all its diversity is difficult to describe briefly.

Alexander Tokarev, Yoshkar-Ola16 November 2010 at 15:47

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