Myths and signs is not obliged to believe

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Myths and signs is not obliged to believePhoto: Anatoly Mailkov

The EGR №42 (846) published an article by Anatoly Mailkova “Fishing myths and reality”. Author subtly and carefully outlined the problem. My position, not a corporate person, the administrative framework is not limited, a more favorable… I continue to difficult subject, relying solely on the personal life and professional experience and long-standing practice of fishing.

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The main fishing myth, in my opinion, is a myth to tighten legislation on the control and regulation of recreational fishing. This sweet soul of any true fisherman myth haunts the author’s first day in his hands was the rod, but the reality is becoming increasingly unattractive… Thousands of smart people used up the mountain of papers, called the legislation, but the result of their labors – income kids to molochishko. Probably, there are areas of human activity, where only Anarchy (with a capital letter) may induce long-term and stable order. For example, appeared on the waterfront «fisherman» from «spider» in hand – true local fishermen drowned instantly offender. Law-wrote most true anglers and that such medieval welcomes the decisive action, even permits. I am sure, will soon find unsold poacher on the banks of the pond of any RF nobody can neither day nor night,…

In the meantime, I call on all the sick people head to the boundless freedom of the individual progressively multiply adepts of unlimited freedom, aptly named Anatoly Mailkovym «by name and patronymic»: name – Bastard, patronymic – Bezzakonovich. Bastard Bazzakonovich daily deprive tens of thousands of Russian citizens and the normal rest, and life-giving communion with nature. By the way, in other areas of human activity it is always a poacher poacher! .. Poacher and corruption – synonyms, frantically standing up always for the adoption of the Convention, which protects them… from lynching crowd. Fortunately, 86% of Russian citizens is already fed up with the slogan: «To us it was and that we have nothing for it was not!» I think drastic changes in the direction of stability Order inevitable in one form or another. True, the author is not a supporter of «that kind of»But drown poacher, speaking honestly, psychologically ready…

Another myth fishing author long believed trustworthiness writers scribblers from fishing. Fully agree with Anatoly Mailkovym strongly «throw a stone into the corporate swamp». There’s a writer named Paul Elizarov and surname. Elizarova irony can not be called sane reader-fisherman lies. This high-end work where «lies» author organically and appropriate, it causes only positive emotions: smiles, laughter to tears pleased to neigh to colic and spasms throughout the body. Besides, Yelizarov never called their work the recommendations for anglers, that always respect the purity of the genre, while remaining professional. But another well-known angler athlete, for example, recommends that anglers use of public jokes length of 7 meters in the rivers with small and medium flow rate. Last name is not disclosed for ethical reasons. Using jokes of varying lengths I had to fish in the waters of the Kuban nearly half a century. Local conditions are favorable it is to use tricks. The optimal length – about 4 m. Fun 5 meters often break when the wind blows and there is a wave. Even strong jokes, made from aspen, can not withstand the stresses arising. Funny length of 6 m – Kara heaven, length 7 m – impossibly hell! .. In the work Elizarova me correctly will be assessed a joke of any length, but in the recommendation of the famous fisherman-sportsman string sounds clearly Yuri Kuznetsov: «Yesterday I walked the earth, but today…»

Another myth was written by another fisherman-sportsman. In contrast to the recommendations of, for example, Andrew Yanshevsky, where it is always traceable personal experience and knowledge of the subject, «mythmaker» strongly and consistently assures us, fishermen are not theoretical, imported used hooks to the number that are not handled… under an electron microscope. Furious, indignant, furious jerk’ll break his leash and throws… Often the ideas that the author hates and inanimate matter: the wind easily breaks tonyusenkoy leash recommended by the author, and throws it…

Somov they catch with sure cord yarn diameter of 0.8 mm… on zherlitsy. Easily catch carp and timely lifting rod (float rod) to a vertical position. Witnesses «labors» (color slides), however, reduce weight «Som» 5-7 kg, even when you double the increase, and carp are somehow near power «sticks» carp class. Catch som, reclining on the countertop of the kitchen table, and a tail «sweeping» floor, some fishermen had. They will not let me lie. As a rule, without the use of boats and beater outcome of the fight is not in favor of fishing, even when used nylon cord with a diameter of 2.5-3.0 mm. Somyatniki Experienced, knowledgeable about the habits of the fish and the strength of the stories are not seasoned angler, use cords with a diameter of 5-6 mm. Only allows the use of sea fishing fishing line or cord diameter of less than 2 mm, as supply of fishing line (string) spool on the reel can be considerable safely hooked. A river bottom is always a lot of obstacles, where the hooks are inevitable…

By the way, the big carp repeatedly terminated leashes my gear made from a nylon thread diameter of 0.8 mm, being only a faint resemblance to catfish and carp easily frightened person breaks his collarbone, which the author was a witness watching «flight» fish and devastating blow. Forests of any diameter to burst! A large carp weighing more than 30 kg is capable of a collision with a motor boat to break the screw propeller, motor mount, which was also the author of a witness. The rapid rise of carp high above the water when frightened experienced author and winter when carp broke the ice in the lane (about 1 cm thick), soared above the lane to a height of 1 m, and fell on the ice. Weight carp does not exceed 10-12 kg! In the summer of carp weighing more than 30 kg it was something frightened near the dam of the trees, jumped out of the water to a height of about 1.5 m, and strung on a branch longer than 0.5 meters. Suk «flashed» carp through. This powerful energy at this fish in the snatch! But «mythmakers» Nothing like this has ever seen…

In my opinion, related to myths like fishing towards fishing signs, that is, akin to superstition. Rods are selected from the conditions of the personal feeling of comfort fishing while avoiding any recommendations. Tackles bring to condition on the waterfront, correcting errors experimental samples. Ready bait is not concerned, preferring to use homemade bait or borrowed from successful anglers. The optimum diameter of the woods and leashes, number of hooks, shape, size, color and weight mormyshkas, bogus kits and methods of their use for a long time composed in a relatively successful system. And an old friend is better than two new ones, even fishing! Easily tuck into grilled fish, eggs and bacon, looking at the float, «sleeping» per well – and he soon draws… Can fishing to eat soup or borscht, which the wife cooks with sturgeon is masterful, and fishing to catch fish as good friends.

Aunts, passing the road with empty buckets from the fishing has never let me hid, like a fish to bite do not interfere. The main thing to say hello with a pond and wish him clean water and beautiful beaches, fishing and after clean up «beastliness»Accompanying the modern man always and everywhere.

Anatoly Gogol Stary Oskol16 November 2010 at 15:17

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