Necha blame the mirror …

Not so often the author of these lines shall be notified to participate in canine events. Before I retired three years, and the work on a continuous production cycle and rotating schedule makes it impossible to go anywhere, as my weekend rarely coincide with the dates of exhibitions and events, which organizers arrive just on Saturday or Sunday.

Necha blame the mirror ...

 Photo courtesy of the management and protection of wildlife use of the Kirov region

So you have to give up all the proposals, which often causes the open hostility and misunderstanding at inviting party, but not everyone is going to explain what I I do not go on do not show because I dislike this dog handlers or region, and because the work at I like that. By the same reason It has developed and at the last All-Russian Exhibition in English Setter ring work, I even podgadat holiday, but apparently not fate — because of the African swine fever virus, the date of the exhibition was moved to Fall and the trip is not It took place. The exhibition is easier to move than a vacation.

The invitation to work in As a member of the Commission on tests on blood trail was taken with me happy, especially since work schedule allowed, and experience in the these events too.
AT the first time I was fortunate to work for similar trials 1987 under the leadership of Albert Mikhailovich Bragin, renowned expert in circles and kontinentalschikov erkaeftsev (RKF).
At this time five in the morning we already went to the right place to three hours before blood tests pave the trail, or rather two. The weather favored us, however, forecasters promised to evening light rain, but We had hoped that this event will have time to spend.

Marking blood trail rangers led by the chairman of the expert committee was made with evening, so sprinkle blood on two Putikov the two groups was a matter of 30 minutes.
We ate cranberries, have collected mushrooms. We are waiting for the participants. AT 9am the draw. AT trials have decided to participate has 24 rooms, and as a result, a diploma of the third degree. Forecasters are not They cheated to The evening began boring drizzling rain, which gradually increased.

On arrival back home I start to analyze why it happened, on a diploma 24 dogs, and I come to disappointing conclusion, it’s laziness owners and, as always, Russian «maybe».

Some participants exhibited by two, then three dogs. Before testing, we had to check on the dog obedience. On our question — dog listens or not, many owners are looking at my eyes wide open. ABOUT than the old man asks them? From further questioning revealed that dogs usually sit in exhibitors cages, and that such obedience, they absolutely know.

By the beginning of the test arrived, two young men from Nizhnevartovsk, who intended to purchase Kirov several West Siberian huskies puppies. Not I know, as a friend, but I was extremely uncomfortable to hear the testimony of our owners that their role is to Feeding dogs aviary. As a matter of conversation turned to that tests captive species for not huskies reflect the traditions of our Russian hunting. By I am deeply convinced legashatnika, maybe not completely faithful to the main huskies — surveillance for a gun — rack. I think that with the time competitions captive species will turn into something similar to gladiatorial fights Ancient Rome, of course, spectacular action, but for hunting has little attitude. Demand is on normal dogs «butter in head»Operating on squirrel, sable, capercaillie.

To the test blood trail dogs need to be prepared. I remember a trip to Nizhnekundryuchenskoe in hunting area 1989. Then we asked Charles, the only part of the German delegation is fluent in Russian, as he prepares for a dog Tests on blood trail. It turned out that it did not kurtshaar receive food until fulfills trail in the end of which stands a bowl feed. On question, where to take blood, Karl looked at us.

On his belt Each German hunter hung long leather leash, saturated fat, tallies just as we childhood tied the reins to the stable yard. When his release from the belt, the dog is a sign that you need to work on trail.

I then remembered an educational film on the biology Pavlov experiments on dogs. When the front of the dog put a cup food, light comes from the tubes implanted in the dog’s stomach, the gastric juice runs. This unconditioned reflex on the body food. When, after several dozen experiments lamp lights, but the food in front of the dog there, gastric juices still running from the tube, it is a conditioned reflex. God, how simple!

Blood trail can nakropat blood mare, yogurt, even kerosene — it is absolutely no difference. The dog responds to detachable from the belt a long leather leash and command — «track!» is what we have put in After the artificial track.

If the service dog dog handlers think as think hunters, dog service could be eliminated. After all, understanding the hunting dog in the team — «track!» I must go on trail of the perpetrator, smelling the blood of wild boar or elk.

In practice, the trail of the killer can smell the castor oil, bleach, fallen leaves, or even spirits «Chanel number 5», a may spilled beer — never mind. The dog responds to command and that says it all.
My favorite writer Nikolai Gogol in preface to Comedy «Examiner»He wrote: «Needless to blame the mirror, if face is crooked».

Do not take offense at experts, hunters and gentlemen, you are to blame for everything!

Dear owners of hunting dogs! Not we must blame the blood, weather or lack of understanding, with am, with the wife… Your dog is not soulless mechanism. FROM It should work. To work every day.
God loves those who are working. On tests on blood trail Mamaev Anatoliy exhibited two West Siberian huskies and Bima Protein. Bim has received the diploma of the third degree, Squirrel — no. In Proteins were puppies, and colleagues Nizhnevartovsk taken all podroschenny droppings. Good luck to them!
With the tests we left walking under the rain tedious.

The next day the test was planned for Laika upland game — capercaillie, but due to rain, they were called into question.

Thank God, no rain the next day It was held on the test. West Siberian Weasel bitch Sergei Novoselov received the diploma of the second degree at 75 points. Hope I I am right, and Test with surveillance for the Huskies will be commonplace. All kinds of tests and Aviary Match recede into second plan. A maybe rings original, tightly downed Russian-European Laika Vyatkian type will again amaze her not only the quantity but and quality. You never know! Wait — see. What are our years! ..

Alexander Gurev19 November 2015 at 00:00

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