Riddles snipe

Snipe — coveted prey for the hunter with gun dog. In August, especially its first half — the best time for hunting snipe.

Riddles snipe

Hunters noticed that if the opening of the summer-autumn hunting delayed until end of the month, has rarely meet a grouse. ABOUT Some unique features of biology and Migration of the sandpiper and I would like to tell our readers.

Many birds during migration, adhere to the tactic of short shots from stops in Great location for feeding, resting, and shelter from predators. AND Only a few species of birds immediately make long, non-stop flights. AT This is mainly due to overcoming the seas, deserts, mountain ranges, glaciers and other places where it is impossible to stop the birds for feeding and recreation. These flights require significant energy reserves of fat that provide long-term work the muscles involved in the flight. AT then same time increases the risk of attacks of birds of prey, because the flights do not cover Only at night, but and daytime, when the activity of predators daily maximum.

According to scientists, refers to snipe the few species of birds that make long, non-stop migration. Collaborations and Swedish British ornithologists possible to study this in more detail.

Riddles snipe

In May 2009, currents in Sweden using mist nets were caught and geolokatorami equipped with ten male grouse. Geolokator is a lightweight (1.1 g) with a sensor LED working under the principle of collecting information on the funded daily location of the bird on Based fixed by sunrise and sunset.
Next spring The same current again held trapping and We ended up with three great snipe geolokatorami. FROM a computer was able to determine the coordinates of the birds daily. Latitude — by day length, longitude — by midnight local time half-day using the angle of the sun above the horizon.

It was found that the migration began in third decade of August, reached snipe wintering in tropical Africa, flying, respectively, 6170, 6800 and 4620 km without stops 72, 84 and 48 hours. After wintering next spring the same grouse flew on home from Equatorial Africa to the first non-stop Balkan region, breaking the 4980, 5180 and 4280 km for 72, 96 and 48 hours, respectively. Then they began to move to the breeding grounds in Sweden shorter throws. With non-stop flights the average rate of the three snipe were 22−27 meters Second (80−100 km hour) and autumn 15−25m Second (50−90 km h) in the spring.

It was found that the wind direction does not affected flight speed, and tailwind it increases very slightly. AT then However, the migration went to great snipe very high altitudes, from 3 to 5 th. Meters above sea level, where the efficiency of flight increases.

It is surprising that at such distant, non-stop flights snipe flies over favorable feeding habitats are not stopping in them. AT then However, the same way other sandpipers fly, such as Fifi and Ruff. However, they fly slowly and low long linger in places stops to rest and eat.
Great snipe — only one of the waders that can make long, non-stop migration. This is achieved and thanks to a special unit of the wing, and its large area crown, which is not even his next of kin — snipe. In addition, to the great snipe top — mid-August can quickly accumulate a large amount of fat. Hunters know that among the snipe in this time across very fat individuals, reached 250−300 grams. This fat reserves — his­shaped fuel required for a long fast, non-stop flight. Two — four days, and snipe in the Africa!

Riddles snipe

In laying grouse, like other shorebird species, most often 4 or 3 eggs.

In the spring, the strategy span is somewhat different: in the stores as grouse fat and wintering fast flying most of the way. But before you get to the home, making a stop in Europe feeding, resting in Depending on the course of the spring, and the spring flood level weather. TO breeding grounds there is a small distance it flies have short throws, arriving on at home the optimal time for breeding.

I personally rather wary of these studies. Swedish scientists draw conclusions based only on data obtained from geolokatorov all three snipe tagged in one and The same 2009 season.
Then there was a very dry and Hot August and snipe flew fast and early. Many of our hunters say dupelinye vysypki appearing in hunting season in mainly on Throughout August.

We remember essays classics of Russian hunting literature, which is celebrated in good dupelinye vysypki September in period «Indian summer» (for example, the story Smirnova «Grouse»). AT September individual regularly fall for grouse feeding at night pastures during ringing with the woodcock using spotlights. Especially a lot of them This was noted in Leningrad region.
The Russian special work ringing snipe carried only the late 50’s — early 60-ies Ryazan Region staff Oka Reserve, and and research group «Woodcock» at 2001–2003 in Klyazma floodplain and in the Vladimir region in 2002 Vaga in the floodplain Arkhangelsk region. AT mainly on ringed currents, but a few snipe was ringed and in July, night feeding areas.
Data for return rings, courtesy of the Center for Bird Banding, showed that in all the years the return has been received 73 Russian rings in including re-captured on currents birds. Snipe with only foreign ring Sudan (ringed Nov. 14, 1978) was produced on August 30 next year Zuevskaya district of the Kirov region. Among snipe, ringed on currents in May Ryazan region, nine snipe were produced in hunting in the summer season Bryansk, Vladimir (2), Ivanovo (2), Kursk, Moscow, Smolensk and Tver region From 16 to August 22nd. Only two ringed grouse were produced in Same Ryazan region, one in 12, the other in 70 kilometers from the ringing.

Riddles snipe

This proves that, At least adult birds caught in the currents, can make a significant and migrations before flying on migration African wintering grounds.
They were refunds and from the former Soviet republics. So, snipe, ringed in Ryazan Region May 25, 1974, was produced on Aug. 16, 1975 in Georgia (there is no great snipe nest, but They meet regularly to span). Ryazan snipe, ringed May 8, 1961, mined 21 August of the same year Vitebsk region Belarus.
At the while not is possible that before the great snipe last chance to hold ground currents and in the place where they hatched. But as soon as the feeding conditions deteriorate, they begin to migratory beekeeping. Rainy summer departure delays; In contrast, the drought kicks snipe from their homes earlier than usual.
Great Snipe winters in Africa. In addition to the birds produced from us ring from Sudan, a return snipe our rings caught in Nigeria (September), the Congo (December), and Zaire (January). In spring (late March — early April) we were caught in the great snipe Romania and Italy.

There are birds seeking from year to Year to arrive nest where they hatched. In bird watchers this is called nesting conservatism or phylopatry. That’s snipe from year to Year to arrive one and the same place, and each year the males try to tokovat one and tokovischah same. AT Oka Reserve on currents over the years has been re-captured 47 ringed snipe, returning from African wintering grounds on its tokovischa. FROM 1999 actively conducted on ringing snipe currents in Belarus. AND regularly catching birds found rings of yesteryear. Thus, only in 2011 Pripyat River floodplain were caught snipe 130, 30 of which have already been banded here before. AT the early 2000s, members of the team «Woodcock» Sergey Fokin, Peter Zverev Alexander Kormilitsin ringed snipe at currents in Klyazma floodplain Petushki district of Vladimir region. Annually current one, we caught about twenty snipe and always 5−7 of them with rings of yesteryear. Of course, some of the birds killed in hunting season, either flight paths and wintering of natural causes, but Current regularly replenished by young people. Before departure, and migrations to the great snipe last held in native place, which is confirmed by data production ringed both adult males and Young caught here midsummer. One of the hunters caught snipe caught us up this five times! It was first ringed on current in Klyazma floodplain Veil night, May 17, 2003. AT That same night he was twice caught in network, without wanting to leave. Immediately after disentangling from the grid, he again returned to the and tokovische tokoval. On Next year, May 6, 2004, he was again caught on this current.

Riddles snipe

MOUNTAIN DUPEL.Rodstvennik ordinary grouse — snipe hermit or solitary snipe, inhabits the high mountains of Asia. This relatively rare species prefers wide pebble bed springs and glacial rivers. The height of the breeding habitat is located at an altitude of 1700-3000 meters above sea level, and in Tibet it is at an altitude of 4500 meters. Mountain snipe numerous, having no values ​​hunting bird in flight resembles woodcock. In Russia, its area covers the mountainous region of Kamchatka, Sakhalin and the Far Vostoka.FOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM

Was no exception 2005 year. Great Snipe was again caught here, but no longer during mating and night feeding on July 19th. It was our old friend, and I must confess I was very upset when the August 1, 2005, he was shot by a hunter, who gave me a ring. By the way, weighed relatively few, 170 g
A male ringed us there in Klyazma floodplain in the Vladimir region, 23 May 2001, Current Veil, after three years, and three months (26 August 2004) was produced in the Hunter Klyazma floodplain at Drezna city Orekhovo-Zuyevo District, Moscow region, 30 kilometers from the ringing.


The main breeding range is located in the great snipe our country. AND hunting great snipe is now officially only allowed in Russia. The new rules of hunting hunt He had We now sporting dog owners are allowed to July 25th. Considering female conservatism, especially biology and migration of we have told above, rather low fertility grouse, hunting it should be done so as not to to harm the population.

At the However, large reserves are concentrated in the great snipe the floodplains of the rivers of the northern Arkhangelsk, Vologda regions and Komi Republic, where hunting it virtually carried out, and enthusiastic and legashatnikov spanielistov you can count on fingers. Some hunters from the capital and other major cities, getting to This dupelinoe Eldorado, maddened by a large number of game become real fighters, getting up and fifty More snipe over the weekend. Is not Colors of the hunter, whose heels snipe in day taken from his faithful four-legged assistant — an excellent result.

We must remember that the great snipe, sung Aksakov, and Tolstoy Nekrasov, — though always in the lists of the glorious game and which will be able to hunt and our children!

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