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In the autumn of last year, when the pages of «horn» and the magazine «R & R» has not turned a hot debate on the prospects of hunting of non-toxic shot types, my friends and I went for a week in the Volga delta on the hunt

The event in general, ordinary, such travel take a lot of Russian hunters. It is better to have a week to shoot plenty than every weekend to go to the nearest body of water, to sit there in a desperate anticipation of the birds at a distance of slaughter shot and come back each time for lack of prey, and without firing a single shot to the house with philosophical calmness and makes indifference listen stinging comments family members.

Our trip had become usual, and unusual. It was unusual that a week before leaving for someone else came up with the bright idea of ​​using non-toxic in the hunt, but not steel shot. Scratched on the bottom of the barrel, we were able to buy ammunition foreign manufacturers with a tungsten fraction. We have turned the cartridges «Magnum» with tungsten shot of two rooms — 2 and 4, with the portion of the fraction of 39 g and ammunition «supermagnum» with the portion of the tungsten fraction №2 ’46 (yes, that’s right, after reading in one of the hotel’s «R & R «article on Beretta Xtrema, a member of our friendly hunting team broke down and rushed to buy it. That’s a fact, single and looking for ammo» supermagnum. «) If you compare the tungsten and steel shot, the ratio of the mass and energy of pellets, in my opinion, corresponds to the same ratio of lead and steel shot. Thus, the tungsten fraction №2 shall comply with steel shot 00 and shot №4 — steel shot №1.

At the military council with the participation of rangers, held on the basis of the eve of the first day of hunting, a proposal was announced that the firing range of vzmaterevshey autumn duck should not exceed 25 meters. To say that the High Contracting Parties addressed each other only with the use of abusive epithets, then do not say anything. What kind of information which could be highly seasoned surprise readers «R & R» can be gleaned from a shot at a duck at a distance of 25 meters? What conclusion can be drawn about the effectiveness of the cartridge, the correct choice of fractions (even the factory) and the choice of the choke, shooting at 25 meters? Does anyone remember the days when autumn duck had to shoot at a distance of 25 meters? By the end of the first day it became clear why the ranger talked about the shooting distance of 25 meters, but first things first.

Once done with the shooting distance, we began to think what to put choke constriction. This was our first experience with a tungsten fraction. As it passes choke constriction? It is deformed during the passage choke? Would not tungsten indigestion our guns? What the devil all listened to the cheerful idiot who suggested to shoot non-toxic shot? But this was my suggestion!  

On the one hand, in favor of the purchased cartridges showed eminent brand, on the other hand, we have not seen any recommendations and advice on the use of tungsten shot on the hunt. As experienced preferansisty, confident that if not go where it is necessary to go with diamonds, we decided not to risk it and opted for choke choke cylinder and a quarter.

The next morning, even in pitch darkness boot into the boat, we went to a pre-established place of hunting, where, according to the rangers, flight path lie ducks for the day. As in the dark ranger guided in eriks for me is still a mystery. The path took half an hour. And we arrived at the place before dawn. Huntsman dropped into the water at least 100 stuffed animals.

Actually, I’m pretty skeptical about planting scarecrows. Whether duck scientists have gone, whether stuffed cheesy, whether they are planted I’m wrong, but does not go to my duck decoys. For nearly a quarter-century occupation duck hunting only once hooked, but whether from an excess of emotion, whether from the fact that the boat rocked, in general, I did not hit a duck ten meters away. But this time stuffed proven effective.        

In the predawn here and there flew flocks of ducks. And suddenly I saw, as if in slow playback of the film that I was at a height of one and a half or two meters of water a flock swoops, the duck is clearly going to decline and they fly to our stuffed! I have been charged with bullets shot number 4 and a quarter stood choke choke. Two shots were successful. But if the first shot the bird was purely bits, the second shot turned out to be effective only half — podranok. Trying to finish off the wounded animal among stuffed animals — not the most rewarding.

Years began, and here and there were heard gunshots. Hunting — is an opportunity to once again make sure that the relationship rules the world. As even some five years ago, we did without radio? Neither for help, if God forbid, call, or share opinions. It turned out that almost all our team thinks the same way. After the first shots of the «quartet» of the choke cylinder choke or a quarter of hunters together took up the keys and screwed into the trunks chokes poluchok and «four» as amicably replaced by «two».

I hastened to reassure me accompanying rangers, we’re not going to beat out all life in the area that we are not going to conduct anti-aircraft fire, we do not «Sunday hunters» and that our only goal is to prevent the wounded game. It was then that the huntsman me and told me that a lot of hunters shooting at birds at exorbitant distances, and in addition, there are fans and shooting flocks on the same exorbitant distances, which could result in a lot of wounded game, so something was set limit shot distance — 25 meters. (Note to myself — quite a reasonable distance: experienced firsthand that the bird swoops down and 25 meters, and closer.)

When bumped next flock, the two birds were taken on the approach, and the third — in the theft at a distance of about 50 meters. I may be wrong, but I have the impression that accompanied the huntsman the first time in the practice of their own eyes saw the combined effect of the correct choice of rooms fraction, a sufficient number of pellets in the projectile (cartridges, as I mentioned above have been made known by the manufacturer specifically for hunting waterfowl game), sufficient accuracy, impressive sharpness and a correct choice of the choke. Seeing the results and asked whether all the hunters of our team cartridges tungsten shot, accompanied me ranger said that all restrictions are canceled.

Some authors praise the steel shot is unlikely to be effective provided a shot in the distance. Still, long-term habit of firing lead shot makes itself felt: are you sure you’ll be able to hit the target on a distance of 25 meters, and 50. The tungsten fraction of its characteristics is closer to the lead shot, than steel. For steel shot to get used, it is necessary to change all the tactics and psychology of hunting. I think that even experienced hunters that will take some time.

The next two days we used to hunt only ammo with a tungsten fraction №2. And if we did not have a tungsten fraction? In this case it was necessary to use cartridges with steel shot №0 or 00, wherein the fractions to be weighed at least 40 grams, and this could only mean the gun chamber must be 3.5 inch i.e. be suitable for firing ammunition «supermagnum.» Here we come to the logical conclusion that as long as Russia does not impose by law a ban on the use of lead shot for hunting waterfowl, rifles chambered «supermagnum» not very much and need. And to be alert to the possibility to spend a few hundred rubles for the purchase of labor cartridges tungsten shot, it is possible to do the usual «Magnum».

Experience shooting tungsten shot showed that it had successfully «digested» not only imported semi-automatic, suitable for firing steel shot, but the production of a domestic arms factory (by the way, semi Izhevsk production chambered length of 89 mm are available in the US, but sometimes they can be found and in local gun shops). In the case of domestic rifles, passports which do not indicate that they are suitable for firing steel shot, despite the manufacturer’s declarations cartridges with steel shot and the possibility of use of their products in the old Russian rifles, remember that you can not shoot steel shot from the trunks choke with restrictions stricter than poluchok. Interestingly, once the interchangeable Choque domestic production had two markings (although in English, I wonder whether do in America inscriptions on removable chokah in Russian?) Choke poluchok — to lead shot, choke choke — for steel shot.

Five hunting days passed like a flash. Comfortable base, experienced rangers, who know perfectly land and their work, great hunting. What else is needed for happiness hunter? The correct cartridge that has not been made painfully ashamed of wounded game.

Vasily Ardynskiy4 September 2008 at 14:02

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