SHOT Show 2007

Judging by with what success at the beginning of January in Orlando 29th annual exhibition SHOT SHOW, demonstrating the newest samples of goods for sport shooting, hunting and outdoor activities, we can confidently assert that the coming year will allow to realize the enormous potential, LESSONS exhibitors and visitors, BECAUSE enterprises producing goods for the hunters and representatives of trading organizations gained strong momentum AS has signed a contract to further increase the volume of the issue and sale of goods for hunting and shooting sports.

As President of the National Shooting Sports Foundation Doug Pater: «There is no doubt that the exhibited samples of hundreds of new products for hunters will be on sale later this year,» .Vystavka SHOT Show is the world’s largest demonstration of the achievements and innovations in such areas of firearms and ammunition, bows and accessories, bladed articles, optical instruments, products for outdoor recreation. Held in Orlando, the exhibition has become the largest in the history of these exhibitions. 1870 stands of companies participating in the exhibition, which worked almost 20 thousand people, 66 thousand square meters occupied. m (For comparison statistics last year: an exhibition area of ​​61 thousand sq. m. m, the number of companies participating in 1846), and the total area of ​​the convention center, where an exhibition, is 130 sq. m. m. According to preliminary data, the total number of visitors exceeded 42 thousand people. And this despite the fact that the exhibition is only for professionals (more than 20,000 from 75 countries) and representatives of specialized media (a journalist in 1342), a free exhibition net.Predstaviteli National Association of sporting goods noted that in 2005 the sales of weapons and goods hunting 6protsentov increased compared with 2004. This figure is more than two times higher than the growth in sales of sporting goods in general.

The largest section of the exhibition was a section which presents equipment for law enforcement. A very respectable there were other sections: weapons and ammunition, equipment, ammunition, and equipment for hunting and shooting sports, hunting clothes, hunting tourism and retail stores.

The world’s leading companies participated in the exhibition, were assessed last forum exclusively in glowing terms. «It was the best exhibition of the twenty-year history of our participation in it» — said Toxie Haas, CEO of one of the market leaders in the production of camouflage clothes for hunting company Mossy Oak. Of Smith Wesson presented at its booth a few models of shotguns, the production of which has already begun. This information has become a real sensation (See. «News» section), as Smith Wesson he had never engaged in production of hunting weapons and made exclusively handguns. Paul Plaff representative Smith Wesson, he said: «The number of visitors to our stand exceeded all possible expectations. Information about the launch of our company shotguns caused a genuine sensation. We are very pleased with our contacts with the media and how our participation in the exhibition was covered in specialized media. «

Company Thompson / Center Arms is considered one of the leaders in the creation of new models of weapons, and a new model rifle with the bolt Icon shutter is the best proof of that. You can be absolutely sure that this rifle will enjoy great popularity among ohotnikov.Novy chuck .30 T / C, created the company Thompson / Center Arms, has stopping power .30-06 cartridge. Weight 150 grain bullet is accelerated to a speed of 900 m / s. Such impressive ballistic characteristics become achievable thanks to the new powder. The ballistic characteristics of the new cartridge similar to those of the cartridge .308 Hornady Light Magnum, though, this cartridge has a big advantage: the range of bullets and cartridge options and equipment that is much more than can currently boast .30 T / C. By the way, Icon will be produced and chambered for the .308 caliber, though not Hornady, and Winchester.

Interesting cartridge for shotgun 20 caliber company offered Hastings. It supermagnum (89 mm), designed specifically for bear hunting. The creators of the cartridge set a goal to achieve the highest possible accuracy and stopping power. Weight 410 grand a lead bullet, the initial flight speed of 600 m / s.

Known to many Russian hunters company Bushnell demonstrated at a new model of GPS. Onix 400 GPS model is equipped with, among other things, the system also receive XM satellite radio, which covers the whole territory of the United States and Canada. This means that the device will not only help to pinpoint the location of the owner, but also give him the opportunity to listen to your favorite music or any other of the 170 channels to find out the weather report or stock quote. In addition, owners of this GPS model can be loaded into memory satellite maps favorite places hunting.

The company introduced a new model Kimber hunting rifle with the bolt gate Safari chambered .375 HH Magnum. As stated by the company in the near future plans to release this model under a different caliber bullets. According to experts, the company Kimber is clearly committed to ensuring that the range of models produced rifle was a rifle with the bolt gun for any hunting, and apparently succeeds in implementing this initiative.

The company has demonstrated a new model Ruger rifle under the new Hawkeye Alaskan powerful cartridge .375 Ruger. Appearance rifle convinces her strength and ability to perform even the most difficult work, but does not agree with the producers announced price. Perhaps the high price is partly due to the rifle caliber, usually a powerful rifle cartridges usually cost more. In contrast to the performance of Alaskan, the same model in the performance of African rifle has a barrel length of 58 cm (barrel Alaskan — 51 cm) and a box of high-quality walnut, which is more consistent with the classical ideas about oruzhii.Horosho hunter hunters known Russian company CZ fulfilled the promise given earlier and began manufacturing rifles bolted gate for left-handers, which, incidentally, are not less than 10 percent of hunters. The release of such began with rifles are very popular rifles chambered for rimfire and models CZ 527. In the near future for the left-handers will produce other models. It is hoped that the rifle in such an embodiment will be delivered to Russia.

Sightron company produces world-class, able to compete on equal terms with the products of leading world manufacturers of optical sights. But due to some unknown circumstances, something prevented the company a firm foothold in the world market. However, hunters who prefer to pay for quality and reliability, and not for the brand with the name of well-known manufacturer, has long been well aware of this company. At the last exhibition Sightron company introduced a new line of optical sights SII Big Sky.

Surefire The company is also well known to readers of our magazine, we have already talked about its innovative developments in the field of flashlights. The exhibition SHOT Show presented new models of lamps, which, thanks to the use of the latest achievements, characterized by an increased period of work with one set of batteries and increase the brightness of the light flux. For example, a popular model lamp EL1 Outdoorsman series with one LED brightness luminous flux was 25 lumens, and time from one set of batteries — 4 hours. Now the brightness of the light flux was able to increase up to 30 lumens, and the operating time — up to 17 hours! At the lantern model EL2 with two LED brightness of the light flux was increased from 30 to 45 lumens, and time — from 6 to 18 hours.

Also lanterns at the booth could get acquainted with new models of tactical knives. Blades folding knives made of stainless steel S30V, probably one of the best steel for the manufacture of blades of knives for general use. Knife Echo models with fixed blade made of steel 3V CPM. The company’s stand was also presented special equipment for rescue and law enforcement officials — «Multitools» (or more familiar to the Russian reader known as «folding pliers») with a hook knife, wrenches, screwdrivers, wire cutters, etc.

This year, as never before exhibited a large number of products for women who are fond of hunting and shooting. According to experts, it is the fastest growing segment of the industry. Brian Seitz of the company SHE Safari said: «As representatives of trade organizations, and journalists with great interest the exhibition represented our collection of women’s hunting clothes. We intend to expand the volume and range of products and have already booked twice as much space for our stand at the exhibition of 2008 «.

The exhibition SHOT Show is traditionally held the auction, which exhibited firearms and blade. Proceeds from the auction proceeds are used for charitable purposes. Over the years the auction has raised over 500 thousand dollars. «The purpose of these auctions is not only to fill up someone’s collection or to raise funds to carry out this or that action. These auctions have a tremendous educational value, as formed in the public consciousness of the importance of preserving and increasing the national hunting heritage «, — said Dave Miles, director of the National Shooting Sports Foundation Relations obschestvennostyu.V this year’s auction was billed authentic collection weapon. Especially for the auction, Smith Wesson revolver produced four hunting: Hunting for sheep Rockies (cal. .41 Magnum), white-tailed deer (cal. .44 Magnum), elk (cal. .460) And elk (cal. .500) And .22 caliber pistol . Each unit is decorated with elegant weapon was thematic and was completed engraved gift box. All weapons had the serial number 0001.

Known Klingentor maker Ross Tayzer provided the organizers of the auction made it in one piece «Folding Knife gentleman» with the pads on the handle of a black mother of pearl, gold fixed with screws.

All funds raised during the auction conducted under the 2007 SHOT Show, and it was in the amount of USD 42,391, were transferred to the National Museum of Fisheries and Wildlife, which are held on the basis of days of hunting and fishing.

As usual, during the exhibition held classes at the university SHOT Show. Seminars, specially organized for the retailers weapon, was attended by over 120 people.

The success or failure is determined by the exhibition including those willing to whether its exhibitors to take part in the exhibition next year. «No doubt there is, — said Doug Painter — that the exhibition next year in Las Vegas, will be even larger and representative. You can judge this by the fact that current participants have already booked 65,500 square meters. m area under the stands. »

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