Spring hunting

The long, slushy winter befallen the inhabitants of central Russia, already tired. I would like to friendly spring and awakening of nature. April — the month of hunting, which everyone is waiting with anticipation.

Spring hunting

On the hunt with decoy must use duck decoys.

As always, before the next hunting season begin an attack on the enemies spring hunt. What at press, then Internet calls to appear its closure, organized the collection of signatures, activated «green», Sent a letter to the governors. Frankly, hunters already tired of excuses and explaining that a well-organized spring hunting does not prejudice to the reproduction of game birds. But at However, hunters clear: not to no such attacks on Spring hunting must be order. Because bezkulturya and biological literacy of individuals with guns, and that hunters language can not name turns to spring hunting some places turns into shooting in all living things.

Spring hunting — Our national tradition and historical heritage. Spring is in the hunter forest or floods is not only to get the trophy. It is no experience with nothing comparable to the smell of thawed earth and bursting buds, listen to the singing of larks, robins, thrushes, finches, returning to home. He notes first flown snipe, bleating in twilight sky, his delight ringing trills and curlew cries of cranes on Far swamp. He sees in forest and meadows spring comes every day new species of birds fly as dust begin alder, hazel and aspen as lungwort blooms, Corydalis, anemone, and Chistyakov Other modest primroses, snowdrops. If someone does not and notices It is only to shoot, to not place on spring hunting. Is it possible to enjoy all of this without a gun? Ask any hunter, and He said no. No gun is not a joyful mood. Spring hunting contemplative, and shot — its final chord. To make it so, it is necessary to observe and to keep the tradition of Russian spring hunting. About them we talk.

Out under
I would like to start with the most massive spring hunting — on woodcock. By on the way traction is recommended to carry a gun cover. It must be recharged only location. It is necessary to stop all circulation up the beginning of traction ditches and spill search for ducks. Of course, this all Chief Inspector — conscience.
On the thrust can be fired only woodcock flying with and horkanem Tsykanov. If the bird swooped silently, do not shoot her must be — it may be a female. If you are flying marmosets, playfully chasing each other and Only tsykaya, — the two rival male. Several times I managed to knock both. Most often the first to fly a young male, and followed by expelling him from its route, the old one. Sometimes it can be seen and flying together male and female. At the same time they fly slowly, unevenly, vpoldereva silently and soon sit. It happens that the male produces only horkane. Inexperienced hunter is difficult to determine whether there is a female pair. That’s why I Still not recommend shoot at pair flying woodcocks.

On the traction you need to cherish every shot. It is unnecessary to use semi-automatic: if a hunter promazhet doublet, he excitement can send the bird after another two or three charge and already far in moderation. Wounded animal at the same time guaranteed. And agree as wildly in the hearing of all semi-automatic traction, and much nicer solemn in evening forest sounds a single shot or doublet. It makes no sense to shoot further thirty-five meters, so as not to do wounded game. Even if you have the opportunity to come on in the morning place with traction dog, most of the wounded game is not find they can run off to hundreds of meters. Not It should become thick undergrowth and around solid fir, it is better to choose a more open space, providing reliable search of trophies. Even when dogs with is on traction it is necessary to take a powerful flashlight.

On the stool
Hunting drakes not such a mass as hunting traction. It should be allowed only to those who have a decoy duck. During the hunt, a person must be in the skradke with closed top. Thus it is possible, and in addition to the need to use a variety of stuffed decoy, attracting except mallards and other drakes. Shelter must either build himself from scrap materials or buy a portable skradok, a lot of what is now in sale.
Unfortunately, there are hunters who do not recognize any skradka spring. Some of them go on spills, ditches or paddle boat shot in flight, in including for flocks. Another approach closer to hunters sitting in tents and trying to intercept drakes circling over their decoy. Sometimes, some slyly planted decoy and stand up with friends Full length, shooting ducks flying up. There such that a fire in the flights in the fall, and these give rise spring hunt opponents to discredit her.

I recall that, under the law, finding in favor of the spring with the assembled gun and without stool pigeons is prohibited. Reached shelter — and uncovered collect gun. The hunt is over — shotgun in Case, duck basket and home. It is necessary to prohibit any shooting in the spring of ducks in flight, to introduce severe penalties for violation of these rules, and rangers instead of tents and bypass to check tickets at hunters decoy must take identification «vagrant» Hunters and Riflemen flight.
But also Hunter with the most decoy must comply with a set of rules. Hooked a couple — better not greedy and Drake shoot only if he had sailed far enough away from the duck. Drakes of the pairs I no I shoot, but this is my personal rule, I had no one I impose. FROM Have an Binoculars coated optics to poor visibility distinguished from drake duck. You can not shoot the duck, if it sat below thirty-five meters: race and then for the wounded animal — dubious pleasure. On Spring hunting is not should apply a fraction larger than the fifth number. «Seven» at a trunk and «five» at other — optimal combination.

Mass spring hunting geese Russia does not It never was. Just on North of it was an integral part of the fishery. When in 1988 new rules was open hunting geese, its proponents did not We assume, that it will soon turn. We thought that it would be limited and all a few hunters geese will be in shelters and Profile and use decoys. But very soon the hunt began to get involved in many, including those who do not no need skradka or profile. They began to hunt on flight without profiles and stuffed animals, and they served as natural shelters the terrain, bushes, trees, weeds. Sometimes hunters chain were placed at some distance from their cars anywhere on dam or the edge of the field and barrage met all the flying swarms. These arrows were firing on any distance, large numbers and fractions buckshot. Not speaking of that they interfered with hunting Gusyatnikov true, they left a lot of unsung and gleaning wounded game, scare geese and feeding places recreation. Of course, such hunting must be prevented.

Spring hunting

Mallard drakes — the main objects of spring hunting with a decoy.

In my opinion, this requires drastic limitation permitting goose. Hunting users should determine the real places for hunting and in accordance with This issue permits. The capacity should be based on a minimum area of ​​500 hectares on one hunter or command. I remember in late 90-ies Yaroslavl Region Head ranger VV Shukevich issue permits for extraction geese less than licenses moose. AND it justifies itself.
Now spring hunting Goose — This loophole for poachers, for those who go on spring nature, to shoot in all living things. Hold your hand this hunt inspectors, and from his all documents order here permission to Stay Here goose. A shelter… He stood behind a bush — that’s cover! This can not must. This hunt should be sharply limited. AND there is not to be insults. No decoy, skradka, scarecrows, profiles — hence, for you can only pull. AND It is inappropriate to talk about equality of all hunters, about any sequence and by lottery obtaining permits. Who is ready, he is hunts. It is known that there everyone gets permission to elk, wild boar, deer. And in this hunt.
Spring hunting Waterfowl are not to be mass. AND on this hunt must be order.

At currents
Hunt capercaillie current — the dream of every hunter. But this, too, not hunting It can be mass. I I know many who have left it quite early, but Every spring goes on current monitors, sometimes accompanied by other hunters, but he did not shoots. I, for example, is enough to produce once a capercaillie five years. A were the years when I I took on cock every spring. But this is just the hunting, where you can do without firing a shot. Podsluh evening, overnight forest near fire, timid dawn, morning concert of forest giants, the approach to him a song — here it is, the current poetry capercaillie. This «trophy» remembered for all life. To hunt on currents is possible, but without prejudice to the reproduction of capercaillie tribe wisely, so as not to destroy current.

You can not shoot the flying of the entry of a careless approach rooster shoot further thirty meters, and also capercaillie, hidden in crown of pine branches and difficult to see the hunter.

Alas, This fire back in the hunt basically the most powerful, active males. Young or not at all sing, or do it with apprehension and closer to end of mating. Previously it was thought that the spring hunt is allowed to spend on currents, having not less than five grouse and the rate of production would be 20% of the number of singing males. Later, it was found that if hunting captures active mating period, the annual shooting 13–15% males may result current degradation. Renowned specialist VG wood grouse Barshcheuski recommended more forgiving rules of withdrawal of these birds — before 10% of the tokuyuschih that involves a hunting only currents, having not less than 10 individuals.

Spring hunting Capercaillie is usually held in the most crucial period of reproduction, and the height of the mating birds, coinciding with intense visit currents and gluharkami mating period. It’s connected with that the spring hunting all permitted types of birds in the open one term, although it is biologically justified. The most optimal solution to this would be in the hunt the final stage of courtship, when gluharki cease to fly current sit on nests, and Current Activity dominant males falls. At the same time begin tokovat and increasingly, young grouse. AT connection with this well-known hunting experts VF Gavrin, B. Jurgenson and E. Dronseyko offered to open the hunt later considered the most optimal timing of hunting capercaillie currents: in areas to north of 63° from. w. — from 15 to May 25 between 58° and 63° from. w. —
from 5 to 15 May and in the zone between 52° and 58° from. w. (i.e., central Russia) — from April 30 9th May.

Hunting grouse currents has a few more common than capercaillie hunting. It is believed that five tokuyuschih cocks can take one. You just have to hunt out of hiding, with no hunting approach, the more surge, be made. On grouse hunting is also advisable to open later in May, when most females are already sitting on nests, but tokovanie cocks continues. Being in a tent, a hunter must shoot at clearly visible goals and remember that near males may be inconspicuous, camouflaged coloration under last year’s grass female. Sometimes they do not give yourself no voice, audio movements. If you have a choice, do not shoot very active and pugnacious males and someone who is cocky and less Stay close to the tokovischa edge. Shot out of the cock, a hunter waits for the end of the current and only after the birds fly away, out of hiding and picks up the trophy.

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