The projectile itself

Pick up the brand, a sample of the powder, the number of shot, a bullet, if you like wads necessary to each individual rifle

The projectile itselfPhoto: SHUTTERSTOCK

There is no one truth. It is at everyone. Hunter chooses what suits him. Each has its own hunting trail.

In the early 70-ies of the last century, when hands population was a huge amount of hunting weapons, we, boys, managed to obtain the remains of luxury and two or three, and sometimes four units Chermet collect, customize and Fit for themselves the so-called hunting rifle. Not having the experience and skills, but obsessed with hunting, we tried to achieve from such «Frankensteins» a quality fight. Shoveled mountains teachings, tirelessly experimented with HITCH charges themselves and poured shot bullet cut sechenku. Seek times unimaginable results; so as to example hooked in cup made of postcards interspersed starch fractions in the charge 20 meters went in the size of the circle matchbox or five bullets at Mayer 35 meters fit into Donets cans of condensed milk. But These investigations have brought great disappointment to hunting. AT mainly game were mistakes, and If case of contact, then from the extraction of very little left. FROM bullets was even sadder. Although they It went exactly, but due to charges in a loosening the carcass of the animal is not disclose, enough energy to serious damage. They just get caught as nails.

The projectile itself

Over time has come to understand the problem. All instruction and venerable teachers recommendations experienced good only only one — an indication of the direction in where you have to move, and its «zest» every man feels. Realizing this, it became clear that there is no universal gun as there is no ideal patron. But the experience of ancestors nothing teaches and Kulibin on Russia does not to transfer, and each new generation of hunters will be looking for his inquisitive philosopher’s stone.

The projectile itself

Photo: Yevgeny Samarin

Each rifle, and even one the same model must be approached individually, not absolute twins it happens — what is good for one is not another approach. The reasons for the mass, not mention guns of different brands. Even our family and Iz TOZ different in trunks and profiles choke.

The projectile itself

Pick up the brand, a sample of the powder, the number of shot, shot, wads necessary to each individual rifle. Moreover, each party and one the same brand of powder is different from the others. Sleeves made out of one and the same materials that are not identical wads different. Properties of fractions, and stamped cast, different, it is also firm and soft. Each in individually insignificant this nuance, but together they give unpredictable errors in the shooting. This is seen most clearly in rifle. If you want to shoot it high-precision, the each new series of cartridges must be targeting. If all this is taken into account for every type of hunting cartridges to prepare his party, the you can simply go mad. Each hunter must pick up a gun and ammunition, given their anatomical and physiological features. Is on I think the way most appropriate and effective, although difficult. We need to develop their hunting skills and improve skills in shooting. First of all you need to get used to his arms, stick with him to grow together, to make it an extension of not Only his physical «I»But if you want your own thoughts. Possession of weapons must be brought to automatism. Shooting should be conducted on the level of intuition, developed and enshrined in muscle memory skills — This is achieved through constant training. After some time no longer will think about where the projectile will fly, and he will decide where to send it.

The projectile itself

Photo: Ilya Lipin

For this type of fire is suitable average cartridge, fully corresponds to the possibility shotgun and most importantly, that the shooting will be effective, and even our old Triggers «tulochki» will delight you with great results, make blush vaunted European brands that are in inept hands. As the saying goes — «Shoot a gun, get the head and hands».

The projectile itself

0.5 seconds is necessary gunslinger for «cowboy» shot. Photo: FOTOLIA.

Everyone thought long workout shooting, brought up at the your sense of confidence and develop lightning-fast response. Emotional and mental state is crucial in such situations. Who does not shot bear dense bush and grass on a distance of five paces, he did not aware of the hunt. I had to see the experienced hunters, who, seeing a towers bear on fell into a decent distance stupor. And everyone saw was assessed understood, but limbs not moving could. It happens also that after a fight with beast, when finished, you clearly understand the situation, there is a nervous trembling, but regardless of your faith, by ejected in adrenaline, heart banging his chest like a sparrow, and if weak, may burst. Chemical processes in body are independent of our will, how to behave in it unusual and unusual conditions for themselves, can not be predicted, you can pop only autopilot, evolved in the practice of communicating with Arms and with regular hunting.

The projectile itself


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