Grouse in cream sauce with wild mushrooms

Many hunters complain that grouse difficult to cook well. It turns out it is often hard, with a specific smell of grouse, which many do not like. However, there are a few recipes that allow to deal with it.One of them I represent to your attention.For our meals, we need 2 carcass grouse, a couple of bulbs, wild mushrooms (I took white and aspen).Bird cut into portions, were dried with paper towels, salt and pepper. Onions cut into half rings (or smaller – as you like). Mushrooms cut into fairly large pieces. Mushrooms Boil in salted water for 5-7 minutes after boiling. The resulting mushroom Read more [...]
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A trip to Lakh

In many rivers of Sakhalin and flax local variety pike often live side by side. Friends I have met, as agreed, in the airport of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, and Half an hour later we were already in accommodation. The first departure on fishing, we intend to carry on west coast of the island, in which the rivers this time, the stories of my friends can be a good catch and Lenca pike.We had to pass on car several tens of kilometers in the beginning of on the federal highway north, then completely «slaughter» Read more [...]
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Curious gazelle

This beautiful slim and graceful animal belongs to the genus gazelles. The length of a little more than a meter and weigh up to 30 kilograms. The neck is long, a small head, large ears and bulging black eyes. Male decorated with black horns lyre-shaped, up to 40 centimeters. Body color sandy, with white bottom and the same color "mirror" near the tail.Photo Missud / (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) Tail black, and therefore It called on the gazelle Kazakh karakuyryuk (black tail). Their numbers in the end of the last century was Kazakhstan, a total of about 12 thousand Read more [...]
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Christmas in Borok

Photo by Dmitry Merkulov Winter this year is unusual. The behavior of fish, of course, also. Volga reach of the Rybinsk reservoir pleased earlier this year by the presence of roaches and fish activity. In recent mild winters roach in January falls into the area of ​​Bork, individual lucky – in good quantity and quality. But to be so, in the spring, all caught – of the old-timers do not remember.Bite this winter in Borok and bream that much at all unusual. Do not give up and lures predators – pike, walleye, perch. Catches are not fabulous, but quite decent. Read more [...]
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From Belgorod region

In late October, in the Belgorod region was, as it should at this time, quite intense span of northern ducks and swans. In large bodies of water could be seen Tufted Duck, Gogol Wigeons, teal, kryakovyh and sometimes geese. A first goose herds were noted as early as early October, the there pretty early. In view of the unusually dry and hot September October drive could almost any one of the few water bodies our area. A as the number of hunters a region «rolls»Then and press on Waterfowl quite impressive. I personally on Read more [...]
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Attention hunters woodcocks with geolokatorami!

This winter in Western Europe, where our winter woodcock, continued not only ringing, tagging and woodcock with special devices to track the exact migration routes.Satellite broadcasters, while transmitting information on finding birds online, are very expensive, rather bulky and are used mainly for larger birds. Nevertheless, over the last 3 years in the UK, France, Italy and Spain, they were flagged 57 woodcocks.Scientists have come to the aid of miniature geolokatory working on the principle of the registrar of the luminous flux. Geolokator is a small transparent box with an antenna, and an Read more [...]
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Again, I want to Ladoga

Photo by Mikhail Volkov After each successful fishing trip you think - would be nice to go back to these places. But the feeling that we would like to stay forever, I have encountered only twice. First time – Chivyrkuy Bay of Lake Baikal, the second – in the northeast corner of Lake Ladoga.Unique and the onlyFive times in recent years failed to meet the Ladoga, and did she not repeated every time the fishing was quite different. A role played, of course, the season, we arrived at different times, from June to October. But it's not only that. The lake is huge, complicated Read more [...]
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Accessories Ski-Doo: how to create your perfect snowmobile

When snowmobiles first appeared, their main evaluation criterion was the patencyModern snowmobiles have long ceased to be purely working «horse». This means that the journey they must be not only safe, but also a truly comfortable and convenient.An important role in ensuring the comfort and convenience of playing well-chosen accessories.  Many accessories for snowmobiles good fit for different parts and their functionality. However Accessories Ski-Doo snowmobile is always a perfect fit and never fail, they are easy to install, reliable and ergonomic.As part of the ergonomics and Read more [...]
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Fishing on the bottom of the Earth

Fish White blood cells.In most vertebrates, as is known, blood red, but in Antarctic waters inhabited by unique channichthyidae. They were first investigated by one of the Norwegian scientists forty years ago. It is found, for example, in Blood iron crocodile icefish — part of hemoglobin — at 25 times less than that of Conventional fish. But in her heart three times greater than that of kindred nototheniids fishes red blood. Accordingly, more and the volume of supplies the body with blood. Curiously, not breathing icefish gills Read more [...]
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Deer move

In the popular poker dictionary is an expression "to move the deer," which means a bet all-in. In Russian - "go for broke". But whatever you call it action, in fact it is the last chance: if you do not win, then at least improve things. For Toyota LC150, we better known as Prado, there is nothing to correct, so that the term all-in takes a somewhat different meaning.Despite a fairly large body, Land Cruiser Prado was quite maneuverable: when turning it easily fits in with two half lanes, or 5.8 meters. This machine should be called all in one — «Everything Read more [...]
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Along the rivers and Usche Yaznitse

Photo by Maxim Chetverikov Fishermen fidgets can recommend simple rafting Yaznitse and Usche – one of the best, in my view, lake-river route Pskov region. It begins at Lake Yazno, then 25 km along the river Yaznitse to the confluence of the river Uschu, even as many of Usche Ostrovtsy Lake and 10 km across the lake to the village. Savino.Bus Park in Great Luke not only willing to accept orders for transportation of tourists, but also carefully carries them, which makes getting to the top of the route and return after the end of a comfortable and enjoyable.Slipway convenient Read more [...]
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Autumn, geese

Autumn - it does not ask, autumn - it will come. Autumn - it is the question. The blue eyes will stand. Fall rains will fall, leaves, sweep up ...Garik Sukachev, drove very well in my mind the verse Irina Levinsohn. He drove his lyrical song. And under that impression, I'm flying back to meet his dream…A week ago, it was assembled backpack and everything you need.But recently I became superstitious, well, or something else like that.Signs of fate!Here!That's what I listened recently…And these signs is nothing good I can not promised.I remember I covered the 14 th day, I remember…I Read more [...]
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Warm up for grouse

What kind of nonsense? "- Some would say. First, go to a few hours, then on foot stomping ... and why? Beyond that, to hunt grouse ...Yes them in Sosnovka (a park in St. Petersburg) can be found.Well, if not in Sosnovka, in the suburbs – that's for sure.But grouse – it is not important. Hunter because, first of all, you need to break away from the bustling city, listen to the silence of an autumn forest, located in its nooks. A whistle Ryabtsov in places where the highway noise from the left, to the right of the train rumbling, well, that's not what this is not no romance and idyll.This Read more [...]
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Healthy sleep and a broken card

Overslept. No ... Not that I planned blown six in the morning for a few pike poklёvok. Oh them, we catch bad last night. It was my feeling that as catch can not be ...He opened one eye at 6:30 – father, generated by years of habit, not even breakfast, has escaped into the water. Well, I closed the eyes and even a couple of hours ...I woke up, had breakfast ... I heard the noise of the motor on the river. Ten minutes later, the father appears with a couple of excellent pike Kukan 2.5 and 4.7 kg. I have it almost hurt, «approximately» appreciating the largest Read more [...]
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On a groan

The weather was excellent, the soul reigned festive mood and a sense of puppy enthusiasm from the upcoming hunt.The weather was excellent, the soul reigned festive mood and a sense of puppy enthusiasm from the upcoming hunt. The road passed quickly, and with a stay of Chasseurs table with an appetite by eating cooked pickles, we listened to the stories about Victor's plans for the evening. But nature has played a cruel joke with us. In the afternoon, the sky was shrouded by clouds, blowing a strong north-easterly wind, drizzling rain. But do not become discouraged in our rules, and we went in the Read more [...]
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Borok in July

July and August – vacation time, long-distance travel. If memory serves, the Rybinsk reservoir in these months I did not have to happen. Therefore, in deciding to go on three days in my favorite Borok, internally I was ready to fail.At first, my pessimistic forecast was justified, albeit with reservations. Outcome Saturday – Two pike-perch and perch one for two. It seems little, but elegant left ear. On Sunday, before lunch – sudachok bigger one. Still weak, but it turned out svezhezazharenny fantastically well. «The program is at least»Certainly Read more [...]
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Bobrova opening

Beaver started to open on the far cordon. In the forest on the way to come dawn whistle Ryabtsov. A are mushrooms and poshurshat leaves, mushrooms posobirat. Fortunately the weather possessed, according to various forecasts. At dawn, I walked along the river. The river is narrow but deep. Current weak. The banks overgrown with reeds, and sometimes flat. Beaver on it too. I go, I look after the place for Ambush for future hunts. This soul in the late autumn to ride with friends on Vyachorka for beaver. Here, then, wondering options go on the beach. Began to get fresh beaver utility bills. Twenty Read more [...]
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Photo Hunt on Siberian roe

I have tested the new lens and a new camera (the lens Sigma 150-500 mm 1: 5-6.3 camera Sony Alpha 850).Both are very decent thing, but as it turned out, use them, I do not know. The lens is heavy to keep it on hand without the stop is not possible, stand strongly unmasks me and requires some navykav use of 174 shots more or less successful, only one can be considered.«Zhuёm grass»The distance to the object was 60 meters, but I came to him with 150 meters. He made 17 shots from 3 they are presented here.«Potyagushki»«Bounce»What bothered, especially the weather. Read more [...]
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Magic Lekozero

For each person, carried away the winter fishing, «the last ice» It sounds like a spell. In our vast country can afford another season to get on a fishing trip, two, or even three times. For us, the finishing of the winter season goes fishing on the Kola Peninsula, in May. These sites do not need advertising, except to say that in addition to the number and variety of fish, there is one distinct advantage. Spring can come a little earlier or later, but you can always choose a location closer to or farther from the Barents Sea, where there are suitable conditions for Read more [...]
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As we walked elk vabit

We waved Andryukha the marsh moose vabit. Wetlands good - gonnaya. And the weather is right, too. There is no wind. Night moon. Starry sky.In the open lowlands fog. Headlights lanterns light the way of fun. The mood is cheerful and festive zamechatelnoe.Dazhe, almost New Year.About three o'clock in the morning without reaching a kilometer to the marshes, felts stronuli moose, whether it is itself in front of us went. We misunderstood. I felt moose close to the left about fifty meters. Then the animal is calm step forward we went. We then headed to the intended location, but left three or four hundred Read more [...]
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