12 days of the New Year to live with dignity

On New Year’s table of 2012 have to be fresh meat only: no canned food — preparing fresh fish, meat, seafood.

12 days of the New Year to live with dignity

From the first to the thirteenth
our January
Themselves recruited
back issues…
They took illuminations
but lit candles.
From the first to the thirteenth
old looking for friends.
Like the twelve months of the twelve days. Maybe,
something will change
in your life and mine
These twelve days …

Every time this song sounds lyrical performance of Alexander Abdulov, my heart is warm and wakes up the New Year and Christmas mood. At the same time like it or not, and the working attitude will come soon, and all because of the difference in the calendars (Gregorian and Julian) and the duration of the January holidays.
And if the celebrations December 31 – January 13 to add another 22 January, when, according to the Eastern calendar, the new year of Black Water Dragon, you begin to guess why some comrades appropriated January nickname «buhabr».
But, in fact, you can relax in different ways, and «Everyone chooses for himself a woman, religion, way, serve the devil or the prophet…» The main thing, in spite of the burden and to past years, tune in to a positive and believe in positive changes in the new year. Dress up the Christmas tree, prepare gifts, think about what to cook from honestly caught in the past year trophy.
And once again it will be an occasion to remember their loved ones and friends, give them the care and kind words, good in Russia allocated for holiday greetings as much as 12 days.

MENU 2012
It is said that game and fish on the eve of Year of the Dragon will be highly relevant. These requirements are not Chinese are contrary to our hunting and fishing oriented, so that will take them into account.
On New Year’s table of 2012 have to be fresh meat only: no canned – preparing fresh fish, meat, seafood.
And as we bid farewell to the year of the Rabbit, welcomed the abundance of greens and vegetables, it is very useful, as the official New Year falls in the middle of fasting.
Considering the essence of dragon, fire-breathing, you can suggest menu. This allows health, ready-made meals, well seasoned with spices and hot pepper. And if the wife does not mind, we add to these tapas strong drinks such as pepper vodka. And of course, an open fire and barbecue coals, burning candles and sparklers outdoors – everything must be «piping hot». As a symbol of wealth in favor this year’s pumpkin. Even if it is not a dish and table decoration.

In the fire
Pretreated tenderloin cut into portions, add salt, sprinkle with crushed pepper, put on a skewer, skewer (or put on the grill) and cook over the coals of burnt fire or in an oven, lubricating the surface of the butter and rotating for even browning. The proportions of meat and spices – taste.

Roast Suzdal
1 kg of meat of elk 80 g of vegetable oil, 3 onions, 400 g pumpkin, 3 ripe tomatoes, salt, herbs and spices to taste.
From flesh cut into pieces for ase. Season with salt and pepper. Quickly fry in butter in a deep frying pan, heat resistant pot, the pot, etc. until crisp (retain juiciness). Sliced ​​Vegetables – onion rings, cubes of pumpkin, peeled, tomatoes rings – stacked layers of meat. Fill with boiling water or hot broth 2/3 container and simmer over low heat, covered for 2 hours. 15 minutes before end of cooking add your favorite spices and herbs, bay leaf. Pumpkin can be replaced by a mixture of «Antonivka carrots».

Meat in French
We cut the meat for steaks, flat pieces 1–1.5 cm. The slugger, salt, pepper. Spread on a baking sheet (pan) and further layers – cut into slices vegetables: onions, tomatoes, potatoes. All salt, pepper. Further – a layer of grated cheese and mayonnaise on top of the cap. Put the baking sheet in the oven or stove and a half hours.

Stuffing: 1 kg of elk three bulbs. Mince together with a couple of pieces of bread soaked. In the beef add two eggs, salt, pepper and grated on a fine grated raw potatoes. All the mix. Harvesting in the refrigerator.
Filling: white mushrooms, or other
(400 g) with fried onions in vegetable oil, salt to taste.
Make a cake of minced meat in the middle put the filling, combine the edge of the cake, crumble in the flour, giving form patties and fry on both sides in vegetable oil until golden brown. Then zrazy laid in a deep frying pan, add a little water and butter. Simmer over low heat for 15 minutes.

Corporate recipe my mom
The most difficult thing in this recipe – walleye catch and clean it. Everything else is so simple and delicious that no one would think of the old New Year’s joke: «That’s disgusting… This is your fish in aspic!»
From gutted and cleaned fishes (2 kg), cut off the head, the tail, cut the carcass into portions of width 4–5 cm.
Prepared soup: onion (1), pepper (5-6), bay leaf (2), gossip head and tail put into the pot, pour hot water (to rehearse beforehand how much water is needed, so that it only covers the fish). Bring to a boil, salt. In the boiling broth to put the pieces of walleye, reduce heat and cook for 20 minutes. 5 minutes before the end of the pour, stirring, dissolved gelatin (1 tbsp. L. To 1/4 cup water).
We take out with a slotted spoon fish fork traffic light divide into 2 halves, separating the ridge. We spread the pieces in a dish, skin down, pour the strained broth, decorate with lemon slices and parsley.
It hardens quickly. At the table (with horseradish, under the pile) «destroyed» even faster.

Chunks of wild boar and elk meat with bones (1.5 kg), treated the head and shank washed and put in a large pot. Pour cold water so that it only covered the contents. Writing a boil, removing the foam, add salt, add 10 peppercorns, 2 onions, carrots (cut large vegetables) and cook on low heat 3–4 hours until the meat is separated from bones. Meat and hryaschiki get from the broth, chop, add the chopped garlic, spread the mixture on the forms, pour the hot filtered broth, let stand in a cool place.

And in the morning they woke up…
It can be part of the broth from the meat were not allowed to jelly, and the next day gobble up as hash, hot. And you can almost be diluted and used for cooking meat solyanochki team. Just add boiling broth is all that remains of a festive table, pre-cut into small strips: pieces of pork, chicken, sausages, pickles and mushrooms, olives, olives. Boil for about 15 minutes – and ready. In a bowl, add sour cream, dill, lemon wedge. Exceptionally well to replenish forces after a stormy feast.

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